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Kirby's Adventure (soundtrack)

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Front album cover

Kirby's Adventure[derived from Japanese] is an official Japan-only soundtrack album for Kirby's Adventure. It was the first soundtrack release for the Kirby series, and consists of 29 songs from the chiptune soundtrack of Kirby's Adventure, as well as eight original vocal arrangements, for a total of 37 tracks.

The vocal songs are performed by Mako Miyata (宮田まこ), in her only album credit to date, with backup provided by the Star Rod Magical Orchestra (スターロッド・マジカル・オーケストラ) and the Dedede Chorus Corps (デデデコーラス隊). They were arranged by Takashi Takaomi (高生 隆嗣), based on compositions by Hirokazu Ando and Jun Ishikawa, with lyrics by Masumi Yanagawa (柳川真寿美).

The album was released on July 21st, 1994, under the Sony Records label. It retailed for ¥2800 ($18.28), and included a free pack of stickers using artwork from the game. The album provides official names for many of the songs in the Kirby's Adventure soundtrack; some are renamed in later sources, but some are kept the same.

Track list[edit]

Back album cover, showing the track list, as well as an image of vocalist Mako Miyata.

The first eight tracks are vocal songs, arranged by Takashi Takaomi and performed by Mako Miyata. All others were composed and arranged by Hirokazu Ando except where noted.

List of Kirby's Adventure soundtrack songs  
No. Title Notes Length
1 ほしのカービィ
Kirby of the Stars
Vocal arrangement of "Title Screen / Demo", "Plains Stage", "Underground Stage", and "Sea and Ship Stages". 3:52
2 キラキラマーチ
Sparkling March
Vocal arrangement of "Green Greens". 3:19
3 カービィ・メドレー
Kirby Medley
Vocal arrangement of "Forest Stage". 3:35
4 DREAMドリームDREAMドリーム Vocal arrangement of "Dream and Cold Area Stages". 3:23
5 カクテルをつくろう!
Let's Make a Cocktail!
Vocal arrangement of "Castle Stage", with "Stage Clear Dance" at the end. 3:36
6 永遠えいえん音符キイ・ノート
Eternal Keynote
Vocal arrangement of "Underwater Stage". 3:45
7 スターライト・アドベンチャー
Starlight Adventure
Vocal arrangement of "Mountain Stage". 3:14
8 おやすみカービィ
Good Night, Kirby
Vocal arrangement of "Ending Demo". 4:06
9 タイトル画面/デモ
Title Screen / Demo
The title screen theme. 0:41
10 絵書き歌
Drawing Song
The boot-up drawing song.
Originally from the Japanese Kirby's Dream Land commercial; composer unknown, arranged by Hirokazu Ando.
11 平地の面
Plains Stage
The grassy stage theme. Used primarily in Vegetable Valley. 0:40
12 無敵状態
The Invincible Candy theme.
Composed by Jun Ishikawa and arranged by Hirokazu Ando.
13 LEVEL1のレベルマップセレクト
Level 1 Map Select
The Vegetable Valley map theme. 0:37
14 地下の面
Underground Stage
A stage theme not associated with any particular level.
Despite its name, it primarily plays in sky-themed stages.
15 ボス
The boss battle theme. 0:44
16 面クリア時の踊り
Stage Clear Dance
The Kirby Dance theme.
Composed by Jun Ishikawa and arranged by Hirokazu Ando.
17 海と船の面
Sea and Ship Stages
The beach stage theme. Used primarily in Ice Cream Island. 1:09
18 LEVEL2のレベルマップセレクト
Level 2 Map Select
The Ice Cream Island map theme. 0:27
19 博物館と星乗り場
Museum and Star Landing
The theme for Museums and Warp Star Stations. 0:28
20 城の面
Castle Stage
The tower stage theme. Used primarily in Butter Building. 1:00
21 森の面
Forest Stage
A stage theme not associated with any particular level.
Though it is used in forest stages, it also appears in underground and dark stages.
22 LEVEL3のレベルマップセレクト
Level 3 Map Select
The Butter Building map theme. 0:23
23 雲の面
Cloud Stage
The cloudy stage theme. Used primarily in Grape Garden. 1:11
24 クレーンフィーバー(ボーナス面)
Crane Fever (Bonus Stage)
The Crane Fever minigame theme, which is a medley of "Plains Stage" and "Castle Stage". 0:50
25 LEVEL4のレベルマップセレクト
Level 4 Map Select
The Grape Garden map theme. 0:35
26 山地の面
Mountain Stage
The mountainous stage theme. Used primarily in Yogurt Yard. 1:29
27 卵のボーナス面
Egg Bonus Stage
The Egg Catcher minigame theme, which is also used in Arena levels. 0:36
28 LEVEL5のレベルマップセレクト
Level 5 Map Select
The Yogurt Yard map theme. 0:20
29 海中の面
Underwater Stage
The ocean stage theme. Used primarily in Orange Ocean. 1:00
30 LEVEL6のレベルマップセレクト
Level 6 Map Select
The Orange Ocean map theme. 0:39
31 夢と寒冷地の面
Dream and Cold Area Stages
The ice stage theme. Used primarily in Rainbow Resort. 0:59
32 LEVEL7のレベルマップセレクト
Level 7 Map Select
The Rainbow Resort map theme. 0:30
33 白黒(Game Boy)面の平地の面
Black-and-white (Game Boy) Plains Stage
The "Green Greens" remix for Rainbow Resort - Stage 6.
Composed by Jun Ishikawa and arranged by Hirokazu Ando.
34 LEVEL8の最初
Level 8 Demo
The cutscene theme that plays prior to The Fountain of Dreams. 0:25
35 最終ボス
Final Boss
The battle theme for Nightmare Wizard. 1:12
36 エンディング・デモ
Ending Demo
The ending cutscene theme. 1:24
37 ゲームオーバー
Game Over
The jingle that plays when Kirby gets a game over. 0:05
Track title translations are conjectural.

