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Rocket Rumble

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Rocket Rumble
KBR Rocket Rumble Gameplay.png
Gameplay screenshot of Rocket Rumble
Type(s) Battle - Hoarding
Levels 1
Players 4
Appears in Kirby Battle Royale
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Load your rocket with fuel before blasting off into the heavens!
— Collection Lists description of Rocket Rumble.

KBR Rocket Rumble icon.png Rocket Rumble is one of the ten Battle types in Kirby Battle Royale. It places contestants in a circular arena with rockets in each corner belonging to each fighter, with the goal being to get the most fuel, then fly the highest.

The Rocket Rumble stage.

Rules and gameplay[edit]

The explosion when you attack a rocket in Rocket Rumble... The sound of that would blast me out of a deep sleep!
— Waddle Dee in Kirby Battle Royale

Contestants can play this battle solo, or as a team. Each contestant is in charge of a rocket, which occupies each corner of an arena with no obstacles. As the round progresses, Moto Shotzos will shoot cubes of fuel, which the contestants must carry back to their rockets. Green cubes are worth one point of altitude each, while the larger Mega Fuel cubes are worth 5. Meanwhile, contestants can attack their opponents to slow them down, or attack rival rockets to steal fuel from them. A timed bomb will occasionally fall into the arena, its blast knocking out a lot of fuel if placed near a rocket, and also capable of blasting contestants out of the arena momentarily. There are two varieties of timed bomb, with the second being much more potent.

Once time begins to run out, contestants will be prompted to enter their rockets. Any contestant that fails to do so will get left behind. In team games, when the rockets take flight, the rockets of each team member will merge into one and use their combined fuel.

Once the rocket runs out of fuel, it transforms into a cloud platform that marks the altitude.

There is only one stage variant for this battle mode, called Space Center.

Battle Bonuses[edit]

The following Battle Bonuses can be awarded in Single Player or local Multiplayer Battle Mode:

  • Fuel Thief: Got the most fuel from rivals' rockets!
  • Mega Fueler: Got the most Mega Fuel!
  • Nick-of-Time Pilot: Last to board a rocket!
  • Timer Bomber: Hit rivals' rockets with the most timer bombs!


  • At various levels during the rocket's flight, certain spaceships can be seen, including a Waddle Dee ship.
  • The maximum altitude that can be reached is 50. This entails getting all of the fuel cubes that appear.
  • Susie can be seen watching the match from behind one of the windows.

Names in other languages[edit]

Rocket Rumble[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese とばせ!ロケットレース
Tobase! Roketto Rēsu
Fly! Rocket Race
Dutch Raketrace Rocket race
Canadian French Décollage imminent! Imminent takeoff!
European French Décollage imminent ! Imminent takeoff!
German Raketenrivalen Rocket Rivals
Italian Gara a razzo Rocket race
Korean 발사! 로켓 레이스
balsa! lokes leiseu
Launch! Rocket Race
Spanish Carrera de cohetes Rocket race

Space Center[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese うちゅうセンター
uchū sentā
Space Center
Korean 우주 센터
uju senteo
Space Center

KBR Rocket Rumble Animated.gif
Small sequence from a Rocket Rumble round.