Rising Sizzler

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Friend Ability InfoBox
Rising Sizzler.jpg
Fire Kirby and Broom Hatter perform Rising Sizzler.
Debut Game Kirby Star Allies
Type(s) Unlimited use
Requirements Fire and Bluster
Power(s) Shoots rising fireballs.
Comparable to Icicle Lance
Zap Splasher
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Rising Sizzler is a Friend Ability present in Kirby Star Allies.


To perform Rising Sizzler, two characters must take part, with one having the Fire ability (Fire Kirby or Burning Leo), and the other having the Bluster element (including the source abilities - Cleaning and Wing).

If Fire Kirby / Burning Leo holds ↑ while the other ally throws a Bluster element attack into the them, Fire Kirby / Burning Leo will automatically use the Fireball Inferno attack and then shoot 3 fireballs forward.

Alternatively, if a Bluster element attack is thrown into a Sizzle element attack of another ally, it will shoot 1 fireball forward.

Each fireball deals 160 damage. Fireball Inferno deals 480 damage like the Fire ability's original version does.[1]


  • When Marx the Dream Friend is granted the Sizzle element and uses the Rush - Spin Combo attack, he will shoot fireballs similar to those of Rising Sizzler.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese メラインガバーナー
Merainga Bānā
Sizzle-Bluster Burner
  • メラインガ is a combination of メラーガ ("Sizzle") and ウィンガ ("Bluster").
Chinese 火焰风射 (chs)
火焰風射 (cht)
huǒ yàn fēng shè
Sizzle Bluster-Shot