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Magolor Soul, a final boss.

A boss is a distinguished enemy, usually very strong in comparison to others, that is faced at the end of a level. Bosses come in many shapes and sizes, but they all have the following things in common:

  • They are fought in a distinctive area, which cannot be left until the boss is defeated or Kirby loses the fight (in some cases, even a life loss won't let Kirby escape).
  • They take many hits to defeat, and their health bar is usually displayed to the player during the fight.
  • They cannot be inhaled by Kirby (one exception exists), but can be harmed in other ways.
    • In most cases, they have attacks which will either drop debris that Kirby can spit back at them, or cause Recoil Stars to appear where they attack.
  • Defeating them either completes the particular level they are featured in (or completes the game if they were a final boss) or leads directly into another boss fight afterward (except for Zan Partizanne and bosses in The Great Cave Offensive).
  • Bosses typically have many different attacks they use in a random or not-so-random pattern. Some bosses enter different attack phases when their health reaches a certain threshold.
  • With some bosses there are two or many phases to go through. These are completed in succession and are somewhat more difficult than most bosses. These include " soul " bosses such as Drawcia Soul and Magolor Soul.
  • There is typically a special sound effect which plays when a boss is defeated. This sound is distinct from the Mid-Boss version.

Enemies that possess some, but not all of these traits are usually considered Mid-Bosses, and are usually not as powerful.

Game appearances[edit]

Boss fights have been a staple of the Kirby series since the very first game, and have appeared in nearly every subsequent entry. Below are listed every single major boss under their respective games, in order of appearance, as well as any other pertinent notes:

Kirby's Dream Land[edit]

Name Appearance Location Points Health Description
Whispy Woods KDL Whispy Woods sprite.png Green Greens 10000 6 This large tree does not move, but blows Air Bullets at Kirby as well as dropping Apples from his canopy, which are worth 400 points and can be spat back at him. Unlike in most later games featuring the boss, getting close to Whispy does not harm Kirby.

In the Extra Game, Whispy Woods drops Gordos in addition to apples, which bounce along the ground until moving off the screen.

Lololo & Lalala KDL Lololo sprite.png KDL Lalala sprite.png Castle Lololo 16500 3 each Lololo & Lalala appear from one of the four doors at each side of the boss room, pushing boxes, which are worth 400 points, across one of the four ledges and disappearing into the door at the opposite side. To defeat them, Kirby must inhale their boxes and spit them back. Each of the two can be defeated separately. If one is defeated while pushing a box, the box will still move as if the boss was still there.

The duo walks faster in the Extra Game, and may push Gordos.

Kaboola KDL Kaboola sprite.png Float Islands 20000 40 (displayed as 8) Using the Mint Leaf, Kirby has to fight this blimp while flying through the sky. She attacks Kirby from the right side of the screen by launching cannonballs from the cannon attached to her, alternating between firing a single one, three consecutively or three at the same time, two of which fly diagonally. She may also charge forward in an attempt to ram Kirby.

She moves faster and shoots more rapidly in the Extra Game.

Kracko KDL Kracko sprite.png Bubbly Clouds 25000 6 An adult form of Kracko Jr., this spiky cloud floats through the room or swoops at Kirby, stopping at the sides of the area to fire beams all around itself and create Waddle Doos. The latter have to be inhaled and spat back at it to beat it.

Its attack pattern changes drastically in the Extra Game; here, it can either charge along the ground, fire beams from the center of the screen or move along the top, dropping bombs that are worth 20 points and can be spat back.

King Dedede KDL King Dedede sprite.png Mt. Dedede 100000 10 As the game's final boss, King Dedede possesses a wider range of attacks than the bosses fought prior to him. He may attempt to pounce on Kirby, hit him with his hammer or inhale him, spitting him out again to cause damage. He is also able to jump into the air, harming Kirby if he lands on him. Both his jumping and hammer attacks generate stars, which Kirby has to use as ammunition to defeat him. When Kirby is above him, Dedede is furthermore able to jump straight into the air and swing his hammer; this attack does not make any stars appear.

In the Extra Game, he moves faster, as well as jumping further and more often.

Kirby's Dream Land was also the first game to introduce the idea of an Extra Game, wherein the bosses were made harder in certain respects, among other changes.

Kirby's Adventure / Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land[edit]

Name Appearance Location Copy Abilities Description
Whispy Woods KNiDL Whispy Woods battle.png Vegetable Valley - Stage 5 None. Whispy fights in a similar manner to his appearance in Kirby's Dream Land, doing nothing but dropping Apples and shooting Air Bullets from his mouth.
Paint Roller KNiDL Paint Roller battle.png Ice Cream Island - Stage 6 Ball, Crash, Mike, Parasol, Spark, Wheel (various implements) A small ball-shaped creature with stick arms and legs, wearing a hat and roller blades, and carrying a crayon. He rolls around the arena, drawing things on one of four canvases which then come to life and attack Kirby. These can be swallowed for various Copy Abilities or spat back.
Mr. Shine & Mr. Bright KNiDL Mr Shine Mr Bright battle.png Butter Building - Stage 7 None. Anthropomorphized versions of the sun and moon who attack in tag-team format. Kirby has to deal with one on the ground while the other hangs in the air, dodging and parrying both of their attacks. Defeating one of them will force that one to remain in the sky until the other is also defeated.
Kracko KNiDL Kracko battle.png Grape Garden - Stage 7 Hi-Jump (from Starmen summoned) This cloudy eyeball begins the fight by chasing Kirby in its Junior form, then transforms into its regular form at the top of a series of cloud layers. It fights by shooting out beams from its eye, swooping around the stage, and shooting lighting below itself. It also sometimes drops Starmen, which can be spat back at it or swallowed for the Hi-Jump ability.
Heavy Mole KNiDL Heavy Mole battle.png Yogurt Yard - Stage 7 Hammer (yellow Dygclops), Sleep (red Dygclops) A large machine with two digging arms that continuously digs a tunnel to the right. Kirby has to chase it while the boss shoots out Dygclops of two varieties from behind.
Meta Knight KNiDL Meta Knight battle.png Orange Ocean - Stage 7 Sword (required) The first appearance of the masked swordsman. He tosses Kirby a sword, and will not fight until Kirby picks it up. From there, the two engage in a sword duel, where Meta Knight reacts to Kirby's movements, and attacks using several different sword techniques. When defeated, his mask breaks, and he flees the scene.
King Dedede KNiDL King Dedede battle.png Rainbow Resort - Stage 7 None. King Dedede fights in a similar manner to his appearance in Kirby's Dream Land, though he has some new moves, including the ability to puff up and chase Kirby through the air. Older moves include his hammer swings, his Super Dedede Jump, and his inhale attack.
Nightmare KNiDL Nightmare battle.png The Fountain of Dreams Star Rod Kirby fights this menace in two phases using the Star Rod. The first is a chase through the sky as Kirby fires at the Nightmare Power Orb. However, both Kirby and the Nightmare Power Orb are falling from the sky in this phase, so the player doesn't have much time to defeat the Nightmare Power Orb. If Kirby takes too long, The Nightmare Power Orb will fly away and Kirby will hit the ground hard and lose a life. After that, the battle changes location to a large moon, where Kirby battles Nightmare in his wizard form. To damage Nightmare in this form, Kirby must hit his torso underneath the cloak. Defeating this boss completes the game.

This game was the first in the series to feature a Boss Endurance mode, which pitted Kirby against all the bosses in order on one Stamina bar and one life.

Kirby's Pinball Land[edit]

Kirby's Pinball Land contains four bosses. The first three are found at the end of their respective 'lands', and the final boss is faced after the first three are defeated:

Boss Location KP
KPL Wispy-Woods Land Boss.png
Whispy Woods
Wispy-Woods Land 8
KPL Kracko Land Boss 2.png
Kracko Land 8 (4 for each phase)
KPL Poppy Brothers' Land Boss.png
Poppy Bros. Sr.
Poppy Brothers' Land 6 (3 for each phase)
KPL Dedede.png
King Dedede
King Dedede's board 23 (5 for the first phase; 18 for the second phase)

Once King Dedede is defeated, the game repeats.

Kirby's Dream Land 2[edit]

Name Appearance Level Points Description
Whispy Woods KDL2 Whispy Woods sprite.png Grass Land 10000 A staple boss of the Kirby series, this large tree is stationary and drops apples on Kirby, which are worth 100 points and can be inhaled and spat back, as well as attacking with his spiky roots. He initially wears a surgical mask and swirly glasses, but a few hits cause them to fall off, enabling him to blow air at Kirby in addition to his other abilities.

His Bonus Chance has him spitting small stars and apples at Kirby.

Nruff and Nelly KDL2 Nruff and Nelly sprite.png Big Forest 15000 Nruff, a large boar with spiky fur, and several Nellys, smaller boars worth 200 points each, continuously appear from both sides of the screen during the battle, running and jumping across the room's ledges. Kirby can only cause permanent damage to the boss by attacking Nruff, either by inhaling the Nellys for ammunition or using a Copy Ability.

This boss's bonus chance consists of Nellys and small stars appearing from the sides of the screen and moving along the ledges; Nruff does not appear during it.

Sweet Stuff KDL2 Sweet Stuff sprite.png Ripple Field 20000 This large anglerfish is fought in a scrolling underwater area and either charges at Kirby or fires lasers at him. To harm it, Kirby either has to blow bubbles at it or launch the starfish and Squishys it can summon back at it, either by hitting them with his water gun or inhaling them and spitting them out using Kine. Every object knocked back at the fish awards Kirby with an additional 100 points.

Sweet Stuff is absent from its bonus chance, which instead requires Kirby to dodge Gordos in the water while collecting small stars.

Ice Dragon KDL2 Ice Dragon sprite.png Iceberg 25000 A large dragon that uses its tails to propel itself forward and into the air. Ice Dragon attempts to freeze Kirby with its breath, kicks icy spikes at him or slams onto the ground to make Icicles, which yield 100 points, fall down.

