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Artwork from Kirby: Planet Robobot
Debut Game Kirby: Planet Robobot
Last Game Kirby Battle Royale
Other Game(s) Team Kirby Clash Deluxe
(as Doctor Healmore)
Type(s) Unlimited use
Obtained from Chemitory;
amiibo: Dr. Mario, Wii Fit Trainer.
Power(s) Performs attacks related to medicine and doctors
Comparable to Dr. Mario
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Doctor is a Copy Ability introduced in the game Kirby: Planet Robobot. Kirby can obtain this ability by inhaling and swallowing Chemitory, the capsule-shaped dispensary enemy, or by swallowing the pills it throws at Kirby. When acquiring this ability, Kirby sports a white coat, a headlamp, and a pair of round blue glasses.

Kirby gains a variety of attacks when developing this ability. His primary attack involves throwing pills at enemies, in a similar vain to Dr. Mario from Super Smash Bros. games. He also gains a bandage twirling ability, can hit enemies with a giant clipboard, can fire upward with a syringe, and brew chemical concoctions.

Perhaps the most unique aspect of this ability is the Science Lab move, which allows Kirby to create one of four chemical concoctions. One is a fire potion, which spouts a powerful flame. Another is an ice potion that freezes enemies above Kirby. The third is a Beam concoction that fires several small electric projectiles in a fountain-like manner. The last, and by far the rarest (unavailable in some modes), is a green concoction that Kirby drinks to recover Vitality. All three of the offensive brews can be used on their respective elemental puzzles, making this ability very versatile. Kirby will automatically use the concoction once he is done brewing it, or he can Guard or jump before releasing to store it for later use.


Doctor's Moveset in Kirby: Planet Robobot
(while facing right)  
Skill Button Execution Description
Bouncing Capsule
Press and release B
Kirby throws a small capsule that bounces on the ground twice before disappearing.
Pill Bopper
Press and hold B, and then release
Kirby throws five capsules (2 behind and 3 in front) to act as crowd control.
Science Lab
↓ + hold B extra long, and then release
Kirby uses a chemistry kit to make one out of the four potions. Each has their own abilities:
  • Fire - Kirby holds the potion over himself as it launches a blast of fire that decimates enemies.
  • Ice - Kirby holds the potion over himself as it launces a blast of ice that freezes enemies in contact.
  • Spark - Kirby holds the potion over himself as it launches 6 balls of electricity around him.
  • Heal - Unlike the first three, Kirby drinks the potion to restore the same amount of stamina as an Energy Drink would.
Research Vault
A/Guard during Science Lab
Kirby stores the potion for later use.
Spray Medicine
↑ + B
Kirby sprays a mysterious liquid above himself, creating a barrier similar to that of the Prism Shield.
Bandage Spin
Dash + release B in midair
Kirby twirls bandages around himself as he falls.
This resembles Dr. Mario's Down Smash - Dr. Tornado from Super Smash Bros series.
Dash + hold B in midair
Kirby chucks out three capsules out of a jar in front of him. The jar also has a hitbox.
Therefore, 'Pharmacy' can land up to 4 hits (jar+3 capsules) when close to an enemy, making it a preferred move in boss battle.
Clipboard Bash
Dash + B
Kirby charges through enemies with a clipboard, becoming invincible during the attack.
Doctor's Moveset in Kirby Battle Royale  
Skill Button Execution Skill Button Execution
Bouncing Capsule
Hold/release B (third phase)
Flash Spark
Hold/release B (first phase)
Clipboard Bash
Sleeping Gas
Hold/release B (second phase)


  • This is the most elaborate costume that Kirby can acquire from a Copy Ability thus far, featuring three distinct articles.
  • If the B button is released before Kirby is finished brewing a concoction in Science Lab, the set will blow up in his face, leaving him covered in soot for a few seconds. This explosion will also damage enemies.
  • This is the first Copy Ability in the series to have a healing move, though it is unavailable in The Arena and The True Arena.