Aside from minor incidental cues, notable exclusions from the album include the "Done In" jingle (used when Kirby loses a life) and the battle theme for Nightmare's Power Orb.


Kirby of the Stars[edit]

こんぺいとうみたいな おいしいゆめ
いずみからあふる みんなの勇気ゆうき
こう ほしのカービィ
こう ほしのカービィ
新しい 旅立たびだちだ

マシュマロのベットなら やさしいねむ
ふわふわのくもうえ およいでみたい
こう ほしのカービィ
デデデ大王だいおう たお
こう ほしのカービィ
あたらしい 冒険ぼうけん

Konpeitō mitaina oishī yume wa
Izumi kara afureru min'na no yūki
Nanatsu no Sutāroddo o
Modoseba ashita wa nijiiro sa
Yukō hoshi no Kābyi
Pupupurando no tame ni
Yukō hoshi no Kābyi
Yume no izumi no tame ni
Atarashī tabidachi da

Mashumaro no bettonara yasashī nemuri
Fuwafuwa no kumonoue oyoide mitai
Bejitaburubarē kara
Orenjiōshan made tobu yo
Yukō hoshi no Kābyi
Dedede daiō taose
Yukō hoshi no Kābyi
Yume o torimodosunda
Atarashī bōken da

Like konpeitō, delicious dreams are
Overflowing from the fountain of everyone's courage
If you return the Star Rod's seven pieces
Tomorrow, it will be iridescent
Let's go, Kirby of the stars
For Dream Land
Let's go, Kirby of the stars
For the Fountain of Dreams
It's a new journey

Sleeping gently on the marshmallow bed
Let's swim through the fluffy clouds
From Vegetable Valley
To Orange Ocean, let's fly
Let's go, Kirby of the stars
Defeat King Dedede
Let's go, Kirby of the stars
Recover everyone's dreams
It's a new adventure

