Kirby: Squeak Squad

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Kirby: Squeak Squad

USCover KSS.jpg

KSqS Boxart J.jpg

Kirby Mouse Attack European cover.jpg

Box art of Kirby: Squeak Squad in various regions.
Developer(s) HAL Laboratory, Flagship
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Designer(s) Takashi Hamamura
Release date(s) Nintendo DS:
Japan November 2, 2006
NA December 4, 2006
Australia March 1, 2007
Europe June 22, 2007
South Korea September 13, 2007

Virtual Console (Wii U):
Europe June 25, 2015
Australia June 25, 2015
NA July 30, 2015
Japan September 9, 2015
Platform(s) Nintendo DS, Wii U (Virtual Console)
Rating(s) ESRB: ESRB E.png - Everyone

PEGI: PEGI 3+.png - 3+

Game chronology
Kirby: Canvas Curse Kirby Super Star Ultra
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This article is about the game. For the titular band of characters, see Squeaks.
This article is about the game known in British English as Kirby: Mouse Attack, and should not be confused with the similarly-named Kirby Mass Attack.

Kirby: Squeak Squad (known as Kirby: Mouse Attack in British English) is a game for the Nintendo DS released in 2006, developed by Flagship and Natsume, and published by HAL Laboratory and Nintendo. Unlike the preceding Kirby game, Kirby: Canvas Curse, it is controlled using the four face buttons rather than the touch screen. It has a special feature in it, like most DS Kirby games, called bubbles. It has a main story mode and four Sub-Games, with one of them being hidden at the beginning. Another feature is the Collection Room, where the player can change Kirby's color, listen to music, and view collected items.


A scene of Kirby about to eat his cake
Quote1.png Early afternoon in Dream Land,

It's so peaceful even the clouds are drowsy.
And now it's Kirby's favorite time of the day - snack time.
Today's yummy snack is a sweet, fluffy slice of strawberry shortcake!
Time to dig in...
WHOA! The cake Kirby was about to eat has suddenly vanished!
That scrumptious, berry-topped slice of mouth-watering goodness...
No doubt about it! This must be the work of that greedy King Dedede!
Well, there's no time to waste! Gotta get that cake back!
And that's how Kirby's latest fantastic adventure begins...''

— Full intro cutscene text.

The game starts with Kirby about to devour his precious Strawberry Shortcake during a peaceful afternoon at Dream Land. Just as he is about to eat it, Kirby's Cake suddenly disappears, which prompts the Pink Puffball to head to Castle Dedede, thinking the castle's greedy owner stole it. Once Kirby defeats King Dedede in the first world, he discovers that King Dedede is not behind the stolen cake. Soon, the Squeaks, a gang of space thieves, arrive and steal a chest that presumably contained the Shortcake. While they are trying to escape, King Dedede grabs Kirby and throws him into the Squeaks. This causes Kirby to tumble into a large pit, leading to Nature Notch, the game's second level.

Meta Knight steals the treasure chest.

After Kirby has defeated the bosses through each world, he confronts Daroach in Ice Island. Right after Kirby defeats Daroach, Meta Knight arrives and steals the treasure chest that Kirby is about to take. Kirby decides to follow Meta Knight to Secret Sea, but he can fight Meta Knight only if he collects the five-star keys from glowing big treasure chests. Soon, after Kirby defeats Meta Knight inside the Halberd, Daroach reappears and takes the chest for himself again. However, when Daroach opens the chest, a dark force takes over his body and turns him into Dark Daroach, a darker version of himself. He escapes to Gamble Galaxy, forcing Kirby to follow him to stop the new threat.

After defeating Dark Daroach, Kirby notices that Daroach had been possessed by a small dark star. As the star flies away, Kirby grabs the Triple Star Cane that Daroach dropped and follows the star through the final stage. Arriving at the limits of Gamble Galaxy, the star starts to form a body, which becomes Dark Nebula, the lord of the underworld. During the fight against it, Dark Nebula takes on three forms to perform a variety of attacks: Fire, Ice, and electricity. In the end, Kirby triumphs over Dark Nebula and later learns that Meta Knight had stolen the treasure chest earlier in order to prevent the release of Dark Nebula. After the Squeaks have realized how much trouble they have caused, they leave and offer Kirby a Strawberry Shortcake as an apology for their mischief.