Ice Dragon does not appear in its bonus chance, which requires Kirby to dodge the Icicles falling from above while catching small stars.

Mr. Shine & Mr. Bright KDL2 Mr Shine and Mr Bright sprite.png Red Canyon 30000 An anthropomorphic sun and moon that take turns fighting Kirby, with one of them being on the ground and vulnerable and the other floating in the sky, invincible. When Mr. Shine, the moon, is on the ground, he rolls around and throws cutter boomerangs while Mr. Bright sends down beams from above, which generate Recoil Stars. When Mr. Bright is on the ground, he attacks Kirby with fire or by charging at Kirby while Mr. Bright causes stars to fall down, which can likewise be inhaled. Sometimes, the two combine to cause an eclipse, automatically harming Kirby unless he moves into a particular, dark area before the attack finishes.

During their bonus chance, Mr. Shine bounces around while Mr. Bright, floating at the top, sends dangerous bullets as well as small stars downwards.

Kracko KDL2 Kracko sprite 1.png

KDL2 Kracko sprite 2.png
Cloudy Park 10000 (1st form)
30000 (2nd form)
Kracko begins the fight as not much more than an eyeball, resembling Kracko Jr.. During this phase, it alternates between moving inside the cloud platform at the bottom, from where it can fire beams, and flying through the air while four small orbs circle around it, trying to bump into Kirby and eventually sending its spheres at him. Every time it moves into or out of the cloud, a Co-Kracko emerges, which yields 100 points and can be inhaled and spat back. Once this form is defeated, Kracko refills its life meter and assumes its usual form of a one-eyed cloud surrounded by spikes. In this second phase of the battle, it flies through the air, firing beams in various directions as well as releasing more Co-Krackos.

Its bonus chance involves Co-Krackos and small stars popping out of the cloud at the bottom.

King Dedede KDL2 King Dedede sprite.png Dark Castle 100000 King Dedede the penguin is the last boss Kirby can fight without collecting the Rainbow Drops. Like in other games, he attacks Kirby with his hammer, as well as by performing large jumps and trying to land on him. Both of these attacks generate stars that Kirby can inhale and spit back at him. He also attempts to inhale Kirby, spitting him out again and causing damage if he is successful. At some points during the battle, he briefly falls asleep. Multiple consecutive hits dealt to him cause him to get angry, making his attacks faster and more powerful, often causing harmful explosions. Defeating him without possessing the Rainbow Drops triggers the game's false ending.

King Dedede has no bonus chance; he can be refought at any time.

Dark Matter (1st phase) KDL2 Dark Matter sprite 1.png Dark Castle 50000 When Kirby defeats King Dedede after collecting all of the Rainbow Drops, he receives the Rainbow Sword and has to face Dark Matter in the sky. In his first form, Dark Matter wears a cloak and mask and wields a sword. He floats up and down at one side of the screen, occasionally slashing with his sword or firing beams from it, as well as dashing towards the other side of the screen. He is also able to concentrate dark energy at the tip of his sword, firing it at Kirby in the form of a sphere. Kirby can knock this sphere back at him with the Rainbow Sword for 200 extra points, which causes a significantly higher amount of damage than simply slashing at the boss. At some points during the battle, Dark Matter switches from one side of the screen to the other.
Dark Matter (2nd phase) KDL2 Dark Matter sprite 2.png Dark Castle 200000 After his initial form is defeated, Dark Matter shows his true form, a black sphere with a singular eye surrounded by small orbs. He flies around very quickly, attacking mainly by launching the orbs surrounding him at Kirby, which can be knocked back at him for 400 points and a large amount of damage, as well as firing dark energy projectiles all around him. Furthermore, he is able to cause long bolts of black lightning to appear from his eye, which travel very fast, as well as charging at Kirby. Defeating him triggers the real ending of the game. But be warned, since Kirby fought Dark Matter's first phase in space, the second phase has both Kirby and Dark Matter falling from the sky, so the player doesn't have much time to defeat Dark Matter in this phase... Should Kirby take too long to defeat Dark Matter, Kirby will burn up in Popstar's atmosphere...

Kirby's Block Ball[edit]

Each stage features a distinct boss at the end. They are as follows:

Bosses in Kirby's Block Ball  
Boss Stage HP Description Notes
Stage 1 12 A simple opponent who hops back and forth horizontally. When down to half health, it loses its cap and conjures four smaller Cappies to defend itself. The name of this boss is conjectural.
Stage 2 12 A larger version of Squishy that can catch Kirby and toss him away on occasion. The name of this boss is conjectural.
Stage 3 12 A larger version of Kabu that sits still and shoots out smaller Kabus at Kirby and the paddles.
Stage 4 12 A bomb-throwing foe who hops between three different positions.
Stage 5 6 each Projectile-tossing celestial objects that must be defeated one after the other.
Stage 6 12 An overalls-wearing walrus who takes cover behind icy barriers and rolls around horizontally. He can also catch Kirby and toss him away on occasion.
Stage 7 4 (Jr.)
8 (Kracko)
A cycloptic storm cloud that can shoot lightning and swoop in figure-8 patterns. He transforms into his mature form after four hits and only takes damage when hit in the eye.
Stage 8 12 A big stationary tree who shoots Air Bullets and drops Gordos from his canopy. His large size makes him an easy target for Kirby.
Stage 9 12 A blimp enemy who fires at the paddles using her cannons while moving around the arena in a figure-8 pattern.
Stage 10 12 A small circular creature with disembodied hands who occupies a robot suit. It jumps between three platforms and shoots its hands out as bombs toward the paddles. This is the last boss fight if the player has not met the Border Line Score on all the stages up to this point.
Stage 11 24 Kirby's arch-frenemy who attacks using bombs, flying around the arena and occasionally eating Kirby to spit him back out again, and later on with a rocket launcher. Completing this fight triggers the end credits.

Kirby Super Star / Kirby Super Star Ultra[edit]

(Acronyms: SB=Spring Breeze, DB=Dyna Blade, TGCO=The Great Cave Offensive, RoMK=Revenge of Meta Knight, MWW=Milky Way Wishes, TA=The Arena, RotK=Revenge of the King, HtH=Helper to Hero, MNU=Meta Knightmare Ultra, TTA=The True Arena. RotK, HtH, MNU, and TTA are only available in Kirby Super Star Ultra.)