Sparkling March[edit]

バナナムーンにって そらそうよ
ほしうつれたら 何時いつにだってける

チョコレートのドアから 見知みしらぬくにのぞいて
物語ものがたりんだら ヒーローになれるさ
どんなにつら日々ひびも クリアすればかなら
なみだながぼしになり キラキラかがやくよ

ソーダすいもぐれば 何処どこにだってける

さかなはドレスらし おどうみ小鳥ことり
海星ひとでたちはうみちた ほし欠片かけらなんだ
せっかく出会であえたけど わかれるときはくるよ
それでもおもはずっと キラキラかがやくね

Bananamūn ni notte sora e kogi dasou yo
Hoshi ni tobi utsuretara itsu ni datte yukeru
Mirai mo kako mo

Chokorēto no doa kara mishiranu kuni nozoite
Monogatari ni fumikondara hīrō ni nareru-sa
Don'nani tsurai hibi mo kuria sureba kanarazu
Namida wa nagareboshi ni nari kirakira kagayaku yo

Ramune-iro no namima wa sora o utsusu kagami
Sōda sui ni mogureba doko ni datte yukeru
Kinō mo asu mo

Sakana wa doresu yurashi odoru umi no kotori sa
Hitode-tachi wa umi ni ochita hoshi no kakerananda
Sekkaku deaetakedo wakareru toki wa kuru yo
Soredemo omoide wa zutto kirakira kagayaku ne

Let's ride the banana moon and row it into the sky
If you jump into the stars, you can go anytime
The future and the past

Peek into a strange land through the chocolate door
Once you step into this story, you become the hero
No matter how hard your days become, you've got to clear them
Your tears become shooting stars and shine brightly

The ramune-colored waves reflect the sky like a mirror
If you dive into soda water, you can go anywhere
Yesterday and tomorrow

Fish are dancing songbirds of the sea in swaying dresses
Starfish are star fragments that fell into the water
It was nice to meet you, but now it's time to go
Still, our memories will always shine brightly

Kirby Medley[edit]

ゆらゆらとパラソル パラパラピポパ
まばた出来できない 早撃はやうちカービィ(デデデ)
ストックやして 一気いっきめろ(デデデ)
みんながっている カービィ

ストーンにスパーク バウンダー スカだ
まだまだわらない カービィ

Torunēdo Hoīru Rēzā Aisu
Haijanpu Furīzu Hanmā Raito
Yurayura to Parasoru paraparapipopa
Kopī shita Maiku wa ryōmimi fusage
Bejitaburubarē kakenukete
Susume Aisukurīmuairando
Bōnasusutējicharenji da
Mabataki dekinai Hayauchi Kābyi (Dedede)
Sutokku fuyashite ikkini semero (Dedede)
Min'na ga matte iru Kābyi

Bāningu Nīdoru Kattā Surō
Sutōn ni Supāku Baundā suka da
Korokoro to Bōru de kon koro gururu
Kopī shita Surīpu yakunitatanai
Batābirudingu kakenukete
Mezase tōku no Orenjiōshan
Ukkari tobikomu tōgi-jo
Detai yo derenai tatakawanakucha (Dedede)
"Kumo de boyoyon" mo chōsen shiyou (Dedede)
Madamada owaranai Kābyi

Tornado, Wheel, Laser, Ice
Hi-Jump, Freeze, Hammer, Light
Swaying Parasol, para-para-pi-po-pa
If you copy Mike, cover your ears
Run through Vegetable Valley
Advance through Ice Cream Island
It's a Bonus Stage challenge
Quick Draw, don't blink (Dedede)
Stock up and attack at once (Dedede)
Everyone's waiting, Kirby

Burning, Needle, Cutter, Throw
Stone and Spark, Bounder's got nothing
Rolling Ball lets you bounce around
If you copy Sleep, it's useless
Run through Butter Building
Aim for the distant Orange Ocean
Carelessly jumped into an Arena
Want to leave, can't leave, have to fight (Dedede)
Lets try the "Goal Game" (Dedede)
It's not over yet, Kirby


