Anger Masker

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Enemy InfoBox
Armor Grass Skirt.jpg
Screenshot from Kirby Star Allies
Debut Game Kirby Star Allies
Latest Game Kirby Star Allies
Copy Ability None
Similar Enemies Gabon
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Anger Masker is an enemy that made its debut in Kirby Star Allies. It yields no ability if swallowed.

Anger Masker is a vaguely humanoid, roughly mole-shaped orange enemy which typically goes out into the field wearing an oni mask and wooden armor. It will attempt to lob stone axes at Kirby and his friends, though these can be swallowed and returned as Star Bullets. Anger Masker's armor can be easily removed using a wind-based ability like Cleaning, though other attacks can also get the job done, including Kirby's inhale. Once disarmed, Anger Masker is helpless, and will try to run away.

Anger Masker with armor removed.
An image from the 25th Anniversary Twitter Feed demonstrating how Anger Masker can be disarmed.