Name Appearance Copy Abilities Description SB DB TGCO RoMK MWW TA RotK HtH MNU TTA
Whispy Woods WhispySSU.png None A true icon of the Kirby series that attacks simply by puffing small air pellets or dropping apples. 1Yes 3No 3No 1Yes 3No 1Yes 3No 1Yes 1Yes 3No
Lololo & Lalala LolaSSU.png None The pink-and-blue duo from the Eggerland series returns as a boss. They cannot attack themselves, and instead come out of one of six doors to push a box, which can be inhaled to be used as ammo. Sometimes Gordo comes out of a door. Each of them has separate health. 1Yes 3No 3No 3No 3No 1Yes 3No 1Yes 1Yes 3No
Kracko KrackoSSU.png Beam A cloud with one eye. He attacks by firing lightning towards the ground near Kirby, swinging two beams of lightning around him, swooping across the stage, and creating Waddle Doos. He is the penultimate boss of Spring Breeze. 1Yes 3No 3No 3No 1Yes 1Yes 3No 1Yes 1Yes 3No
King Dedede KingdededeSSU.png None The king of Dream Land fights mainly with his hammer, but also will try to inhale, body-slam, or jump on Kirby. In Revenge of the King, he is fought in his more powerful form Masked Dedede. 1Yes 3No 3No 3No 3No 1Yes 3No 1Yes 1Yes 3No
Dyna Blade DynabladeSSU.png None The giant bird known as Dyna Blade can grab Kirby or his helper in her talons, shoot fireballs, and fly around the stage. 3No 1Yes 3No 3No 3No 1Yes 3No 1Yes 1Yes 3No
Fatty Whale FattywhaleSSU.png Stone Fatty Whale jumps and floats across the stage in an attempt to hit Kirby, and can make a waterfall come out of his blowhole, making rocks (which give Stone ability) and Blippers fall down. 3No 3No 1Yes 3No 1Yes 1Yes 3No 1Yes 1Yes 3No
Computer Virus ComputervirusSSU.png Various This unique boss makes Kirby battle three enemies in an RPG-like (turn-based) battle. When it is the enemy's turn to attack, it sits in a box invincible. When it is Kirby's turn, the enemy falls to the ground and is helpless against his attacks. In The Great Cave Offensive, Kirby fights a Slime, Puppet, and Wizard. In later battles, he fights a Wizard, an Evil Knight, and a Great Dragon. During battle, Copy Essences can appear on the sides of the screen for Kirby to pick up. 3No 3No 1Yes 3No 1Yes 1Yes 3No 1Yes 1Yes 3No
Chameleo Arm ChameleoarmSSU.png Paint A chameleon who can eat Kirby, grab onto walls with its long arms, turn invisible, and shoot orbs from its mouth that can be eaten to get the Paint ability. It is one of the few bosses to give the paint ability, the others being Heavy Lobster and Marx Soul. He is also the only boss in The Great Cave Offensive that is optional. 3No 3No 1Yes 3No 1Yes 1Yes 3No 1Yes 1Yes 3No
Wham Bam Rock WhambamrockSSU.png Stone Wham Bam Rock's appearance changed drastically from Kirby Super Star. He still has pounding, slapping, and grabbing attacks, but looks more like a rock and less cartoon-like. 3No 3No 1Yes 3No 1Yes 1Yes 3No 3No 1Yes 3No
Twin Woods Twin Woods KSSU preview sprite.png None Two Whispy Woods that face each other. They both blow air, and can drop apples, bugs and Gordos together. They can also, strangely, trade parts of themselves with each other. Each of them must be defeated separately. 3No 3No 3No 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 3No 1Yes 1Yes 3No
Main Cannon #2 KSSU Main Cannon 2 Boss Picture.png Bomb A large cannon which can be found on the Halberd. It has three parts; a large cannon that aims and fires cannonballs, a robotic arm that can drop bombs or grab Kirby, and a laser gun near the bottom that can cover the whole floor with a dangerous beam of light. The robotic arm can be temporarily destroyed; the laser gun takes a while, but can be destroyed, and the only one that has actual health is the cannon itself. Helpers often attack the laser gun, which makes the battle easier once destroyed. 3No 3No 3No 1Yes 3No 1Yes 3No 3No 1Yes 3No
Heavy Lobster HeavylobsterSSU.png Paint A metal crustacean that shoots flames, mini-lobsters, and paint blobs from its claws, as well as being able to walk, run and dash. 3No 3No 3No 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 3No 1Yes 1Yes 3No
Reactor Reactor.png None The main reactor of the Halberd that is nearly invincible. The only thing that can hurt it is to make one of its lasers reflect back its main crystal, as Sailor Waddle Dee mentions before the fight. It attacks with flames from the ground and a small cannon that doesn't target Kirby. Like Main Cannon #2's laser gun, this cannon can be destroyed, but it doesn't hurt the reactor. 3No 3No 3No 1Yes 3No 1Yes 3No 3No 1Yes 3No
Meta Knight MetaknightSSU.png Sword In the beginning of battle, Meta Knight sits on a platform with his cape over his face. After Kirby grabs the sword given to him, or takes too long to do so, Meta Knight jumps down and starts attacking with various sword and tornado attacks. After his defeat, his mask breaks and he escapes from the room. In Revenge of Meta Knight, he chases Kirby off of the Halberd. In Meta Knightmare Ultra, Meta Knight is a movable protagonist, and plays similar to a combination of Sword Kirby and Wing Kirby. 3No 3No 3No 1Yes 3No 1Yes 3No 1Yes 3No 3No
Galactic Nova Nucleus KSSU Galactic Nova Nucleus.png Starship The heart of Nova, which Kirby must destroy to disable the giant comet. The fight consists of a flight through a looping circular arena, and Kirby must shoot down all the pieces inside the columns, while avoiding colliding with them. It is the penultimate boss of Milky Way Wishes. 3No 3No 3No 3No 1Yes 1Yes 3No 3No 3No 3No
Marx MarxSSU.png Cutter, Ice The demon Marx is the final boss of the original, but now Marx Soul is fought at the end of the game. He attacks with many bizarre attacks, such as shooting a white laser out of his mouth, splitting in two to create a black hole, and teleporting to random spots on-screen. 3No 3No 3No 3No 1Yes 1Yes 3No 3No 3No 3No
Whispy's Revenge WhispyrevengeSSU.png None Whispy Woods sporting purple leaves and dropping Gordos and large bugs, as well as blowing tornadoes instead of just puffs of air. 3No 3No 3No 3No 3No 3No 1Yes 3No 3No 1Yes
Lololo & Lalala's Revenge LolarevengeSSU.png None These two are now purple and orange, and their room has eight doors. Gordo appears more often, and the two move faster. 3No 3No 3No 3No 3No 3No 1Yes 3No 3No 1Yes
Kracko's Revenge KrackorevengeSSU.png Beam A stronger (and more intimidating) version of Kracko. He shares lightning and swooping attacks with his weaker cousin, and can also create Waddle Doos, but his attacks have a wider range. He can also fly towards the center of the screen and shoot large bolts in all 8 directions. 3No 3No 3No 3No 3No 3No 1Yes 3No 3No 1Yes
Kabula KabulaSSU.png Starship King Dedede's blimp that is fought while in Kirby's Starship. She fires Gordos, cannonballs, and Bullet Bill-like projectiles, as well as barrel-rolling towards Kirby. 3No 3No 3No 3No 3No 3No 1Yes 3No 3No 1Yes
Masked Dedede MaskeddededeSSU.png Hammer King Dedede wearing a mask and using his "new Dedede Hammer", which is mechanical. His attacks have a larger range, and he has some new attacks regarding his powerful hammer, such as spinning around and targeting Kirby for a period of time or shooting missles and flames from the front of his hammer. He provides Kirby with a hammer of his own at the start of the fight. 3No 3No 3No 3No 3No 3No 1Yes 3No 3No 1Yes
Wham Bam Jewel WhambamjewelSSU.png Stone, Bomb The "Wham Bam King" with three eyes, a crown, and diamond hands. He attacks like Wham Bam Rock, punching and slapping with his hands, as well as shooting bullets from his hands and dropping bombs, which look like his face. 3No 3No 3No 3No 3No 3No 3No 1Yes 3No 1Yes
Galacta Knight GalactaknightSSU.png Sword This legendary warrior attacks in a similar manner to Meta Knight, creating tornadoes, beams, and more with the power of his lance and shield. He can also do unique moves, such as creating flames from the ground or calling in Meta-Knights of his very own. He is the final boss of the game Meta Knightmare Ultra and the penultimate boss of The True Arena. 3No 3No 3No 3No 3No 3No 3No 3No 1Yes 1Yes
Marx Soul MarxsoulSSU.png Cutter, Ice, Paint The final boss who appears only in the True Arena. He is Marx's soul after absorbing the power of Nova. He has a much creeper demeanor, especially his laugh, and his attacks are even more strange, such as splitting into two large blobs of paint that move across the screen. Marx Soul provides the paint ability, although it has no special effect on him other than making him lose some health. After defeating him, he lets out a bloodcurdling screech. 3No 3No 3No 3No 3No 3No 3No 3No 3No 1Yes

Kirby Super Star was the first game to introduce The Arena, which pitted Kirby against all the bosses and mid-bosses of the game in a random (at first) order with minimal supplies.

Likewise, Super Star Ultra was the first game in the series to feature The True Arena, which is like The Arena, but features tougher bosses and less items available.

Kirby's Dream Land 3[edit]

Name Appearance Description
Whispy KDL3 B Whispy.png Whispy is a sentient tree and the possessed boss of Grass Land.
He attacks by exhaling air pellets and spitting fruit, and has a pointy nose that can damage Kirby. The fruits he spits out can be inhaled and used as projectiles.
After having his life meter depleted, Whispy begins to move around angrily, spitting more food at Kirby. If Kirby moves to close to him, he will kick him away like a ball.
Acro KDL3 B Acro.png Acro is an orca that lives at Ripple Field and was possessed by Dark Matter. Kirby fights this boss in two phases: A phase on dry land and an underwater phase.
On land, Acro tries to attack Kirby by ramming him. When it crashes into a wall, Kirby can use the debris to attack Acro.
In the second phase, Acro swims around while spitting various objects at Kirby. Kirby can throw these objects back at Acro with his water gun, or another ability.
Pon Con KDL3 B PonCon.png Pon the racoon and Con the fox are two animals of Sand Canyon that got corrupted by Dark Matter. They are later known as Pon & Con in Kirby Star Allies.
They walk around the stage in colonies, accompanied by many smaller members of their species. Kirby can inhale the smaller animals and spit them back at the duo.
While the fight commences, bombs steadily drop from the top of the screen. The bombs need to be avoided, or they will cause Kirby damage.
Notably, the Blaster Bullet only deals 32 damage to Pon & Con.
Ado KDL3 B Ado.png Ado is a young artist who was in Cloudy Park when Dark Matter attacked. The artist attacks by painting enemies on a great easel and making them come to life. Kirby then needs to defeat the paintings before he can take on Ado.
Four of these paintings need to be defeated, all of which are bosses from Kirby's Dream Land 2.
Ice Dragon KDL3 Ice Dragon sprite.png A painted version of Ice Dragon. It attacks by using its breath to move around rapidly and by spitting out ice cubes. The ice cubes can be inhaled and launched back at the beast to defeat it.
Sweet Stuff KDL3 Sweet Stuff sprite.png A painting of Sweet Stuff. It attacks by firing lightning orbs at Kirby. Sometimes it releases a star-shaped object that can be inhaled and spat back at the boss, which will damage it.
Mr. Shine and Mr. Bright KDL3 Mr Shine sprite.png KDL3 Mr Bright sprite.png Mr. Shine the moon, and Mr. Bright the sun, two bosses painted by Ado. During the fight Mr. Bright constantly drops fireballs which can be used as projectiles to defeat the duo.
Kracko KDL3 Kracko sprite.png A painting of a cloud creature, drawn by Ado. It attacks by shooting lightning bolts at Kirby. Sometimes it drops a smaller version of itself, called Co-Kracko. The Co-Krackos can be used to defeat this boss.
King Dedede KDL3 B Dedede.png Kirby's arch-rival who got possessed by Dark Matter. He is fought at the end of Iceberg and attacks in two phases: A battle on the ground and a battle in the air.
When on the ground he tries to smack Kirby with his hammer or flatten him by jumping on him. Some of his attacks leave stars behind that can be inhaled and spat out to damage Dedede.
During the air battle that follows, King Dedede hovers in the air and attacks by transforming his stomach into a maw or by shooting dark orbs from an eye in his belly. The dark orbs can be used to damage him.
Dark Matter KDL3 B DarkMatter.png A manifestation of Dark Matter and the penultimate boss of the game that must be defeated before Kirby can take on the final boss.
It appears like a black orb of dark energy with several orange spheres encircling its back.
It attacks by sending out the orange spheres located at its back and by shooting energy beams at Kirby, similar to its second phase in Kirby's Dream Land 2.
Zero KDL3 B Zero.png The master of Dark Matter and final boss of the game.
Zero looks like a giant white sphere with a single glaring red eye. Its eye can be seen before the boss fight on several occasions, for example during the introduction cutscene.
It attacks by tackling Kirby, creating small manifestations of Dark Matter as projectiles and by squirting blood.
If Kirby manages to deplete its life points, its eye will burst out of the body and try to attack Kirby on its own. To defeat Zero, Kirby must destroy the eye.

Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards[edit]

Name Appearance Level Copy Abilities Description
Whispy Woods K64 Whispy Woods Battle.png Pop Star None. This fight with Whispy takes place on a looping circular stage, with the old tree occupying the middle. Kirby must first defeat his three children, called Whispy Woods Jr., by using the parent tree's Apples to hit them with. Once all three are gone, Whispy becomes furious, and attacks Kirby by shooting out his roots, and tossing out a lot of apples. Kirby must hit the roots to defeat the tree.
Pix K64 Rock Star Stage 5 screenshot 04.png Rock Star None. The first phase of this fight has Kirby dodging the attacks of each Pix crystal as the platform rises into the sky. At the top, Kirby can attack Pix by spitting out constructs of similar color at the crystals to destroy them.
Acro K64 Aqua Star Stage 5 screenshot 01.png Aqua Star Cutter (Fishbone), Bomb (Torpedoes) This fight takes place entirely underwater, as Kirby has to inhale and return objects that Acro spits at him, while avoiding the killer whale's gymnastics. The fight takes place in two separate phases, with a separate Stamina bar for each one.
Magman K64 Neo Star Stage 5 screenshot 01.png Neo Star Burning (Magoo, Burnis) Magman is a giant Sandman, though made of magma. It fights in two phases, first with extending tendrils, then with its full body. It can cause tremors, breathe fire, and spit out smaller foes for Kirby to contend with.
HR-H and HR-E K64 Shiver Star Stage 5 screenshot 01.png Shiver Star Bomb (missiles) A giant robot that can shift form between a humanoid and a lobster shape. It attacks by shooting missiles and attacking with its arms.
Miracle Matter K64 Ripple Star Stage 4 screenshot 01.png Ripple Star All base abilities A polygonal foe with eyes on all of its facets. It continually shifts forms, based on each of the base Copy Abilities that Kirby can use in the game. To defeat it, Kirby has to attack it with the matching ability or spit out an element that appears during the attack to disable that form. Unless all the Crystal Shards were collected, this is the last boss.
K64 Dark Star screenshot 06.png Dark Star Ribbon's Crystal A reincarnated version of Zero that Kirby and Ribbon must team up to defeat. They have to continually shoot crystals into its eye to stun it, then hit the halo to flip it, and attack the green underside to defeat it. Defeating this boss completes the game.

Kirby Tilt 'n' Tumble[edit]

In Kirby Tilt 'n' Tumble, there are only three bosses, though the first two are faced numerous times with variations in each fight. Further variations in the boss fights are present when playing the Extra Game:

Bosses in Kirby Tilt 'n' Tumble  
Boss Level(s) HP Description Notes
Level 1, Level 2, Level 4, Level 5, Level 7 3 A big spherical enemy with a single eye on top that serves as its weak point. There are four different varieties of Orbservor - distinguished by color - which attack in different patterns.
Level 3, Level 6 6 A cycloptic cloud enemy who attacks by filling the arena with Gordos while shooting Co-Krackos and lightning at Kirby. He can be attacked using Air Bullets after picking up the Balloon.
Level 8 10 Kirby's arch-rival and the thief who stole Dream Land's stars. He attacks by swinging his hammer, throwing it like a boomerang, and trying to charge at Kirby. Kirby can attack him by blasting at him with a Cannon while his guard is down.

Kirby & The Amazing Mirror[edit]

Name Appearance Location Description
King Golem
Moonlight Mansion In a similar manner to Whispy Woods, this giant stone column remains in one place while dropping rocks and Gordos on Kirby, the former of which can be inhaled and spat back at it. It is also capable of releasing Golems of different colors from its mouth, which may be used for the same purpose.
Cabbage Cavern A large, gray mole that randomly pops out of one of six holes in the cave it is fought in, tossing various objects at Kirby. Many of these can be inhaled and used to defeat the boss.
KNiDL Kracko sprite.png
Mustard Mountain One of the most fought bosses in the Kirby series, this one-eyed cloud creature employs similar tactics as in other games it appears in, flying across the arena and attacking with beams and rain. It also creates Waddle Doos and Flamers, which can be used as ammunition or swallowed for the Beam or Burning ability, respectively.
Mega Titan
Mega Titan.png
Carrot Castle This large robot boss flies around, launching its four fists at Kirby. To defeat it, Kirby has to use the Beam or Spark ability or push it into the electricity at the sides of the room by using a Copy Ability or the stars generated by its attacks. Once its body is destroyed, its head remains, floating around while firing missiles, which can be inhaled and spat back.
Olive Ocean A blue shark in a lifebuoy that resides in water, charging at Kirby or releasing smaller sharks, which may be inhaled and spat back. Alternatively, squirting at the boss while underwater likewise damages it. If Kirby leaves the water, Gobbler attacks him by leaping out of it.
KaTAM Wiz.png
Peppermint Palace This cloaked magician is fought in a similar manner as Paint Roller in Kirby's Adventure. It flies across the room, stopping in one of its corners, and conjures up different objects or enemies, which Kirby can inhale and spit back at the boss.
KNiDL Meta Knight sprite.png
Radish Ruins This masked swordsman appears to be Meta Knight, but is actually Dark Meta Knight in disguise. He attacks by using various sword fighting techniques, a few of which create stars that may be spat back. Unlike Kirby's fights with Meta Knight in other games, the Sword ability is not provided in this battle.
Master Hand & Crazy Hand
Candy Constellation For this boss battle, the Master Hand Mid-Boss teams up with Crazy Hand from the Super Smash Bros. series, who looks identical to himself. In addition to each of them being able to use the Mid-Boss's abilities, the two gloves may cooperate to perform a clapping attack. Each of the bosses has to be defeated seperately, either by using a Copy Abilitiy or spitting the stars generated by some of their attacks back at them.
Dark Meta Knight
The Mirror Dark Meta Knight returns for a rematch, now unmasked by the real Meta Knight. His attacks are similar to those he uses in the original battle with him, but he attacks more quickly and is able to use new, more powerful abilities, such as creating a tornado that throws Kirby into the air and damages him. He can be defeated by using either a Copy Ability or the stars generated by a few of his attacks.
Dark Mind (phase 1)
The Mirror The first phase of Dark Mind, a large, cloaked figure with a helmet, has to be fought four times in consecution in slightly different arenas, with a short breather segment and the possiblity of acquiring a Maxim Tomato between each battle. He attacks by teleporting around the room and performing a wide repertoire of attacks, most of which involve launching stars at Kirby in different formations, exposing his weak core in the process. To harm him, Kirby has to use the Master ability, which is provided at the beginning of the battle, to attack his core, avoiding the two mirror circling around him. If Kirby loses the ability, he may alternatively inhale Dark Mind's star projectiles and fire them back at him.
Dark Mind (phase 2)
The Mirror Dark Mind's second form resembles a giant ball of fire with a singular eye. He normally floats at the top of the screen, though he occasionally charges across the ground. Many of his attacks involve mirrors, which he causes to fly around the screen, damaging Kirby if he touches them, or to reflect laser beams he shoots. He may also fire a large, powerful beam at Kirby, or flip the entire stage upside-down. In addition, Dark Mind continuously summons various kinds of enemies, including Waddle Doos, Boxins, Sir Kibbles and Laser Balls, which can be used as ammunition or swallowed for their ability, should Kirby lose the Master ability.
Dark Mind (phase 3)
The Mirror The final form of Dark Mind (and the final boss of the game) resembles its second form, but is considerably smaller. It is fought in a similar manner as Nightmare's first form in Kirby's Adventure. Kirby, riding on a Warp Star, has to fire stars at Dark Mind, who flies left and right near the top of the screen and is likewise able to shoot stars in various patterns, as well as charge at Kirby. Even after the boss is defeated, Kirby may continue fighting him while the credits roll, though it is not possible to lose the battle any more at that point. A score is kept for every hit Dark Mind takes, and when the credits end, an extra 30 points is earned.

Kirby: Canvas Curse[edit]

Kirby: Canvas Curse only features two traditional bosses (those being Drawcia and Drawcia Soul), faced at the very end of the main game. There are technically four more bosses (Kracko Jr., Kracko, Paint Roller, and King Dedede) who are faced along the way in scenarios called Boss Games. These games (Block Attack, Paint Panic, and Cart Run) have different gameplay, so they are more akin to Sub-Games.

Kirby: Squeak Squad[edit]

