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Milky Way Wishes

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Milky Way Wishes
KSSU Milky Way Wishes Title Screen.png
Title screen for Milky Way Wishes in Kirby Super Star Ultra.
Difficulty 5 Stars
Stages 9
Final boss Marx
Other bosses Twin Woods, Fatty Whale, Kracko, Chameleo Arm, Wham Bam Rock, Heavy Lobster, Computer Virus, Galactic Nova Nucleus
Unlock requirements In Kirby Super Star:
Complete The Great Cave Offensive and Revenge of Meta Knight.
In Kirby Super Star Ultra:
Complete all prior sub-games.
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The moon and the sun are fighting and you must settle it! Help us, comet at galaxy's end!
— Kirby Super Star Ultra stage text

Milky Way Wishes is the sixth main game in Kirby Super Star and its remake, and the final one in the former. This game is unlocked by completing The Great Cave Offensive and Revenge of Meta Knight (which requires clearing Dyna Blade) in Kirby Super Star, and by completing all of the games before it in Kirby Super Star Ultra. It possesses a difficulty level of 5 stars. The stage is mainly notable for requiring Kirby to collect Copy Essences Deluxe to receive Copy Abilities, rather than acquiring them from enemies.


One day, in the year ????, the sun and moon began to fight day and night.
Marx: "Hey, hey, hey."
"Can you make peace between the Sun and Moon?"
"You need to ask the giant comet Nova for help!"
"But first, there's something we must do."
"To ask Nova, we must gather power from all the stars around us."
"It will be difficult, Kirby, but you can do it!"
"We are counting on you. Good luck!"

The story begins as Kirby and other onlookers witness the sun and moon of Pop Star fighting endlessly for control of the sky, causing day and night to shift dramatically. As they look on, a small jester named Marx comes riding in on a ball, telling Kirby that the only way to stop this is to summon the giant comet Nova using energy from the planets of the starry path.

Kirby visits seven major planets, collecting a star from each one. Once he has all seven, he uses them to summon the great Comet from beyond space and time. Nova proclaims to Kirby that he may have one wish, but before Kirby can make that wish, Marx appears out of nowhere, bumps Kirby out of the way, and wishes for complete control of Pop Star. Nova grants Marx his wish, as he gloats to Kirby, saying he got the sun and moon to fight in order to steal this opportunity. Both Nova and Marx fly off toward Pop Star, as Kirby is left stranded out in space. Thankfully, the stars he collected coalesce into the Starship, which Kirby uses to make chase.

The sun and moon come back to their senses and hold off Nova, giving Kirby time to enter the great clockwork beast and disable its Nucleus, preventing it from granting Marx's wish. From there, Kirby has to battle Marx directly. Upon defeating him in his powered-up form, Marx goes careening into the disabled Nova, causing both of them to explode, and the day to be saved.


Milky Way Wishes is the final main game mode in Kirby Super Star and the penultimate game mode in Kirby Super Star Ultra. It can be seen as a culmination of all previous game modes, using aesthetics, enemies, and bosses from earlier games, though often making them more powerful. The only unique bosses in Milky Way Wishes are faced at the very end of the game mode, once all six main planets are cleared.

Despite this, Milky Way Wishes has a couple of unique mechanics to it. As explained in the Beginner's Room, Kirby is unable to obtain copy abilities in a normal fashion for the most part; enemies which normally provide abilities in other modes will grant Kirby nothing when swallowed. Instead, Kirby must find special items in each stage called Copy Essences Deluxe, which permanently grant him access to certain abilities. Once an essence is obtained, the player can choose it from a menu containing all abilities that have been unlocked, and Kirby will automatically be granted the ability selected, allowing him to access locations which require it that he cannot otherwise reach.

Milky Way Wishes takes place on the starry path (known in Japanese as the "Milky Road"), which features stages represented as planets. These can be visited and completed in any order, although a natural order does exist, as outlined in the table in the next section. Each stage prior to the final one contains at least one Copy Essence Deluxe hidden within. While it is not required to collect any of these to complete the game, collecting every essence is required for 100% completion. The main objective Kirby has on each planet is to locate and defeat the boss, and then collect a star from that planet's fountain.


These are the stages in Milky Way Wishes as well as the Copy Essence Deluxe pedestals and bosses they have. Kirby can do these in any order, but a line of stars connects a completed planet to another planet, and if Kirby follows this pattern, he will go through all the levels in the following order (barring Planet ???):