Fire Kirby dashing in Prism Plains - Stage 1

Kirby: Squeak Squad plays like a traditional Kirby sidescroller, where Kirby can inhale and swallow enemies to gain their Copy Ability, but now each one is upgradable by finding Ability Scrolls hidden throughout the game in treasure chests. The game introduces five new abilities: Animal, Ghost, Metal (which bears resemblance to the absent Stone ability), Bubble, and Triple Star. Certain abilities can also directly affect the environment, such as using the Fire ability to burn down grass or using the Ice ability to freeze bodies of water.

Ability Scrolls can now be found in levels to upgrade abilities (such as being able to charge the Laser or increasing Beam's power). Another new addition to the franchise is the bubble. These bubbles contain Food, Copy Abilities, stars, and Kirby Bubbles, all of which can be combined. Combining three Kirby Bubbles will result in an extra life, combining two small food items will create a larger food item, and combining three stars will result in a larger and stronger Star Bullet for Kirby to spit at enemies. Typically, combining two ability bubbles will result in a random ability. However, after the player obtains the required scrolls, the Sword or Bomb ability can be mixed with Fire (only with Sword), Ice, or Spark to create a new ability.

There are treasure chests hidden in each level which contain unlockable items such music tracks for the Sound Player, Spray Paint cans to change Kirby's color, jigsaw puzzle pieces put together to create Graphics, the aforementioned Ability Scrolls, Vitalities to increase Kirby's maximum health, among other items.


Level Name Image Stages Treasures Boss(es) Description
Level 1 Prism Plains PrismPlains Complete.png 7 10 King Dedede A typical grassland level, with forests and underground caves. The Fire Ability Scroll is found in Stage 3.
Level 2 Nature Notch NatureNotch Complete.jpg 7 16 Mrs. Moley A natural-themed level with many stages taking place underground. The Animal, Wheel, Cutter and Beam Ability Scrolls can be found in Stage 1, 3, 4 and 5 respectively. A Star Seal is also found in Stage 1.
Level 3 Cushy Cloud CushyCloud Complete.jpg 7 16 Mecha-Kracko A cloudy level taking place in thunderous skies. The Spark, Hi-Jump and Tornado Ability Scrolls are found in Stage 1, 3 and 4 rescpectively. A Star Seal is found in Stage 2.
Level 4 Jam Jungle JamJungle Complete.jpg 7 16 Yadgaine A large jungle with heavy vegetation, ruins and a mechanical factory. The Bubble, Metal, Laser and Ice Ability Scrolls are found in Stage 1, 3, 5 and 7 EX respectively. A Star Seal is also found in Stage 2.
Level 5 Vocal Volcano VocalVolcano Complete.jpg 6 16 Bohboh A fiery level filled with active volcanoes and rocky terrain. The Parasol, Hammer, Ninja and Sleep Ability Scrolls can be found in Stage 1, 2, 3 and 6 EX respectively. A Star Seal is found in Stage 1 and a Secret Door Key is found in Stage 4, which grants access to Stage 6 EX.
Level 6 Ice Island IceIsland Complete.jpg 7 18 Daroach An icy level with cold forests, plains and caves and a castle made of ice. The Sword, Fighter and Cupid Ability Scrolls are found in Stage 1, 3 and 5 respectively. The final Star Seal is also found in Stage 2 and a Secret Door Key is found in Stage 4, which grants access to Ice Island - Stage 7 EX.
Level 7 Secret Sea SecretSea Complete.jpg 7 17 Meta Knight A vast sea with underwater caves, where the Halberd presumably crashed after the events of Super Star (Ultra)'s Revenge of Meta Knight. The 5 Star Seals found in previous levels are needed to access the level. The Throw, Bomb and Magic Ability Scrolls are found in Stage 1, 3 and 4 respectively. A Secret Door Key that is found in Stage 4 grants access to Stage 7 EX.
Level 8 Gamble Galaxy GambleGalaxy Complete.jpg 4 11 Dark Daroach, Dark Nebula A starry space level and the final one in the game. The UFO Ability Scroll is found in Stage 1.