Name Appearance Location Description
King Dedede King Dedede Squeak Squad sprite.png Prism Plains King Dedede is the first boss Kirby has to fight. Unlike the next bosses, King Dedede flinches from each hit, stopping his actions. King Dedede can jump and fly, attempting to run into Kirby. He can also use his hammer to hit Kirby as well. Like in the previous games, King Dedede sports the ability to inhale and spit out Kirby.
Mrs. Moley Mrs Moley SS.png Nature Notch Mrs. Moley is a large, gray mole that apparently bears relations to Moley, the other large gray mole. She sports similar attacks to Moley, such as throwing objects at Kirby. However, there are two holes where she emerges. She can also appear in the background. Once she is in the background, after some time, the glasses in her eyes may shine, and then she makes a big leap. A big shadow appears under Kirby, and Kirby has to dodge Mrs. Moley's body. If her body touches the hard ground, she is stunned for a while. If her body touches one of the two dirt patches, she digs in and resumes her attacks.
Mecha-Kracko Mecha Kracko Squeak.png Cushy Cloud This boss fights very similarly to Kracko. Like Kracko, it can move around to hit Kirby or disperse enemies for Kirby to use as an ability or a projectile. However, after the first set of HP is depleted, Doc is revealed controlling the machine. Then, Mecha-Kracko removes the original stage while Kirby has to keep flying. Mecha-Kracko replaces the stage with a new one, but with gaps, or a smaller one. Then, it can use new attacks, which can let it surround in electricity or attack below it with electricity.
Yadgaine Yadogaine sprite.png Jam Jungle This is the second boss that Doc pilots. Kirby is in a moving screen when fighting this boss. Yadgaine can dig into the ground, throwing out rock fragments that Kirby should dodge. It can also shoot a laser from its mouth. Meanwhile, falling rocks can hurt Kirby, but Kirby can use these rocks to attack Yadgaine if he lacks a Copy Ability. After repeated hits, Yadgaine's claws can break, hindering its ability to dig. When both of its claws are broken, it cannot dig any more. The final part that breaks is its mouth before it gets destroyed.
Bohboh Bohboh SS.png Vocal Volcano Bohboh is a fiery owl-like creature with a tanooki tail. It first appears by flying in the background. One of its attacks include flying around and dropping fire balls which can be used as projectiles. It can also attempt to grab Kirby by charging at him. If it grabs Kirby, it throws Kirby to the lava, hurting Kirby and instantly removing his Copy Ability (due to the lava). If it misses and hits the ground, it is stunned while rocks fall. The rocks can be a hazard, but Kirby can also use these to attack Bohboh. After this, Bohboh flies slowly with its eyes closed, also vulnerable to attack, until its eyes open.
Daroach Daroach Roach SS.png Ice Island Daroach is the leader of the Squeaks. He sports multiple attacks. One of his attacks include using the Triple Star Cane to throw stars that can hurt Kirby, but Kirby can use. He can also throw bombs at Kirby, but it is also another projectile that Kirby can use to hurt Daroach. Daroach can also shoot a small ice beam that can freeze Kirby if it hits. During the boss fight, Daroach can teleport multiple times to avoid getting hit.
Meta Knight KNiDL Meta Knight sprite.png Secret Sea Meta Knight fights like from his previous fights. He can jump from place to place and defend some of Kirby's attacks. His primary form of attacks involve using sword. His attacks produce stars that Kirby can use to hit Meta Knight. He can also create a whirlwind that spans almost throughout the screen that can sweep Kirby and damage him. Meta Knight also has new attacks involving the fire and electric elements. Meta Knight can create an electric field or he can shoot fire blasts with his sword.
Dark Daroach Dark Daroach KSqS sprite.png Gamble Galaxy Dark Daroach is a similar boss fight to Daroach, but he has more powerful attacks. His bombs, which are much larger, create fire pillars when they explode. His ice beam is larger, also, while it creates stars that Kirby can use to throw. The only attack that remains relatively unchanged is his Triple Star Cane.
Dark Nebula DarkZtar N.png
DarkZtar F.png
DarkZtar I.png
DarkZtar E.png
Gamble Galaxy Dark Nebula is the final boss in this game. Before fighting him, Kirby must follow a small black star in a level. At the end, the small black star grows and receives an eye. After that, Dark Nebula is formed. At the beginning of the boss fight, Dark Nebula changes into one of the three forms. All forms share attacks that involve shooting stars that inflict an effect of damage depending on Dark Nebula's current form.
  • Fire Form: Dark Nebula can move around in a certain erratic angles to run into Kirby. Dark Nebula can also release a giant fireball that, when it touches the ground, releases a giant fire pillar that covers him and the ground.
  • Ice Form: The ice form allows Dark Nebula to move into a circle, trying to hit Kirby with his body. Dark Nebula can also release an ice beam that creates ice on the track, but this attack ignores the edges of the screen. Tornado and Wheel Kirby can use the temporary ice terrain to make their abilities icy.
  • Electic Form: Dark Nebula's movement involves a zig-zag pattern. His electric attack involves staying at the center, shooting four electric beams towards the corners, and electrifying the borders of the screen.

Kirby's Epic Yarn / Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn[edit]

Each land aside from Quilty Square has a stage dedicated to a boss encounter. The bosses of Kirby's Epic Yarn and Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn are as follows:

Bosses in Kirby's Epic Yarn and Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn  
Boss Patch Plaza caption Description World
This flaming guardian can breathe fire but will drop its guard when tired. A large green dragon that attacks using fire breath and its pointed tongue, but tires easily. Grass Land
This guardian of the volcano shoots fire from her wings! Avoid getting burned! A large phoenix that attacks using its fiery wings and by sending Embirds after Kirby, but is weak to Yarn Balls. Hot Land
The villain of Treat Land has more than a few mean tricks up his sleeve! A wily gourd-headed magician that attacks using many magic tricks, but has a weak spot under his hat. Treat Land
This sea monster is rather vain. I wonder what the deal with that knit cap is...? A giant octopus that disguises itself as a squid using a knit cap.
Its weak point lies on its head between the eyes.
Water Land
This selfish Dream Land king wields a big hammer that's almost as big as his mouth! King Dedede is made to fight Kirby after being transformed into a yarn outline and tied to puppet strings.
Attacking King Dedede causes the strings to drop, which can then be pulled on to unravel them.
Snow Land
This space guardian fell under Yin-Yarn's spell! Luckily, it all worked out! Meta Knight is made to fight Kirby after being transformed into a yarn outline and given flaming swords.
Each of these swords needs to be destroyed in turn in order to break the spell.
Space Land
This sorcerer uses his knitting needles to weave his evil all across Dream Land! The main villain of Kirby's Epic Yarn.
Yin-Yarn attacks by using his knitting needles and the power of the Magic Yarn to conjure enemies for Kirby to fight.
Dream Land
Yin-Yarn used the power of the Metamato to transform into a mighty robot tank! Yin-Yarn takes a form similar to a Tankbot in a last-ditch effort to defeat Kirby and Prince Fluff.
The heroes in turn become a Tankbot to retaliate against him, and a battle of flying missiles ensues for the fate of Dream Land and Patch land both.
Dream Land

Kirby Mass Attack[edit]

There are five bosses in Kirby Mass Attack, each serving as the final obstacle of each level. The first four are fought for a second time in Necro Nebula.

Boss Image Home level Description Notes
Whispy Woods Whispy Woods KMA artwork.png Green Grounds A totem pole-like sentient tree whose segments can be destroyed by slamming into them repeatedly. Unlike in other iterations, Whispy Woods fights by dropping spiky nuts instead of apples.
Lady Ivy Lady Ivy KMA artwork.png Sandy Canyon A spiky Snoozroot-like creature that attacks by knocking the platform the Kirbys are standing on around like a see-saw.
King Dedede
King Dedede KMA artwork.png
Dedede Resort King Dedede fights the Kirbys by tossing bombs encased in bubbles from a hot air balloon. This is the only fight that can be entered with less than 10 Kirbys.
Skullord Skullord KMA sprite.png Volcano Valley A giant skull-wearing pig enemy that attacks from afar using meteors shot from its snout.
Necrodeus Necrodeus KMA Artwork.png Necro Nebula An undead wizard who hates bright light and who was responsible for splitting Kirby into 10. He attacks using his hands to swipe and using a laser inside his mouth. Defeating Necrodeus completes the game.

Kirby's Return to Dream Land[edit]

Nearly all the bosses in this game have an EX form, which is generally stronger and bears a different color palette (or other visual changes). Those that don't will be mentioned as such. This game also formally introduced the concept of having the boss change its tactics when its health reaches a certain threshold (usually when the boss loses half of its health).

Bosses in Kirby's Return to Dream Land  
Boss Main form HP (Main) EX form HP (EX)
Whispy Woods Whispy Woods arena icon RtDL.png 340 Whispy Woods EX arena icon RtDL.png 480
Mr. Dooter Mr Dooter arena icon.png 420 Mr Dooter EX arena icon.png 580
Fatty Puffer Fatty Puffer arena icon.png 560 Fatty Puffer EX arena icon.png 700
Goriath Goriath arena icon.png 460 Goriath EX arena icon.png 540
Grand Doomer Grand Doomer arena icon.png 580 Grand Doomer EX arena icon.png 640
Metal General Metal General arena icon.png 600 Metal General EX arena icon.png 640
HR-D3 No No HR-D3 arena icon.png 720
  • Phase 1: 288 (40%)
  • Phase 2: 432 (60%)
Landia Landia arena icon.png 640 Landia EX arena icon.png 720
Lor & Magolor Lor arena icon.png 580 Lor EX arena icon.png 680
Galacta Knight No No Galacta Knight arena icon RtDL.png 540*
Magolor Magolor arena icon.png 600 Magolor EX arena icon.png 800
Magolor Magolor Soul arena icon.png 750 No No
Magolor Soul No No Magolor Soul EX arena icon.png 999
  • A Star Bullet does 52 damage.
  • Bosses have 75% maximum HP in The Arena and The True Arena (rounded down to zero decimal places).
  • Galacta Knight has 720 base HP, but because he is only fought in The True Arena, his actual HP is effectively 540.

Kirby's Dream Collection Special Edition[edit]

Aside from the games contained in this collection, there is a separate boss fight in the New Challenge Stages Sub-Game. At the end of the Smash Combat Chamber EX, Kirby has to contend with Whispy Woods, appearing as he did in Kirby's Return to Dream Land, but fighting like his EX form from that same game. Unlike in other cases, Whispy's health bar is not shown during the fight.

Kirby: Triple Deluxe[edit]

Like in Kirby's Return to Dream Land, most bosses have more powerful alternate forms (known as DX here), but not all do. Most bosses also incorporate the foreground and background when fighting.

