Gamble Galaxy

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Gamble Galaxy
GambleGalaxy Complete.jpg
The full area map for Gamble Galaxy.
Level no. 8
Stages 4
Treasure Chests 11
Mid-Bosses Mr. Frosty (8-1), Spinni (8-1), Storo (8-2), Gao Gao (8-3), Doc (8-3)
Boss Dark Daroach, Dark Nebula
Level progression
Secret Sea Last level
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Gamble Galaxy is the eighth and final level of Kirby: Squeak Squad, featuring an outer space environment, as well as a stage on the Halberd. It has one Ability Scroll and two bosses, those being Dark Daroach and Dark Nebula. At four stages long, it is the shortest level in the game, and the only one that does not feature an extra stage.


Each stage is unlocked in succession after clearing the previous one. For more information about a particular stage, click on the link to the stage's page in the table.

Stage Treasure(s) Notes
3 The UFO Ability Scroll can be found here.
2 Kirby is finally reunited with his shortcake slice after this stage is completed.


  • In the background of Stages 2 and 3 of this level, Popstar can be seen.