Copy Abilities[edit]

Name Appearance Icon Function
Kirby Squeak Squad Animal Kirby Sprite.png
Animal KSqS icon.png
Allows Kirby to dig into a special type of ground to get anything underground.
KNiDL Beam sprite.png
Beam Icon KSqS.png
Lets Kirby release a beam that damages enemies within its range.
Advance BombKirby.png
Bomb Icon KSqS.png
Allows Kirby to throw bombs or set one down, which explode either after a short time or when it touches an enemy. After its Ability Scroll is found, it can be combined with Ice or Spark to form Ice Bomb and Thunder Bomb, respectively.
Kirby Squeak Squad Bubble Kirby Sprite.png
Bubble KSqS icon.png
Allows Kirby to send an array of bubbles to turn his enemies into bubbles, which he can then put into his Copy Palette.
Advance CupidKirby.png
Cupid KSqS icon.png
Allows Kirby to fly without having to fill his body up with air, as well as shoot arrows.
KNiDL Cutter sprite.png
Cutter Icon KSqS.png
Allows Kirby to send a single blade out to attack enemies.
Fighter KSqSq.png
Fighter Icon KSqS.png
Allows Kirby to use many fighting moves, as well as shoot an energy ball, which can be powered up, at enemies.
KNiDL Fire sprite.png
Fire Icon KSqS.png
Allows Kirby to breathe fire, burning any enemies, grass and fuses within its reach.
Fire Sword
Advance FireswordKirby.png
Fire Sword Icon KSqS.png
Has the same capabilities as the regular Sword ability, but it can burn enemies as well as thawing ice. It is the result of a mix of Fire and Sword after the Sword Ability Scroll is found.
Ghost Kirby sprite (Squeak Squad).png
Ghost KSqS icon.png
Allows Kirby to possess enemies and use their attacks, as well as use them as a shield if he gets attacked.
KNiDL Hammer sprite.png
Hammer Icon KSqS.png
Grants Kirby a hammer that he uses to attack enemies.
KNiDL Hi-Jump sprite.png
Hi-Jump Icon KSqS.png
Allows Kirby to jump high distances, hitting any enemies along the way.
KaTAM Ice sprite.png
Ice Icon KSqS.png
Gives Kirby the ability to breathe ice, which can freeze water as well as enemies.
Ice Bomb
Advance IceBombKirby.png
Ice Bomb Icon KSqS.png
Has the same capabilities as the regular Bomb ability, but it can freeze water, as well as enemies. It is the result of a mix of Ice and Bomb after the Bomb Ability Scroll is found.
Ice Sword
Ice sword sprite.png
Ice Sword Icon KSqS.png
Has the same capabilities as the regular Sword ability, but it can freeze water, as well as enemies. It is the result of a mix of Ice and Sword after the Sword Ability Scroll is found.
KNiDL Laser sprite.png
Laser KSqS icon.png
Allows Kirby to shoot lasers from a special headband. The laser can also bounce off of hills to change its general direction.
Advance MagicKirby.png
Magic KSqS icon.png
Gives Kirby the ability to perform many magic tricks to attack enemies.
Metallic Kirby Squeak.png
Metal KSqS icon.png
Makes Kirby turn into metal, where he can either turn into a ball, attack regular enemies by merely walking into them or ground-pounding them, similarly to the absent Stone.
Ninja KSqSq.png
Ninja Icon KSqS.png
Grants Kirby the many skills of a ninja, including the ability to walk on water and throw out shurikens.
KNiDL Parasol sprite.png
Parasol Icon KSqS.png
Yields Kirby a parasol, which can protect him from many from-above threats as well as hurt enemies.
KNiDL Sleep sprite.png
Sleep Icon KSqS.png
Puts Kirby to sleep, leaving him vulnerable for a short while. Heals HP after its Ability Scroll is found.
KNiDL Spark sprite.png
Spark Icon KSqS.png
Surrounds Kirby with an electric force field, which can hurt enemies.
KNiDL Sword sprite.png
Sword Icon KSqS.png
Gives Kirby a sword, which he can attack enemies with. After its Ability Scroll is found, it can be combined with Ice, Spark or Fire to make the Ice Sword, Thunder Sword and Fire Sword, respectively.
Throw KSqSq.png
Throw KSqS icon.png
Allows Kirby to swallow enemies and throw them at other enemies, the ceiling, the floor, or the wall.
Thunder Bomb
Kirby Squeak Squad Thunder Bomb Kirby Sprite.png
Thunder Bomb Icon KSqS.png
Has the same capabilities as the regular Bomb ability but allows Kirby to electrify enemies. It is the result of a mix of Spark and Bomb after the Bomb Ability Scroll is found.
Thunder Sword
Kirby Squeak Squad Thunder Sword Kirby Sprite.png
Thunder Sword Icon KSqS.png
Has the same capabilities as the regular Sword ability but allows Kirby to electrify enemies. It is the result of a mix of Spark and Sword after the Sword Ability Scroll is found.
KNiDL Tornado sprite.png
Tornado Icon KSqS.png
Grants Kirby the ability to turn into a tornado, hurting any enemies he comes into contact with.
Triple Star
Triple Star KSqSq.png
Triple Star Icon KSqS.png
Gives Kirby a cane, which he can shoot stars from, as well as the ability to hurt any enemies that come near him.
KNiDL UFO sprite.png
UFO Icon KSqS.png
Turns Kirby into a U.F.O., where can either send out a beam or shoot lasers.
KNiDL Wheel sprite.png
Wheel Icon KSqS.png
Turns Kirby into a tire, where he can ride through the terrain, hurting any enemy in his path. After finding its Ability Scroll, Kirby can take in elements from terrain he goes through.