Bosses in Kirby: Triple Deluxe  
Boss Main Form HP Defense Modifier DX Form HP Defense Modifier
Flowery Woods Flowery Woods arena icon.jpg 440 (Fine Field)
330 (Royal Road - Stage 4 / The Arena)
×0.75 Flowery Woods DX arena icon.jpg 620 (Fine Field)
465 (Royal Road - Stage 4 / The True Arena)
Paintra Paintra arena icon.jpg 460 (Lollipop Land)
345 (Royal Road - Stage 4 / The Arena)
×0.75 Paintra DX arena icon.jpg 640 (Lollipop Land)
480 (Royal Road - Stage 4 / The True Arena)
Kracko Kracko arena icon TD.jpg 520 (Old Odyssey)
390 (Royal Road - Stage 4 / The Arena)
×0.75 (body)
×0.7 (2nd phase spikes)
Kracko DX arena icon.jpg 700 (Old Odyssey)
525 (Royal Road - Stage 4 / The True Arena)
×0.75 (body)
×0.7 (2nd phase spikes)
Coily Rattler Coily Rattler arena icon.jpg 520 (Wild World)
390 (Royal Road - Stage 4 / The Arena)
×0.75 Coily Rattler DX arena icon.jpg 680 (Wild World)
510 (Royal Road - Stage 4 / The True Arena)
Pyribbit Pyribbit arena icon.jpg 600 (Endless Explosions)
450 (Royal Road - Stage 4 / The Arena)
×0.9 Pyribbit DX arena icon.jpg 760 (Endless Explosions)
570 (Royal Road - Stage 4 / The True Arena)
Masked Dedede Masked Dedede's Revenge arena icon.jpg 620 (Story Mode)
465 (The Arena)
×0.75 No No No
Queen Sectonia Queen Sectonia arena icon.jpg 640 (Story Mode)
480 (The Arena)
×0.9 Queen Sectonia DX arena icon.jpg 790 (Dededetour!)
592 (The True Arena)
Flowered Sectonia Flowered Queen Sectonia arena icon.jpg 700 (Story Mode)
525 (The Arena)
×0.9 No No No
Shadow Dedede No No No Shadow Dedede arena icon.jpg 800 (Dededetour!)
600 (The True Arena)
Dark Meta Knight's Revenge No No No Dark Meta Knight's Revenge arena icon.jpg 820 (Dededetour!)
570 (The True Arena)
Soul of Sectonia No No No Soul of Sectonia arena icon.jpg 999 (1st)
450 (2nd)
×0.9 (1st flowers)
×1 (1st vines)
×1 (2nd)

Some bosses in this game are fought throughout regular stages later. In addition, the third time Flowery Woods is encountered, Kirby has the Hypernova ability, and swallows him whole without a fight.

Kirby and the Rainbow Curse[edit]

Boss Location Description Notes
The Forest of Whispy Woods & Sky-High Whispy Woods A sentient tree rooted in place, who has the power to grow spiky flowers and drop bombs, in addition to blowing gusts of wind and calling in friends to defend him. In his second encounter, he gains a metal coating, making him immune to regular Touch Dashes.
Hooplagoon, Relic of the Ruins & Hooplagoon of the Lake A circular robotic creature who spins through the air and can fire lasers and conjure an electric field around himself. He grows in size and speed when his shields are damaged. In the second encounter, Hooplagoon is faced underwater.
The Claykken's Lair & The Claykken's Sea of Fire A giant squid who somewhat resembles a pirate captain. The Claykken attacks by trying to swipe at Kirby with his spiked tentacles, and when that fails, he enters the fray fully and launches himself at Kirby like a torpedo, leaving behind clouds of ink as he moves. In the second encounter, The Claykken is faced on land in a volcanic region.
The Final Battle A talented magical clay sculptor who has been possessed by an evil force. She attacks by conjuring enemies and objects to toss Kirby's direction, and can manipulate Gray Zones. She is weak to her own Clay Balls.
The Final Battle The evil entity responsible for possessing Claycia. He tries to flee from the Kirby Rocket after being ousted and tosses continuous waves of bombs at Kirby to try and keep him away, but Kirby can retaliate by launching himself at Dark Crafter with a Star Dash.

Kirby: Planet Robobot[edit]

There are twelve unique bosses in Story Mode with the addition of three new bosses in Meta Knightmare Returns, and one new boss in The True Arena. Like in the previous two main series games, most bosses have stronger versions, denoted by 2.0, and are fought in the aforementioned two modes. Some bosses are fought in circular arenas in certain phases, much like in Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards.

The following table lists all the bosses fought in Story Mode, Meta Knightmare Returns, and The True Arena. This does not count Sub-Game bosses like the Team Kirby Clash bosses and the Mashers (classified as Mid-Boss instead) from Kirby 3D Rumble.

Bosses in Kirby: Planet Robobot  
Boss Image Area Description Notes
Story Mode
Gigavolt / Gigavolt II KPR Gigavolt.png
KPR Gigavolt II.png
Patched Plains (Stage 3) & Access Ark (Stage 5) A towering green robot with long arms that must be unscrewed by the Robobot Armor. In Access Ark, a more difficult, purple-colored variant named Gigavolt II is encountered, but is defeated in the same manner.
This boss cannot be fought directly in Meta Knightmare Returns, as there is no Robobot Armor in the sub-game.
Clanky Woods KPR Clanky Woods battle 1.png Patched Plains (Stage 5) A mechanized Whispy Woods that can move freely about, drill into the ground, and shoot missiles. Chase sequences with Clanky Woods also appears in the first level and in Stage 8 of Access Ark, but are not directly counted as boss battles.
C.O.G.S. KPR COGS battle 1.png Resolution Road (Stage 2) & Gigabyte Grounds (Stage 4) A giant wall of gears, cogs, and turrets that must be defeated by the Robobot Armor in Jet Mode. After C.O.G.S. is defeated in Gigabyte Grounds, Core Kabula is fought immediately afterwards.
Holo Defense API KPR Holo Defense API.png Resolution Road (Stage 5) A holographic security system that resembles Pix. It projects green holographic versions of bosses and Mid-Bosses from past Kirby games to slow the pink puffball down. Bosses summoned by the Holo Defense API (in order) are Holo-Kracko, Holo-Doomers, Holo-Ice Dragon, and Holo-Coily Rattler.
Susie KPR Susie battle 1.png Overload Ocean (Stage 6) The executive assistant to the Haltmann Works Company, who uses her mech to attack with spins, drill attacks, and even summon drones.
Core Kabula KPR Core Kabula.png Gigabyte Grounds (Stage 4) After C.O.G.S. is defeated once more in Gigabyte Grounds, Core Kabula emerges from its remains in a surprise attack against Kirby in the Robobot Armor, still in Jet Mode. While it is the second boss encountered in Gigabyte Grounds (after C.O.G.S.), she is not considered as the main boss of this area.
This boss cannot be fought directly in Meta Knightmare Returns, as there is no Robobot Armor in the Sub-Game.
Mecha Knight KPR Mecha Knight.png Gigabyte Grounds (Stage 6) A subdued and mechanized Meta Knight who is forced to do the company's bidding. He attacks with a laser Galaxia sword, missiles, and laser beams. This boss battle is completely skipped in Meta Knightmare Returns. It is replaced with Stock Mecha Knight.
Dedede Clone KPR Dedede Clone Battle 2.png Rhythm Route (Stage 6) A cloned, purple King Dedede that can split into three during the second half of the fight.
Dedede Clones & D3 KPR Dedede Clones and D3 Battle 1.png Rhythm Route (Stage 6) The Dedede Clones hop onto the D3 Cannon, a tridimensional cannon resembling the king in color, and use its barrage of lasers, flames, and explosives to take on the pink puffball. This boss battle is directly fought after Dedede Clone is defeated.
Mecha Knight+ KPR Mecha Knight+ battle 2.png Access Ark (Stage 6) After his defeat in Gigabyte Grounds, an upgraded Mecha Knight is sent out by Susie to deal with Kirby again within the Haltmann Works executive office. This variant notably sports a red appearance and a giant clawed tail. This boss battle is completely skipped in Meta Knightmare Returns.
President Haltmann KPR President Haltmann battle 2.png Access Ark (Stage 6) The primary antagonist and president of the Haltmann Works Company. He engages Kirby in battle with a large, golden mech.
Star Dream Star Dream.jpg Mind in the Program The final boss of Story Mode, which is a sentient computer that was fused with President Haltmann's mind, throwing it into a path of destruction. The Last Battle Ability used to battle Star Dream is the Robobot Armor's Halberd Mode.
This boss battle is omitted from Meta Knightmare Returns.
The fourth phase is completely omitted in The Arena.
Meta Knightmare Returns
Stock Mecha Knight KPR Stock Mecha Knight.png Gigabyte Grounds (Stage 6) A mass-produced replica of Mecha Knight which also is fitted with a clawed tail that is used by Mecha Knight+. This boss can also be fought in The True Arena.
Dark Matter Clone KPR Dark Matter Clone.png Access Ark (Stage 6) A clone of Dark Matter in his swordsman form, fighting in almost the same way as his appearance in Kirby's Dream Land 2 in addition to new attacks. This boss can also be fought in The True Arena.
Sectonia Clone KPR Sectonia Clone.png Access Ark (Stage 6) A clone of Queen Sectonia, fighting in almost the same way as her appearance in Kirby: Triple Deluxe. This boss can also be fought in The True Arena.
Galacta Knight Returns
KPR Galacta Knight.png
Access Ark (Stage 6) The greatest warrior in the galaxy, serving as the final boss of Meta Knightmare Returns. He fights almost identically to his appearance in Kirby's Return to Dream Land, with this incarnation bringing in new attacks like the ability to open up a dimensional rift to Another Dimension. This boss can also be fought in The True Arena.
The True Arena
Star Dream Soul OS Star Dream Soul OS 1.jpg The True Arena The final boss of the True Arena and the ultimate challenge in the entirety of the game, essentially acting as the Soul Boss for Star Dream itself. This boss has an all-new fourth-phase where Kirby must fight against the heart of the computer itself.

