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Friend Star

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Friend Star
KSA Friend Star.jpg
Kirby and his friends activate the Friend Star.
Debut game Kirby Star Allies
Usage type Specific Location Use
Requirements Four friends
Power(s) Fly on a star and shoot down opponents.
Comparable to Star Allies Sparkler
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When friends combine their power, a sparkling, fluttering star appears! Now everyone can shoot stars that fly across the land and sky. Take turns using it with X, and have the friend in front shoot the weak spot.
— Kirby Star Allies Pause Screen description

Friend Star is a Friend Action present in Kirby Star Allies. It allows Kirby and his friends to ride a special winged star with a heart at its bottom which can be steered freely through the air and allows them to fire powerful projectiles at enemies and hazards in their way. To activate this ability, a special pedestal must be found in the stage, and four Friends are needed (including Kirby).

While riding the Friend Star, one of the four friends takes the lead, and the leader can swap out with another mid-flight. Depending on the power of the friend at the head, the projectiles fired will take on the character of that power. (See Power Effect#Friend Star / Star Allies Sparkler.) For example, if Chilly takes the lead, the projectiles fired will be Ice-based. In addition, when entering a door with this ability, the friend riding back will pose as they enter. The Friend Star has a health bar of its own, and if depleted, all four Friends will be KO'd at once.

The Friend Star can be used to battle some bosses, in particular Whispy Woods in Fruity Forest, Grand Mam on Grott Moon, and Yggy Woods on Extra Planet δ, but it is only required for the battle against Grand Mam.


Friend Star moveset  
Skill Button Execution Description
Star Shot
The Friend Star fires a star shot. The star might correspond to a specific elemental power, depending on who's piloting it.
Milky Way
Press and hold B, and then release
The Friend Star performs an invincible attack, which is similar to Wing Kirby and Meta Knight's Shuttle Loop attacks. The star might correspond to a specific elemental power, depending on who's piloting it.
This move is not usable during the Shooting Star move.
Rider Switch
The rider is switched in order from front to back. The screen temporarily freezes during a Rider Switch.
Star Guard
The riders guard with the Friend Star's wings. The Star Guard can be activated in midair but the Friend Star will slowly sink downwards.
Shooting Star
Eat Candy
The Friend Star enters a temporary invincibility state, much like what the Invincible Candy normally does. Due to the specifics required to activate this move, the only stage where this move can be activated is Grott Moon.
Has the same effect as pressing ↑.


The Friend Star is used in the following stages:

Notably, it is absent from Guest Star ???? Star Allies Go! completely, and is the only regular Friend Action to not appear at all in that mode.

In addition, Kirby riding the Friend Star can be found in "Let Them Know We're Happy" the Celebration Picture.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese フレンズスター
Furenzu Sutā
Friends Star
Chinese 盟友新星
méng yǒu xīn xīng
Friend Star
Dutch Vriendenster Friends star
French Étoile des amis Friends Star
German Freundesstern Friend star
Italian Stella amici Friends star
Korean 프렌즈 스타
peulenjeu seuta
Friends Star
Spanish Estrella de amistad Friendship star