Like in the previous Kirby games, enemies are present to hinder Kirby's progress or to provide him with a copy ability. Most enemies respawn after Kirby walks a certain distance away from their spawn point.

Basic Enemies[edit]

These enemies do not provide Kirby with any Copy Ability.

Name Appearance Description
Batty K&tAMBatty.png A bat-like enemy that flies after Kirby once he attracts its attention.
Big Waddle Dee Big Waddle Dee.png A larger version of the common Waddle Dee which takes longer to inhale.
Blipper KNiD E Blipper.png Aquatic enemies that follow Kirby and may even jump out of the water.
Blockin KatAMBlockin.png Disguised as a Star Block, this enemy waits for Kirby to attack or attempt to inhale it, then reveals its true face and chases after him.
Bronto Burt KNiD E BrontoBurt.png A common enemy that flies in a wave motion, moving through obstacles.
Chip KatAMChip.png A furry creature with a foxtail that cheerily jumps around.
Cret Cret SS.png This hovering enemy drops explosive coconuts. If super-inhaled, they are instantly defeated, and they leave behind a 1-Up, Gordo, or Food item.
Crimp Crimp SS.png Crimps stay on the wall and throw green bombs at Kirby. If they are knocked out the wall, they may bounce on the floor until they attach to a wall.
Glunk KNiD E Glunk.png A stationary sea anemone-like foe that fires projectiles.
Gordo KNiD E Gordo.png A classic Kirby enemy that is indestructible and dangerous to touch.
Gold Waddle Dee Golden WaddleDee KSqSq.png Gold Waddle Dees, when defeated, provide Kirby with a treasure chest. Usually, Kirby has to reach the Waddle Dee first before it walks off a cliff. If the Waddle Dee walks off a cliff, it falls straight down, unlike normal Waddle Dees.
Gussa Gussa SS.png Gussas are underwater creatures that attempt to ram into Kirby. If they run into a wall, they get stuck and stunned for a while.
Maiga Maiga SS.png Maigas cannot be inhaled. If Kirby attempts to inhale one, the Maiga sticks to Kirby and deals damage to him.
Perara Perara SS.png Peraras are blue disc-like creatures that float to the bottom. If they are on the floor, they can make a jump.
Scarfy KNiD E Scarfy.png Scarfies float in one place until angered, at which point they begin to chase Kirby.
Shotzo KNiD E Shotzo.png Invincible, stationary cannons that fire cannonballs and may directly aim at Kirby.
Snooter KatAM Snooter.png A strange creature with a bill that can eat Kirby. If it is not destroyed in a single attack, it begins to dash around angrily when hit.
Uja Uja 1.png A bizarre shadowy creature that floats about and seeks Kirby. It comes in two forms, one resembling Master Hand, and the other resembling a scimitar. It can occasionally phase out of existence to avoid getting hit.
Waddle Dee KNiDL Waddle Dee sprite.png One of Kirby's most common and basic foes, it does nothing other than walking left and right.