ゆめのリボン そっとほどこう


きみ未来みらいに ふわり


かぜふるえる ゆめ


Yume no ribon sotto hodokou

Ōrora no tento no naka
Fushigina yoru ga hajimaru

Hoshi no būke o ageru
Kimi no mirai ni fuwari
Hanabira ga furu yō ni

Orenji no bēru no naka
Hisoka ni asa wa hajimaru

Boku no yūki o ageru
Kaze ni furueru yume ni
Hohoemi ga furu yō ni

Yubikiri o shite

Let's untie the ribbon of dreams

In the tent of auroras
The mysterious night begins

I'll give you a bouquet of stars
In your future, softly
When the petals fall
Cast a spell

In the veil of orange
The morning secretly begins

I'll give you my courage
In this shivering dream
When your smile falls

Pinky promise

Let's Make a Cocktail![edit]

おおきなグラスをして いずみあらいましょう
マキシムトマト うすくスライス 元気げんきドリンク ベースにそそいで
ペパーミントのうみって さっきのお日様ひさま かべます
真夏まなつかおりがする カクテルの出来上できあがり!

なリンゴもらい ジュースをつくりましょう
ハンマー れて 無敵むてきのキャンディをくだいて
グラスのそこれておきます キラキラぼしのエッセンスくわ
リンゴジュースをそそいでから ワープスターうえかざります
ねがいがみんなかなう カクテルの出来上できあがり!

Ōkina gurasu o dashite izumi de araimashou
Orenji no ohisama wa "furīzu" de shābetto ni shite
Makishimutomato usuku suraisu genki dorinku bēsu ni sosoide
Pepāminto no umi de watte sakki no ohisama ukabemasu
Sutāroddo de sotto ni san-kai kakimazete
Manatsu no kaori ga suru kakuteru no dekiagari!

Makkana ringo morai jūsu o tsukurimashou
Hanmā te ni irete muteki no kyandi o kudaite
Gurasu no soko ni irete okimasu Kirakira-boshi no essensu kuwae
Ringojūsu o sosoide kara Wāpusutā ue ni kazarimasu
Chīsana koe de sotto pupupu to jumon itte
Negai ga min'na kanau kakuteru no dekiagari!

Take out a big glass and wash it in the fountain
Take the orange sun and "Freeze" it with sherbet
Add thinly-sliced Maxim Tomato to an Energy Drink base
Dilute it in a sea of peppermint and let it float in the sun for a while
With the Star Rod, gently stir it a couple of times
When it smells like midsummer, the cocktail is ready!

Make some juice out of bright red apples
Take a Hammer and crush some Invincible Candy
Add the essence of Sparkling Stars and let them sink to the bottom
After pouring in the apple juice, put a Warp Star on top
In a soft voice, say "Pupupu"
Everyone's wishes came true, the cocktail is ready!

Eternal Keynote[edit]

ほら 木漏こもさえ 微笑ほほえんでいる
うみ見下みおろす おか寝転ねころべば
ルルル くちずさんでる
両手りょうてひろげて きしめるそら

ほら そそぐよ ひかりのシャワー
朝露あさつゆはキラリ パールにわる
ルルル 不思議ふしぎこえ
わすれてた笑顔えがお もどってくるよ

ほら 木漏こもさえ 微笑ほほえんでいる

Hora komorebi sae hohoendeiru
Hoho naderu kaze ni koeda ga odoru
Umi o miorosu oka ni nekorobeba
Shiosai ga merodī o
Rururu kuchizusan deru
Ryōte o hirogete dakishimeru sora
Natsukashī koe o omoidashita yo

Hora furisosogu yo hikari no shawā
Asatsuyu wa kirari pāru ni kawaru
Tenohira ni uke umi ni kaeshitara
Nami ga yasashiku utau
Rururu fushigina koe de
Kokoro no tobira o hirai miyou
Wasureteta egao modotte kuru yo

