Dyna Blade (main game)

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Dyna Blade
Dyna Blade KSSU title screen.png
Title screen for Dyna Blade.
Difficulty 3 Stars
Stages 5 main stages (3 side ones)
Final boss Dyna Blade
Unlock requirements Available at start (Complete Spring Breeze in Ultra)
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Dyna Blade is the third main game featured in Kirby Super Star and its remake, Kirby Super Star Ultra. In this game, Dyna Blade, a large bird creature, has stolen crops from local farmers. Kirby must go through four levels and two hidden areas, before finally fighting Dyna Blade herself. In the end of the game, it is revealed that Dyna Blade was merely trying to feed her chicks. Kirby alleviates the problem by feeding them Whispy Woods's apples and teaching the chicks how to fly. This game is unlocked by completing Spring Breeze.

Similarly to Milky Way Wishes, Dyna Blade features a map that enables the player to select a stage; however, this game's map allows for less free navigation, restricting Kirby's movements to a number of predefined paths instead.


The complete stage selection map (Kirby Super Star Ultra)

Stages are unlocked by clearing prior stages, or by pressing Big Switches. At the end of each regular stage, a Goal Game is played.

Stages in Dyna Blade
Stage Big Switch Mid-Boss(es) Notes
Peanut Plains Xmark.png Chef Kawasaki
Mallow Castle Yescheck.png Bonkers, Meta-Knights
Cocoa Cave Xmark.png Bugzzy Stage E is accessible after clearing this stage.
Candy Mountain Yescheck.png Bonkers, Mr. Frosty, Poppy Bros Sr. x2
Dyna Blade's Nest Xmark.png This is the boss stage, where Kirby has to fight Dyna Blade. Completing this stage completes the game.
Stage E Xmark.png Iron Mam Kirby is forced to play this stage if he runs into Iron Mam on the map. The stage is nothing more than a flat area where Kirby fights the mid-boss, and defeating her rewards a 1-Up and returns Kirby to the map. Clearing this stage is necessary for 100% Completion.
Trial Room 1 Xmark.png This area is unlocked by pressing the Big Switch in Mallow Castle. It is essentially a testing room for various Copy Abilities.
Trial Room 2 Xmark.png This area is unlocked by pressing the Big Switch in Candy Mountain. It is essentially a testing room for various Copy Abilities.

Goal Game[edit]

At the end of each regular stage, the player can play a short bonus game to get 1-Ups. Three Kirbys operate a cannon while a bar fills up above the cannon. When a button is pressed, the cannon fires out a Kirby that hits a row of common enemies. The more the bar is filled up, the more Kirby will hit and the more 1-ups that will be awarded. The maximum is three.


  • The map used to select this game's stages functions very similarly to the world maps in Super Mario Bros. 3, the moving "E" symbol behaving much like the latter's Hammer Bros. symbol on the map.
  • Dyna Blade is the only main game in Kirby Super Star and Kirby Super Star Ultra where only one boss is fought (not counting Gourmet Race).


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 白き翼ダイナブレイド
Shiroki Tsubasa Daina Bureido
Dynablade, the White Wings
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