Copy Ability Enemies[edit]

These enemies provide Kirby with a Copy Ability if Kirby inhales them.

Name Appearance Copy Ability Description
Acchi Acchi SS.png Fire Acchis shoot fireballs that burn on a solid surface for some time. Since Acchi is a large enemy, Kirby must super-inhale it to obtain its Copy Ability.
Bio Spark Biospark SS.png Ninja This enemy can be encountered when it is hiding inside a cloak. It can deliver rapid punches. It can also throw knives at Kirby.
Boxin KatAMBoxin.png Fighter A dog-like creature that attempts to punch Kirby.
Bubble Head BubbleHead SS.png Bubble Similar to Hot Head, this creature attacks by blowing a large bubble or a multitude of bubbles.
Bun Bun SS.png Throw These bunny-like enemies attack by throwing Kirby if he gets too close.
Cupie KatAMCupie.png Cupid An angel-like being that shoots arrows.
Flamer KNiD E Flamer.png Fire A foe that clings to walls and is able to launch itself at Kirby as a fireball.
Foley KatAMFoley.png Bomb These enemies float in the air until Kirby passes by below them, causing them to fall down and explode.
Gaw Gaw GawGaw SS.png Animal Gaw Gaws attempt to jump into Kirby to attack him. Once attached, they can bite Kirby. Their claws can also be used to dig and attack as well.
Heavy Knight KatAMHeavyKnight.png Sword A large, heavily armored opponent that attacks with a sword. Has a high amount of health and takes longer to inhale than most enemies.
Hot Head KNiD E HotHead.png Fire This enemy breathes fire at Kirby, sometimes spitting large fireballs with a long-range.
Laser Ball KNiD E LaserBall.png Laser A floating, spherical enemy that moves through walls and fires lasers.
Metalun Metalun SS.png Metal A giant enemy, Metaluns attack by slowly walking. They can also roll down hills, but the movement is not smooth.
Noddy KNiD E Noddy.png Sleep Slowly walks around without attacking. May fall asleep while walking.
Parasol KNiD E Parasol.png Parasol Always held by either a Waddle Dee, Waddle Doo, or Shotzo, this parasol enables enemies to slow their fall.
Pengy KNiD E Pengi.png Ice Penguins that try to freeze Kirby with their chilly breath.
Sir Kibble KNiD E SirKibble.png Cutter An armored enemy that throws the top part of its helmet like a boomerang.
Sparky KNiD E Sparky.png Spark An enemy that hops around and creates an electric force field around itself for an attack.
Starman KNiD E Starman.png Hi-Jump A cape-wearing enemy that walks around and practices its jump.
Sword Knight KNiD E SwordKnight.png Sword A sword-fighter that walks back and forth inside a small area and may deflect Kirby's attacks.
Twister KNiD E Twister.png Tornado A top-like enemy that spins and can transform into a powerful tornado.
UFO KNiD E UFO.png UFO This rare enemy flies after Kirby very quickly, stopping occasionally to fire laser beams.
Waddle Doo KNiD E WaddleDoo.png Beam A Waddle Dee-like enemy with a singular eye that is able to fire beams at Kirby.
Wheelie KNiD E Wheelie.png Wheel A tire-like enemy which speeds after Kirby, attempting to run him over.


