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Graphics are pictures in Kirby: Squeak Squad that can be put together by finding Graphic Pieces from treasure chests. Four pictures can be found throughout the game, with each one depicting a different image.


The following is a list of the completed Graphics and descriptions for each of them:

List of Graphics in Kirby: Squeak Squad  
Image Description Pieces Required
KSqS Graphic 1.png KSqS Graphic Piece Yellow Sprite.png Kirby can be seen riding on his Warp Star with a blue background covered with stars. 4
KSqS Graphic 2.png KSqS Graphic Piece Green Sprite.png Five Kirbys can be seen here, each one using a different Copy Ability. The five Copy Abilities shown are Animal, Magic, Bubble, Ninja, and Sword. Each ability uses their original artwork. 5
KSqS Graphic 3.png KSqS Graphic Piece Red Sprite.png Kirby is seen running from the Squeaks and their gang with the moon shining in the background. 5
KSqS Graphic 4.png KSqS Graphic Piece Blue Sprite.png This Graphic does not depict Kirby, but instead the many final bosses he has encountered throughout the series. The bosses that can be seen are Dark Mind, Nightmare Wizard, Marx, King Dedede, and Dark Matter Blade.
Oddly, King Dedede uses art from Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land rather than his new art for this game; inversely, Dark Matter Blade uses new art, despite not appearing in this game otherwise.

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