Planets in Milky Way Wishes
Stage Copy Essence(s) Boss Mid-Boss(es) Notes
KSS Floria select.png
Grass Planet Floria
Cutter, Fighter, Ice Twin Woods N/A This planet transitions between the four seasons when Kirby enters certain doorways.
KSS Aqualiss select.png
Water Planet Aqualiss/Aquarius
Beam, Parasol, Sword Fatty Whale Jukid Meta-Knights can be found as standard enemies here.
KSS Skyhigh select.png
Wind Planet Skyhigh
Jet, Wheel, Wing Kracko Poppy Bros. Sr.
KSS Hotbeat select.png
Flame Planet Hotbeat
Fire, Suplex Chameleo Arm Bugzzy
KSS Cavios select.png
Cave Planet Cavios/Cavius
Bomb, Hammer, Stone Wham Bam Rock Bonkers, Bugzzy, Chef Kawasaki, Iron Mam, Jukid, Mr. Frosty, Poppy Bros. Sr.
KSS Mecheye select.png
Machine Planet Mecheye/Mekkai
Plasma, Yo-yo Heavy Lobster Bonkers, Bugzzy, Chef Kawasaki, Iron Mam, Jukid, Mr. Frosty, Poppy Bros. Sr.
KSS Halfmoon select.png
Eternal Planet Halfmoon
Mirror, Ninja Computer Virus Chef Kawasaki, Iron Mam The version of Computer Virus in this stage has tougher forms than the one in The Great Cave Offensive.
N/A Galactic Nova Nucleus N/A This stage is accessed once all prior ones are completed. Kirby uses the Starship to fly through this area.
Copy N/A N/A This is a secret planet that can be found off the main path. Finding it is not necessary to complete the game. The planet where Marx is fought is also called "???", but it is not clear if they are the same planet.

Final boss: Marx[edit]

Boss fight against Marx in Kirby Super Star (left) and Kirby Super Star Ultra (right)
Main article: Marx

After the Galactic Nova stage is cleared, Kirby is automatically thrown onto an unknown planet where he must do battle with Marx in his powered-up state. This fight plays out in a very similar fashion to the battle against Nightmare in Kirby's Adventure/Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land, although Kirby does not use any sort of special weapon in the battle, instead relying on any Copy Essence Deluxe abilities he has managed to find up to this point, or using no ability at all if he prefers.

Marx moves quickly around the battlefield, having the ability to teleport at will, create vortexes, shoot laser beams, and fly through the ground for an ambush, alongside some other more abstract attacks. He can be very difficult to predict, and does not leave Kirby very much opportunity or time to retaliate with Star Bullets.

Once he is defeated, Marx flies uncontrollably off toward the Galactic Nova. He collides with it, causing the Nova to explode in dramatic fashion on cue with the end music. From there, Kirby flies back home on his Warp Star, as the sun and moon dance in celebration.

Differences between versions[edit]

While gameplay, stage design, and enemy layout is largely the same between Kirby Super Star and Kirby Super Star Ultra, the visuals are quite different between the two, particularly when it comes to cutscenes. Unlike in Revenge of Meta Knight, however, the dialogue spoken in the cutscenes are largely unchanged between the two versions.

The most drastic change in the remake is that the recycled bosses receive new versions with alternate palettes and extra health. Notable examples include Twin Woods bearing a fall canopy, Kracko appearing with a light blue hue, and Heavy Lobster being fought in a production factory and appearing with a silver hauberk instead of gold. These alternate boss fights are subsequently reused in Helper to Hero.

Like with all other cutscenes, the cutscenes for Milky Way Wishes are handled with spritework in the original game, and with 3D full-motion video in the remake. As such, cutscenes in the original tend to be quicker and punchier, while scenes in the remake are slower, but more fluid in motion for the most part.


Kirby Super Star Ultra[edit]

  • Instruction manual bio (page 26): "In order to stop the serious fighting between the sun and the moon, you will need to visit many planets and summon a comet. This game has slightly different rules concerning Copy Abilities, so pay close attention."


Milky Way Wishes easter egg in Star Fox Zero promotional video
  • Despite Kirby's inability to obtain Copy Abilities from most enemies in Milky Way Wishes, there are three enemy types that do yield abilities: Bombers, Noddys and paint blobs. Their abilities are not available in Copy Essence Deluxe form and can only be received by swallowing or Copying them.
    • Because it's possible to gain abilities from these enemies, it is also possible to mix a random ability by swallowing two or more of them at once. This can be easily done at the beginning area of Hotbeat with two Noddys.
  • The Kirby Star Allies level Far-Flung Starlight Heroes is similar to Milky Way Wishes in many ways, namely in featuring stages as planets and being able to visit the main ones in any order.
  • In the animated video promoting Star Fox Zero, "Star Fox Zero - The Battle Begins", a magazine in Slippy Toad's possession has several planet names from Milky Way Wishes on it (namely Floria, Aqualiss, Mecheye, and Halfmoon).


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 銀河ぎんがにねがいを
ginga ni negai o
Wish Upon the Galaxy
French Conflit Astral Astral Conflict
German Trubel im All Hustle and Bustle in Space
Italian Auguri dalla Via Lattea Best Wishes from the Milky Way
Korean 은하수의 꿈
eunhasu-ui kkum
Milky Way Dreams
Spanish Deseos de la Vía Láctea Milky Way Wishes

The starry path in Kirby Super Star (Ultra)
PopstarFloriaAqualiss/AquariusSkyhighHotbeatCavios/CaviusMecheye/MekkaiHalfmoonNova???KSS M MilkyWayWishes.png

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