When progressing through the game, Kirby can fight mid-bosses. Kirby can defeat them by attacking them with his Copy Ability or by spitting projectiles back at them. After Kirby defeats the Mid-Bosses, he can take their ability by sucking them in or he can attack them, making them explode.

Name Appearance Copy Ability Description
Big Metalun Big Metalum Squeak.png Metal A big metallic boss. It is very slow-moving. It starts to move when the top part of it lifts. It can use a rolling attack to attempt to run into Kirby. Once it rams into a wall, objects start falling, giving Kirby projectiles to attack it.
Bonkers Advance Bonkers.png Hammer A gorilla-like foe that attempts to hit Kirby with its hammer, creating stars that can be spat back, or throws large coconuts at him, which can likewise be inhaled and used to defeat the Mid-Boss.
Box Boxer KatAMBoxBoxer.png Fighter This dog-based Mid-Boss attempts to punch Kirby and may also toss him, causing damage. From time to time, it fires large blasts of energy from its hands, which also serve as a means of defeating it.
Boxy KatAMBoxy.png Magic A cross of a plant and an anthropomorphic gift package, Boxy charges at Kirby or releases smaller gift boxes from its mouth, which Kirby may spit back at it. When not immediately inhaled, these boxes may open up to reveal bombs, which yield the Bomb ability, food items, or batteries.
Buboo Bubloo SqueakSquad.png Bubble Buboo is a red crab-like creature covered in a cloud of bubbles. It can ram into Kirby by spiraling and maneuvering. It can also spawn bubbles that are projectiles for Kirby to use. If it gets damaged consecutively enough times, it may lose all its bubbles and frantically scatter on the ground, releasing more bubbles for Kirby to use.
Gao Gao Gao Gao Squeak Squad.png Animal Gao Gao is a large mole-like creature. It can spin rapidly, attacking Kirby with its sharp claws. Meanwhile, stars form around it, allowing Kirby to use them as projectiles if Kirby lacks a copy ability. After it spins, it is dizzy and stunned for a while. Another attack it can do is by spinning and flying into the air, then drilling into the ground where Kirby can stand. Its basic maneuvers include jumping forward or backward.
Mr. Frosty NiDLMrFrosty.png Ice A walrus-like enemy wearing overalls that charges at Kirby or tosses ice cubes of two sizes at him, which the latter has to use as ammunition to defeat it.
Tedhaun Tedhaun SqueakSquad.png Ghost This mid-boss cannot be encountered without completing the Ghost Medal. Once it appears, it replaces existing mid-bosses. This mid-boss is the only creature in the game that possesses the extremely rare ability, the Ghost ability. It has mini versions of itself that it orders to attack. The mini versions can be used as projectiles. If Kirby comes too close to the mid-boss, the mid-boss grabs him and waits until a mini version collides with Kirby. Then, the boss throws Kirby, damaging him.

The Squeaks[edit]

Main article: Squeaks

If Kirby obtains a big treasure chest, the Squeaks appear. They can take the treasure chest and then go to their hideout. If Kirby does not enter their base in time, it closes down.

Kirby can fight the Squeaks in or out of their hideout. The Squeaks flinch from all attacks, but attacking them with fire, ice, and electric attacks add an elemental effect. When they are attacked, they may release food. When they are brought down, Kirby can continue attacking them to make them release more food, but they do not receive damage. However, when they are in the base, they can go into an angry state after they have been brought down once. When they are in an angry state, they cannot flinch.

The Squeakers act like normal enemies. However, when they are defeated, they may release food. They are also capable of taking treasure chests, especially when no other Squeaks are around.

If Kirby enters their base with no Squeaks present, the inside may be a room containing a few items or some Squeakers. However, once he exits outside the base, they reappear.

