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Sand Challenge

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Sand Challenge
KRtDLD Sand Challenge title screen.png
Title screen for the Sand Challenge in Kirby's Return to Dream Land Deluxe.
Abilit(y/ies) Sand
Energy Sphere req. 20
Time limit 2:00
Silver score 17280 (25530 in Extra Mode)
Gold score 23310 (32880 EX)
Platinum score roughly 25500 (42900 EX)
Stage progression
Sword Challenge Whip Challenge
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Play with the new Sand ability, and try out all of its different moves!
— Sand Challenge Caption

Sand Challenge is the second Challenge Stage unlocked in Kirby's Return to Dream Land Deluxe, and is not present in the original Kirby's Return to Dream Land. It tests Kirby's proficiency with the Sand Copy Ability in a series of chambers, where the goal is to defeat all the enemies and collect all the coins as quickly as possible. The window of time to earn a Platinum Medal is around 0:44 or higher (38 seconds or higher in Extra Mode).


The stage consists of two main chambers, and two side-chambers.

In the first chamber, Kirby must traverse a series of narrow halls filled with enemies bunched together, which can be easily dispatched using Sand's far-spreading attacks. Along the way are some coins under some metal blocks which can be smashed using Sand Smasher or Golem Smasher. Past a gate to the first side chamber, Kirby needs to outrun a boulder rolling toward him down one more longer hall with part of the floor being fiery before reaching the door on the other side.

In the first side chamber, Kirby needs to hit a Bomb Block and switch in a bed of spikes to open a cache containing several coins. The sandcastle move is best suited for hitting both at once.

In the second main area, Kirby must dive down a series of vertical chutes with spikes in them before reaching another narrow hallway leading right past more enemies. All the way to the right, past another side door, Kirby needs to head upward using his Sand Geyser technique to reach the goal door at the top.

In the second side chamber, Kirby needs to use his special guard to reach some coins via a conveyor belt under some spikes. Using Sand Geyser in the middle will help him get the coins more easily.

In Extra Mode, there are many more coins to collect, particularly in gaps in the walls. This requires Kirby to make use of his Sand Grab.




There are a few things to keep in mind when aiming for Platinum on this stage, though it should be noted that the strategies listed here are by no means the only ones that will do the job:

  • Metal blocks can be broken using with Sand Smasher or Golem Smasher, so the faster Sand Smasher is preferable in this case.
  • In the downward-falling area, it may be better to just use a Dive Attack to defeat some of the opponents rather than trying to aim and throw a Sand Ball.
  • The otherwise-hardy Pacto can be defeated in one hit using a Sand Geyser.
  • The switch to the second side area can be hit quickly using a Sand Dash.
  • In the last upward section, it is important to be mindful of where the wind currents place Kirby after he uses Sand Geyser to ascend, and to try not to fight it too much.

Pro Tips[edit]

  • "If you're in a rush, use Sandcastle to hit many spots with one mighty blow!"
  • "Sand Hide makes dealing with dangerous spikes feel like a calm day at the beach!"
  • "You can adjust the trajectory of Sand Geyser using left or right."


Video walkthroughs[edit]

Platinum Rank run of the Sand Challenge in Kirby's Return to Dream Land Deluxe.
Platinum Rank run of the Sand Challenge in Extra Mode in Kirby's Return to Dream Land Deluxe.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese サンドチャレンジ
sando charenji
Sand Challenge
Italian Sfida - Sabbia Sand - Challenge
Korean 샌드 챌린지
saendeu chaellinji
Sand Challenge
Brazilian Portuguese Desafio da areia Sand challenge
Latin American Spanish Reto de la Arena Sand Challenge