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Dangerous Dinner - Stage 4

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Dangerous Dinner - Stage 4
KRtDL Landia split up screenshot.png
Kirby battling Landia after the dragon has split into four.
Level Dangerous Dinner
Energy Sphere(s) N/A
Boss(es) Landia
Stage order
Dangerous Dinner - Stage 3 Another Dimension
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Dangerous Dinner - Stage 4 is the boss stage of Dangerous Dinner in Kirby's Return to Dream Land. It is the final stage of Dangerous Dinner and the seventh boss stage of the game, where Landia is fought. Completing this stage allows Kirby to move on to Another Dimension after being betrayed by Magolor.


Main article: Landia

Prior to the boss fight, Kirby traverses an area along the slope of a volcano, passing over a bridge which holds several different Copy Essences. From here, the door can be found inside a caldera, which leads to the boss arena situated in a giant lake of lava, though this lava is outside the field of play and does not pose a threat to Kirby.

Landia appears from the sky and gives a couple aggressive roars to signify the start of the battle (turning purple in the Extra Mode). The four-headed dragon has a number of different attack methods in the first phase, including breathing fire as various forms of projectiles, swooping at Kirby, creating sharp gusts of wind using his wings, or swiping with these wings. During the second phase, Landia splits into four separate dragons and attacks all at once, charging at Kirby, shooting fireballs, and charging energy between his bodies as he flies around. One or the more notable attacks involves Landia batting a giant fireball between his bodies as they fly across the arena. Landia can also re-merge into one to use his old attacks.

Once defeated, Landia is broken into four and collapses onto the ground.

Enemies, Mid-Bosses and Abilities[edit]

Regular Enemies Boss




Video Walkthrough[edit]

No damage fight against Landia.
No damage fight against Landia EX.