Name Appearance Description
Blue Squeakers Blue Squeakers.png Blue Squeakers throw bombs, like the Green Squeakers, but their bombs are much bigger.
Green Squeakers Green Squeakers.png Green Squeakers throw normal-sized bombs.
Yellow Squeakers Yellow Squeakers.png Yellow Squeakers do not attack other than jumping.
Doc Doc Squeak Squad.png The smartest of the gang, Doc rides in a U.F.O., making him the only flying Squeak to be fought. His attacks involve his U.F.O. His U.F.O can shoot lasers and drop bombs. However, he has the lowest HP of all the mini-bosses. He is also the only Squeak aside from Daroach to be fought as a boss twice.
Spinni Spinni Sprite SS.png Spinni is the most agile of the Squeaks. Unlike the other Squeaks, he can swim and jump multiple times. Usually, when Kirby is against Spinni, it involves a race to get the chest first. Spinni can swipe at Kirby with his claw or throw a ninja star. When he is stunned, his claw can be dropped, which gives Kirby the Animal ability if swallowed. His ninja stars can also give Kirby the Ninja ability.
Storo Storo Fat SS.png Storo is the strongest of the Squeaks, giving him the most HP and the strongest attacks. However, he is big and slow, making him easily flinched. His attacks involve pounding with a hammer or slamming to the ground with his body. Both attacks produce stars, which can be inhaled and thrown at Storo.


Kirby: Squeak Squad's bosses, unlike in Kirby & The Amazing Mirror are fought in order, at the end of each level. Before each boss fight, Kirby can receive an ability bubble or another item in a bubble for the fight. Unlike mid-bosses, bosses do not yield an ability upon defeat. After Kirby defeats the boss, a large treasure chest appears. Inside it, Kirby can receive a boss medal. If Kirby collects all boss medals, he can play the sub-game, Boss Endurance.