Hora komorebi sae hohoendeiru
Hoho naderu kaze ni koeda ga odoru

Look, even the sunbeams are smiling
In the wind, kissing your cheeks, tree branches dance
If you lie down on a hill overlooking the sea
The tide makes a melody
Ru-ru-ru, humming to itself
Open your arms, embrace the sky
And remember that nostalgic voice

Look, it's a pouring shower of light
The gleaming morning dew turns into pearls
If you hold them in your palms as you return to the sea
The waves sing gently
Ru-ru-ru, with a mysterious voice
Open the door to your heart
And that forgotten smile will return

Look, even the sunbeams are smiling
In the wind, kissing your cheeks, tree branches dance

Starlight Adventure[edit]

Come on, Kirby!
Welcome to Starlight Adventure!
Ready? Go!

ほし飛沫しぶき あげながら
ときのゴンドラ すべ
一秒先いちびょうさきさえ えないけど
パワーをください きらきらぼし
まれたての トキメキで
ページめくって すすもうよ!

つきのしずく せば
あいのオーラに まもられる
星屑ほしくずかきわけ すすさき
貴方あなたがいるから 大丈夫だいじょうぶさ!

Come on, Kirby!
Welcome to Starlight Adventure!
Ready? Go!

Hoshi no shibuki agenagara
Toki no gondora suberidasu
Ichi-byō-saki sae mienaikedo
Pawā o kudasai kirakira-boshi!
Umaretate no tokimeki de
Pēji mekutte susumou yo!

Tsuki no shizuku nomihoseba
Ai no ōra ni mamora reru
Hoshikuzu kakiwake susumu saki mo
Anata ga irukara daijōbu-sa!
Onaji yume o miteitai
Tōi mirai no hate made mo!

Come on, Kirby!
Welcome to Starlight Adventure!
Ready? Go!

While the splashing stars roll in
The gondola of time begins to slide
I can't see one second ahead
Give me power, Sparkling Stars!
With newborn excitement
Let's turn the page and proceed!

If you drink up the moon droplets
You'll be protected by an aura of love
Wading through stardust on our way forward
With you, I'll be okay!
I want to share dreams with you
Until the end of time!

Good Night, Kirby[edit]

だれもが いつかは かりえるから
ハッピーエンドを カービィ うたおうよ
Good night

そらこうから あたらしいゆめ
むかえにるまで カービィ うたおうよ
かがやいた明日あしたを つれてくる言葉ことば
Good night

Good night

Daremoga itsuka wa wakari aerukara
Happīendo o Kābyi utaou yo
Ai wa mō todoku hitomi tojitanara
Good night

Sora no mukō kara atarashī yume ga
Mukae ni kuru made Kābyi utaou yo
Kagayaita ashita o tsuretekuru kotoba
Good night

Ai wa mō todoku hitomi tojitanara
Good night

Because everyone will understand each other someday
For the happy ending, Kirby, let's sing
My love has arrived, just close your eyes
Good night

From beyond the sky comes a new dream
Until we meet again, Kirby, let's sing
Take these words for the bright tomorrow
Good night

My love has arrived, just close your eyes
Good night


  • The eight vocal tracks are in stereo, while the NES tracks are in mono, as the system did not support stereo output.
  • The name of the Star Rod Magical Orchestra is a play on Yellow Magic Orchestra, a Japanese synth-pop supergroup that was hugely popular and influential in their home country; band member Ryuichi Sakamoto was additionally an influence on Kirby's Adventure lead composer Hirokazu Ando. The album released one year after a brief reunion by the band.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ほしのカービィ~ゆめいずみ物語ものがたり
Hoshi no Kābyi ~Yume no Izumi no Monogatari~
Kirby of the Stars ~The Story of the Fountain of Dreams~
This is the Japanese name of Kirby's Adventure.