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Access Ark - Stage 6

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Access Ark - Stage 6
KPR Susie Encounter 2.png
Meeting up with Susie in the executive office, as she attempts to take matters in her own extremities
Level Access Ark
Boss(es) Mecha Knight+, President Haltmann
Theme music

Clip of the music that primarily plays in Access Ark - Stage 6.

Stage order
Access Ark - Stage 5 Mind in the Program
Access Ark - Stage 7 EX
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Access Ark - Stage 6 is the sixth stage of Access Ark. This stage is unlocked after clearing Stage 5 and collecting at least seven Code Cubes in Access Ark. This stage serves as the boss stage for the level, and pits Kirby against Mecha Knight+ and then President Haltmann. After clearing this stage, Kirby moves on to Mind in the Program.


The stage begins inside the virtual world seen in the previous stage. First, Kirby can obtain an Assist Star from Bandana Waddle Dee and make use of Copy Essences for the ESP, Doctor, Poison, Jet, Mirror, and Spark abilities. After these set essences, there is one more that contains a Mix ability. From here, the screen begins to tilt as Kirby moves along the hall to the right toward the boss door. After entering through this door, Kirby finds himself in an elevator which takes him upward. As he travels, the virtual world aesthetic breaks down before reaching a peculiar doorway that opens up to reveal the executive office, which he promptly steps into.

Mecha Knight+[edit]

Main article: Mecha Knight+

Once inside the office, Kirby runs into Susie for a third time, who bemoans the pink puffball's interference with the company's plans and his audaciousness to enter the office uninvited. She then reveals a new upgraded form of Mecha Knight, dubbed "Mecha Knight+", who she sends after Kirby for a rematch.

Mecha Knight+ initially seems to have the same attacks as Mecha Knight in the first phase. Once the second phase begins, however, the upgrade becomes apparent, as Mecha Knight+ spouts a giant mechanical tail which he uses to swipe at Kirby and anchor himself like a turret to fire at Kirby from a safer distance. Despite this, however, Mecha Knight+ is not all that much stronger, and once defeated, his mask breaks, finally freeing Meta Knight from the possession he was suffering and prompting him to fly away to hide his shame as he usually does.

President Haltmann[edit]

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Seeing her security guard dealt with, Susie becomes furious and prepares to attack Kirby directly, but she is halted and dismissed by her glorified President Haltmann, who now seeks to deal with Kirby personally. After giving Kirby a lengthy diatribe about his intentions and talking up the Mother Computer that made his invasion possible, Haltmann dons his Executive Suit — a big golden mech that he pilots — and proceeds to battle Kirby directly using it.

President Haltmann battles similarly to Susie, but has a number of distinct methods of attack, as well as four different phases to his fight. All but phase 2 involve battling on a looping circular arena, and President Haltmann's attacks include sending robotic Yesmen out to distract Kirby, throwing missiles that resemble Susie, and (most audaciously of all) shooting large amounts of money out of his suit that obscure the player's view of the action. Later on, he conjures a giant cube apparatus in the middle of the arena which he uses to fire big laser blasts at Kirby. Once all this and more has been waded through and Haltmann's health is depleted, his suit is destroyed in much the same manner as Susie's before him, leaving him unable to continue fighting directly.

Seething with anger, President Haltmann resorts to activating his precious computer — Star Dream — directly. As he dons the helmet used to interface with the computer, Susie hops in and takes the helmet, explaining that it was her intention to take control of Star Dream in this moment of weakness. Her untimely interference has drastic consequences, however, as Star Dream zaps her away and then proceeds to take direct control of Haltmann's body, erasing his distinct identity in the process and going haywire, declaring that it will bring an end to the universe and flies off into space. This leads directly into the next level: Mind in the Program.