Name Appearance Location Description
King Dedede King Dedede Squeak Squad sprite.png Prism Plains King Dedede is the first boss Kirby has to fight. Unlike the next bosses, King Dedede flinches from each hit, stopping his actions. King Dedede can jump and fly, attempting to run into Kirby. He can also use his hammer to hit Kirby as well. Like in the previous games, King Dedede sports the ability to inhale and spit out Kirby.
Mrs. Moley Mrs Moley SS.png Nature Notch Mrs. Moley is a large, gray mole that apparently bears relations to Moley, the other large gray mole. She sports similar attacks to Moley, such as throwing objects at Kirby. However, there are two holes where she emerges. She can also appear in the background. Once she is in the background, after some time, the glasses in her eyes may shine, and then she makes a big leap. A big shadow appears under Kirby, and Kirby has to dodge Mrs. Moley's body. If her body touches the hard ground, she is stunned for a while. If her body touches one of the two dirt patches, she digs in and resumes her attacks.
Mecha-Kracko Mecha Kracko Squeak.png Cushy Cloud This boss fights very similarly to Kracko. Like Kracko, it can move around to hit Kirby or disperse enemies for Kirby to use as an ability or a projectile. However, after the first set of HP is depleted, Doc is revealed controlling the machine. Then, Mecha-Kracko removes the original stage while Kirby has to keep flying. Mecha-Kracko replaces the stage with a new one, but with gaps, or a smaller one. Then, it can use new attacks, which can let it surround in electricity or attack below it with electricity.
Yadgaine Yadogaine sprite.png Jam Jungle This is the second boss that Doc pilots. Kirby is on a moving screen when fighting this boss. Yadgaine can dig into the ground, throwing out rock fragments that Kirby should dodge. It can also shoot a laser from its mouth. Meanwhile, falling rocks can hurt Kirby, but Kirby can use these rocks to attack Yadgaine if he lacks a Copy Ability. After repeated hits, Yadgaine's claws can break, hindering its ability to dig. When both of its claws are broken, it cannot dig anymore. The final part that breaks is its mouth before it gets destroyed.
Bohboh Bohboh SS.png Vocal Volcano Bohboh is a fiery owl-like creature with a tanooki tail. It first appears by flying in the background. One of its attacks includes flying around and dropping fireballs which can be used as projectiles. It can also attempt to grab Kirby by charging at him. If it grabs Kirby, it throws Kirby to the lava, hurting Kirby and instantly removing his Copy Ability (due to the lava). If it misses and hits the ground, it is stunned while rocks fall. The rocks can be a hazard, but Kirby can also use these to attack Bohboh. After this, Bohboh flies slowly with its eyes closed, also vulnerable to attack, until its eyes open.
Daroach Daroach Roach SS.png Ice Island Daroach is the leader of the Squeaks. He performs multiple attacks, one of which include using the Triple Star Cane to throw stars and shooting an ice beam that can hurt or freeze Kirby, respectively. He can also throw bombs at Kirby, but it is also projectile that Kirby can inhale and spit out as a Star Bullet to him. . During the boss fight, Daroach can teleport multiple times to avoid getting hit.
Meta Knight KNiDL Meta Knight sprite.png Secret Sea Meta Knight fights like from his previous battles. He can jump from place to place and defend some of Kirby's attacks. His primary form of attacks involves using his Galaxia. His attacks produce Recoil Stars that Kirby can use to hit Meta Knight. He can also create a whirlwind that spans almost throughout the screen that can sweep Kirby and damage him. Meta Knight also has new attacks involving the fire and electric elements. Meta Knight can create an electric field or he can shoot fire blasts with his sword.
Dark Daroach Dark Daroach KSqS sprite.png Gamble Galaxy Dark Daroach is a similar boss fight to Daroach, but he has more powerful attacks. His bombs, which are much larger, create fire pillars when they explode. His ice beam is also larger, while it can still give out Recoil Stars for Kirby to inhale and spit out back at him. The only attack that remains relatively unchanged is the star-throwing attack with his Triple Star Cane.
Dark Nebula DarkZtar N.png
DarkZtar F.png
DarkZtar I.png
DarkZtar E.png
Gamble Galaxy Dark Nebula is the final boss in this game. Before fighting it, Kirby must follow a small black star in a stage. At the end, the small black star grows and receives an eye, which forms Dark Nebula. At the beginning of the boss fight, Dark Nebula changes into one of the three forms. All forms share attacks that involve shooting stars that inflict an effect of damage depending on Dark Nebula's current form.
  • Fire Form: Dark Nebula can move around in certain erratic angles to run into Kirby. Dark Nebula can also release a giant fireball that, when it touches the ground, releases a giant fire pillar that covers him and the ground.
  • Ice Form: The ice form allows Dark Nebula to move into a circle, trying to hit Kirby with his body. Dark Nebula can also release an ice beam that creates ice on the track, but this attack ignores the edges of the screen. Tornado and Wheel Kirby can use the temporary ice terrain to make their abilities icy.
  • Electric Form: Dark Nebula's movement involves a zig-zag pattern. His electric attack involves staying at the center, shooting four electric beams towards the corners, and electrifying the borders of the screen.


Kirby: Squeak Squad has four Sub-Games (three of which use the touch screen): Speedy Teatime, Smash Ride, Treasure Shot, and Boss Endurance. The first three games have Kirby face-off with Storo, Spinni, and Doc respectively. Smash Ride also features some of the miscellaneous Squeakers.

Unused content[edit]

KSqS BlockKirby.png An unused design for a Copy Ability exists in the game's files called 'Block'. When Kirby has this ability, he gains a hat similar to that of Mirror from Kirby Super Star and gains a staff similar in look to the Triple Star cane. It is unclear how this ability would have functioned.



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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 星のカービィ 参上!ドロッチェ団
Hoshi no Kābii: Sanjō! Dorocche-Dan
Kirby of the Stars: They've Arrived! The Daroach Gang
French Kirby: Les Souris attaquent Kirby: The Mice attack
German Kirby: Mausattacke Kirby: Mouse attack
Italian Kirby: Topi all' attacco Kirby: Mice to the attack
Korean 별의 커비 도팡 일당의 습격
byeol-ui keobi dopang ildang-ui seubgyeog
Kirby of the Stars: Attack of the Squeak Squad
Spanish Kirby: ¡Roedores al ataque! Kirby: Rodents on the attack!

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