Team Kirby Clash Deluxe[edit]

Many enemies encountered in this free-to-start spin-off title are beefed up considerably in subsequent encounters, given more Stamina and more attack options. Almost all enemies are faced at least twice this way, except a handful in the last area. The enemies are as follows:

Enemies in Team Kirby Clash Deluxe  
Enemy Image # of encounters Description Notes
Colossal Waddle Dee
TKCD Colossal Waddle Dee screenshot.png
3 A very big and red-furred Waddle Dee who is rather sluggish and not much of a threat. Only faced by itself once. The other two encounters are paired with other enemies.
Colossal Kabu
TKCD Colossal Kabu screenshot.png
2 A very big Kabu who spins around and can vanish and reappear in the air. Only faced in tag-teams with other enemies.
Colossal Hot Head
TKCD Colossal Hot Head screenshot.png
1 A very big Hot Head who attacks using a long flamethrower from its mouth. Only faced in tag-teams with other enemies.
Mr. Frosty
TKCD Mr Frosty screenshot.png
3 A big overalls-wearing walrus man who attacks using ice blocks, charges, and body slams.
King Doo
TKCD King Doo screenshot.png
3 A very large yellow Waddle Doo who can use various Beam-related attacks.
Gigant Edge
TKCD Gigant Edge screenshot.png
3 A bulky green-armored swordsman who carries a shield and can toss his sword like a boomerang.
TKCD Kracko screenshot.png
2 A floating one-eyed storm cloud who attacks using beams, lightning, and rain. Serves as the first Ordeal, in the Dunes.
Kibble Blade
TKCD Kibble Blade screenshot.png
3 A larger silver version of Sir Kibble who attacks using its boomerang cutter and charge moves.
TKCD Bonkers screenshot.png
3 A mallet-wielding ape man who can use many different hammer techniques and can toss coconuts.
TKCD Blocky screenshot.png
3 A big rectangular stone creature with feet that attacks using body slams and can harden to defend itself.
Whispy Woods
TKCD Whispy Woods screenshot.png
2 The familiar faced arbor who attacks using Air Bullets, apples, and by leaping around. Only faced in the Ruins area, where his first encounter serves as the game's second Ordeal.
TKCD Miasmoros screenshot.png
2 A toxic Galbo-like creature that attacks with poisonous vomit and leaves dangerous puddles on the ground as it slithers.
Ice Dragon
TKCD Ice Dragon screenshot.png
2 A cuddly-looking but dangerous reptile that breathes ice and can cause icicles to drop when it stomps the ground.
Greater Doomer
TKCD Greater Doomer screenshot.png
2 A large purple Sphere Doomer who attacks with swoops, charges, and dark energy orbs.
TKCD Pyribbit screenshot.png
2 A bulbous red horned toad who swims in lava and can breathe fire and conjure lava waves. Only faced in the Volcano area, where his first encounter serves as the game's third Ordeal.
TKCD Telepathos screenshot.png
2 A strange-shaped pale flying creature who attacks using swoops and psychic projectiles.
TKCD Landia screenshot.png
TKCD Landia EX screenshot.png
2 The four-headed dragon and Guardian Angel who attacks using fire, lightning, and wind. Can split into four smaller dragons and recombine at will. The second encounter with Landia serves as the fifth Ordeal, and is against Landia EX.
TKCD Taranza screenshot.png
1 A powerful but easily-manipulated arachnid mage who can teleport, launch various magic projectiles, and catch the Kirbys in a magic web. This encounter serves as the fourth Ordeal in the game. It also marks the first time that Taranza has ever been fought directly in the Kirby series.
Parallel Susie
TKCD Parallel Susie screenshot.png
1 An alternate-universe version of Susie who attacks much the same using her own Business Suit. This encounter serves as the sixth Ordeal.
Parallel Landia
TKCD Parallel Landia screenshot.png
1 An alternate-universe version of Landia who attacks much the same, but is more powerful. This encounter serves as the seventh Ordeal.
Dark Taranza
TKCD Dark Taranza screenshot.png
1 An alternate-universe version of Taranza who attacks much the same, but is more powerful. This encounter serves as the eighth Ordeal, and is paired with King D-Mind's first appearance.
King D-Mind
TKCD King D-Mind screenshot.png
TKCD King D-Mind Revenge screenshot.png
2 A fusion between an alternate universe version of King Dedede and Dark Mind. As such, he has the powers of both, and is a very dangerous foe. Initially paired with the battle with Dark Taranza. He is later faced on his own as the ninth and final Ordeal of the game.

Kirby's Blowout Blast[edit]

Unlike Kirby 3D Rumble, this game features boss encounters at the end of each level. These bosses fight in a more elaborate manner than common enemies, and have specific arenas devoted to them. Each boss (excepting Giant Masked Dedede) also has an EX form which is faced in the extra stages. The bosses of Kirby's Blowout Blast are as follows:

Bosses in Kirby's Blowout Blast  
Enemy Location(s) Points Description EX differences Notes
1-4 & 1-4EX 5000 points (6000 EX) A blue raindrop-shaped creature that attacks by pushing emerald boxes and Gordos through doorways. In the latter half of his fight, he may toss these instead of just pushing them. Lololo's Revenge bears a purple body hue and can move more quickly. In his second phase, he uses ruby boxes that leave fire trails as they slide.
2-4 & 2-4EX 8000 points (10000 EX) This juvenile form of Kracko attacks by charging at Kirby and trying to strike him with lighting. In his second phase, Kracko Jr. can unleash a spinning wave beam attack outward from his center. Kracko Jr.'s Revenge moves more quickly than his main game counterpart. His beam attack also has more bars. This marks Kracko Jr.'s first appearance in a 3D Kirby game.
3-5 & 3-5EX
Secret Path
5000 points each (6000 EX) A duo boss that attacks by pushing emerald boxes and Gordos through doorways. In the latter half of their fight, they may toss these instead of just pushing them. Lololo and Lalala's Revenge bear purple and orange body hues and can move more quickly. In their second phase, they use ruby boxes that leave fire trails as they slide.
4-5 & 4-5EX
Secret Path
10000 points (12000 EX) Kracko strikes again in his fully mature form, sporting stronger versions of Kracko Jr.'s attacks, along with a few new ones, including firing volleys of beam blasts and causing a big electric storm. Kracko's Revenge has more complex and difficult-to-dodge attacks overall and moves more quickly.
5-5 & 5-5EX
Secret Path
N/A King Dedede attacks using his familiar move-set, now transferred to a 3-D space. This includes his Super Dedede Jump, Head Slide, hammer swings, and inhale. He is also able to shoot out homing spark attacks from his hammer. He notably does not hover, as he did not have that move in Kirby's Dream Land. King Dedede's Revenge attacks more quickly, often chaining his attacks together or performing them multiple times in succession. King Dedede's Revenge is depicted without his kimono, hearkening back to his older design.
5-5 & 5-5EX 12000 points (14000 EX) This giant form of King Dedede attacks by trying to slam Kirby from above with his hammer and using his inhale. His hammer strikes leaves a lot of recoil stars behind. Giant King Dedede's Revenge can create homing sparks that chase after Kirby with his hammer strikes.
Secret Path 15000 points Giant Masked Dedede has several changes compared to his regular giant counterparts. His mask protects him from regular star bullets, only taking damage from blaster bullets. His mechanical hammer allows him to fire missiles and lasers at Kirby. His inhale also sucks up waves of Gordos that need to be dodged. N/A

Kirby Battle Royale[edit]

In this title, there is only one instance where a proper "boss" is faced; at the end of Dedede's Cake Royale against Dededestroyer Z. Robo Bonkers can also be considered a boss of sorts, but the way he is battled de-emphasizes the idea of a showdown against the enemy itself in favor of competing with other contestants to see who can do the most damage to a slow-moving target.

Kirby Star Allies[edit]

There are 26 distinct bosses in Kirby Star Allies (not counting Galacta Knight). Some bosses may change their behavior based on how many allies are in the team.

The following table lists every distinct boss in Kirby Star Allies in the intended order of encounter:

Bosses in Kirby Star Allies  
Name Location(s) Description Notes
Fruity Forest
Falluna Moon
Guest Star ???? Star Allies Go!
The Ultimate Choice (Sizzling Threat and lower)
This sentient arbor returns as the first boss encounter. Powered up by a Dark Heart fragment, he can grow larger and conjure waves and waves of Apples, along with other new tricks. Despite this, he is still not particularly formidable. Whispy Woods is weak to fire attacks, and may catch fire when hit by them enough.
Whispy Woods can be befriended after his defeat using a Friend Heart.
Clash at Castle Dedede
Guest Star ???? Star Allies Go!
The Ultimate Choice (all except Soul Melter EX)
Kirby's eternal rival attacks when Kirby and his friends storm the castle. Engorging himself on rotten food and the power of a Dark Heart fragment, he becomes considerably beefier during his fight, and gains new attack patterns using his giant arms. King Dedede can be befriended after his defeat using a Friend Heart.
Sacred Square
Guest Star ???? Star Allies Go!
The Ultimate Choice (all except Soul Melter EX)
The Masked Swordsman returns for another honorable duel (should Kirby accept it). Using the power of the Dark Heart fragment, he splits into many copies of himself and can throw giant boulders using magical force. Meta Knight can be befriended after his defeat using a Friend Heart.
Gatehouse Road
Guest Star ???? Star Allies Go!
The Ultimate Choice (Mild Stroll through Sizzling Threat)
These two woodland guardians are dressed in armor and recruited by the Jambastion to defend the front gate. They attack by charging along with their children, some of whom drop elemental bombs. Pon & Con are befriended after their defeat using a Friend Heart.
Longview Corridor
Blizzno Moon
Guest Star ???? Star Allies Go!
The Ultimate Choice (Zesty Expedition, Fiery Showdown through Soul Melter, Soul Melter EX (EX form))
The first of Jambandra's three Generals of Magic. She wields a frosty battle axe and attacks with a variety of ice and water-based moves. Francisca has an EX form which is faced in Soul Melter EX of The Ultimate Choice.
She is also faced as part of The Three Mage-Sisters boss battle.
Inner Sanctum
Sizzlai Moon
Guest Star ???? Star Allies Go!
The Ultimate Choice (Spicy Adventure, Infernal Crisis, Soul Melter, Soul Melter EX (EX form))
The second of Jambandra's three Generals of Magic. She wields a flaming sword and leaves lingering pillars of flame in her wake when she attacks. Flamberge has an EX form which is faced in Soul Melter EX of The Ultimate Choice.
She is also faced as part of The Three Mage-Sisters boss battle.
Heavenly Hall
The Divine Terminus
Guest Star ???? Star Allies Go!
The Ultimate Choice (Sizzling Threat, Infernal Crisis, Soul Melter, Soul Melter EX (EX form))
The third and most senior of Jambandra's three Generals of Magic. She wields an electric lance and rains shocking destruction down from above. Zan Partizanne has an EX form which is faced in Soul Melter EX of The Ultimate Choice.
She is also faced as part of The Three Mage-Sisters boss battle.
Falluna Moon
Extra Planet δ
Guest Star ???? Star Allies Go!
The Ultimate Choice (Fiery Showdown through Soul Melter)
An old cherry tree who serves as a more powerful analogue to Whispy Woods. Yggy Woods shares Whispy's weakness to fire.
Mareen Moon
Guest Star ???? Star Allies Go!
The Ultimate Choice (Fiery Showdown through Soul Melter EX)
Two large mammals made of metal that serve as a more powerful analogue to Pon & Con. Goldon & Silvox have greater stamina when faced in Soul Melter EX.
Grott Moon A giant egg-shaped creature who wears a nearly impenetrable suit of armor and wields bombs attached to ropes. Grand Mam is the only boss who does not appear in The Ultimate Choice.
Gabbel Moon
Guest Star ???? Star Allies Go!
The Ultimate Choice (Mild Stroll through Soul Melter)
This familiar cloud-enshrouded eyeball returns to harass Kirby and his team as they hop from planet to planet. His attacks are largely the same as they've ever been. Transforms into Twin Kracko after being defeated.
Gabbel Moon
Guest Star ???? Star Allies Go!
The Ultimate Choice (Mild Stroll through Soul Melter)
After Kracko is defeated, he splits in two and continues fighting. When split, Twin Kracko gain a number of new attacks, including torrential rains and big thunderstorms.
The Divine Terminus
Guest Star ???? Star Allies Go!
The Ultimate Choice (Sizzling Threat through Soul Melter)
The mad wizard and head of Jambandra who commands The Three Mage-Sisters and tends to the Jamba Heart. He attacks using powerful elemental magic and can siphon the life energy from his generals when he runs low.
Kirby Star Allies
The Ultimate Choice (Infernal Crisis, Soul Melter)
An ancient incarnation of chaos and destruction and relative of Dark Matter who is revived from the Jamba Heart after Hyness sacrifices himself and his generals to him. He takes on several forms during his battle, and is fought using the Star Allies Sparkler. He serves as the final boss of Story Mode. Void Termina's Soul Melter form is more powerful and has a different color palette.
The last phase of Void Termina's battle is only used in Story Mode.
Guest Star ???? Star Allies Go! Often called "The Greatest Warrior in the Galaxy", this swordsman is brought from another dimension to battle the Guest Stars, but does not actually get to fight them this time, as he is immediately absorbed by the Butterfly who turns into Morpho Knight as a result.
Guest Star ???? Star Allies Go!
The Ultimate Choice (Fiery Showdown through Soul Melter)
This enigmatic creature takes on the form of a swordsman after absorbing Galacta Knight and does battle with the Guest Stars. He wields incredibly powerful fiery magic. He serves as the final opponent of Guest Star ???? Star Allies Go!
The Ultimate Choice (Soul Melter) A powered-up version of Void Termina's final form. Described as the "Essence of Chaos", this creature is encountered only in Soul Melter difficulty of The Ultimate Choice. Can be considered to be the ultimate final boss of the base game of Kirby Star Allies.
Heroes in Another Dimension - Dimension I
Guest Star The Three Mage-Sisters
The Ultimate Choice (Soul Melter EX)
An extremely powerful version of Whispy Woods who hails from Another Dimension. Only available in Version 4.0.0+.
Heroes in Another Dimension - Dimension II
Guest Star The Three Mage-Sisters
The Ultimate Choice (Soul Melter EX)
A more powerful version of Twin Kracko which hails from Another Dimension. Transforms into Parallel Big Kracko after their defeat.
Only available in Version 4.0.0+.
Heroes in Another Dimension - Dimension II
Guest Star The Three Mage-Sisters
The Ultimate Choice (Soul Melter EX)
After Parallel Twin Kracko is defeated, they recombine into this singular giant black cloud. Parallel Big Kracko's attacks are massive, often taking up the entire battlefield. Only available in Version 4.0.0+.
Heroes in Another Dimension - Dimension III
Guest Star The Three Mage-Sisters
The Ultimate Choice (Soul Melter EX)
A more powerful version of Meta Knight who uses more potent dark magics. Only available in Version 4.0.0+.
Heroes in Another Dimension - Dimension IV
Guest Star The Three Mage-Sisters
The Ultimate Choice (Soul Melter EX)
A more powerful version of King Dedede who unleashes big shockwaves with nearly every attack. Only available in Version 4.0.0+.
Heroes in Another Dimension - Final Dimension
The Ultimate Choice (Soul Melter EX)
Hyness is infused with the power of the Jamba Heart and driven utterly mad, becoming more powerful and using wooden stumps in place of his missing mage generals. Only available in Version 4.0.0+.
Heroes in Another Dimension - Final Dimension
The Ultimate Choice (Soul Melter EX)
In order to exact retribution on Kirby and his team, Francisca, Flamberge, and Zan Partizanne fight as one, combining their attacks. This encounter serves as the last fight in Heroes in Another Dimension. Only available in Version 4.0.0+.
Guest Star The Three Mage-Sisters
The Ultimate Choice (Soul Melter EX)
A more powerful variant of Morpho Knight who uses vortexes to trap his foes in his attacks. Only available in Version 4.0.0+.
The Ultimate Choice (Soul Melter EX) The penultimate version of Void Termina who is battled exclusively in Soul Melter EX of The Ultimate Choice. Only available in Version 4.0.0+.
The Ultimate Choice (Soul Melter EX) The final form of Void Termina, serving as the very last battle in Soul Melter EX of The Ultimate Choice. Only available in Version 4.0.0+.

Boss Caption[edit]

In addition, every boss in Star Allies has their own caption on the boss splash screen.

Kirby Star Allies Boss Caption  
Boss English Caption Japanese Caption Chinese Caption Korean Caption Meaning of Japanese/Chinese/Korean Caption
Whispy Woods Guardian of the Forest もり番人ばんにん
(Romaji: mori no ban'nin)
森林的守卫 (Simplified)
森林的守衛 (Traditional)
(Pinyin: sēn lín de shǒu wèi)
숲의 파수꾼
(Romaja: sup-ui pasukkun)
Guardians of the Forest
King Dedede His Royal Nemesis 宿敵しゅくてき暴君ぼうくん
(Romaji: shukuteki no bōkun)
宿敌之暴君 (Simplified)
宿敵之暴君 (Traditional)
(Pinyin: sù dí zhī bào jūn)
천적 폭군
(Romaja: cheonjeog poggun)
The Nemesis Tyrant
Meta Knight The Lone Swordsman 孤高ここう騎士きし
(Romaji: kokō no kishi)
孤高的骑士 (Simplified)
孤高的騎士 (Traditional)
(Pinyin: gū gāo de qí shì)
고고한 기사
(Romaja: gogohan gisa)
The Lone Knight
Pon & Con Dual Defenders 阿吽あうん護獣ごじゅう
(Romaji: aun no gojū)
守门兽 (Simplified)
守門獸 (Traditional)
(Pinyin: shǒu mén shòu)
수비 복식조 (Romaja: subi bogsigjo) Japanese: A-un Guardian Beasts
  • A-un, derived from Sanskrit, is often used in Shinto and Buddhist architecture to describe the paired statues common in Japanese religious settings.

Chinese: Gate Guardian Beasts
Korean: Defensive Doubles

(first battle in Longview Corridor)
Frozen General 氷華ひょうか三魔官さんまかん
(Romaji: hyōka no sanmakan)
(Pinyin: bīng jīng sān mó guān)
빙화의 사신
(Romaja: binghwaui sasin)
Japanese/Chinese: Magic General of Ice Crystal
Korean: Glacial Envoy
(first battle in Inner Sanctum)
Blazing General 業火ごうか三魔官さんまかん
(Romaji: gōka no sanmakan)
业火三魔官 (Simplified)
業火三魔官 (Traditional)
(Pinyin: yè huǒ sān mó guān)
업화의 사자
(Romaja: eobhwaui sasin)
Japanese/Chinese: Magic General of Inferno/Hellfire
Korean: Inferno/Hellfire Envoy
Zan Partizanne
(first battle in Heavenly Hall)
Lightning General 雷牙らいが三魔官さんまかん
(Romaji: raiga no sanmakan)
(Pinyin: léi yá sān mó guān)
번개의 사신
(Romaja: beongaeui sasin)
Japanese/Chinese: Magic General of Thunder Fang
Korean: Lightning Envoy
Yggy Woods Old-Growth Elder 残桜ざんおう古樹こじゅ
(Romaji: zanō no koju)
残樱的古树 (Simplified)
殘櫻的古樹 (Traditional)
(Pinyin: cán yīng de gǔ shù)
전설의 고목
(Romaja: jeonseol-ui gomog)
Japanese/Chinese: Ancient Woods of Fallen Cherry Blossoms
Korean: Legendary Old Tree
Goldon & Silvox The Metal Heavies 金閣きんかく銀閣ぎんかく
(Romaji: kinkaku ginkaku)
金角银角 (Simplified)
金角銀角 (Traditional)
(Pinyin: jīn jiǎo yín jiǎo)
금은의 병사
(Romaja: geum-eun-ui byeongsa)
Japanese/Chinese: Golden and Silver Horned Kings

Korean: Soldiers of Gold and Silver

Grand Mam Big Bad Mama 頑強がんきょうなる大母だいぼ
(Romaji: gankyōnaru daibo)
顽强的大母 (Simplified)
頑強的大母 (Traditional)
(Pinyin: wán qiáng de dà mǔ)
완강한 대모
(Romaja: wanganghan daemo)
Strong-willed Big Mama
(revenge battle in Blizzno Moon)
Bringer of Icy Doom 災来さいらいする氷華ひょうか
(Romaji: sairaisuru hyōka)
灾厄再来的冰晶 (Simplified)
災厄再來的冰晶 (Traditional)
(Pinyin: zāi è zài lái de bīng jīng)
다가오는 빙화
(Romaja: dagaoneun binghwa)
Japanese/Chinese: Disaster Bringer of Ice Crystal Returns
Korean: Oncoming Glacier
Kracko Cycloptic Stormcloud 隻眼せきがん雷雲らいうん
(Romaji: sekigan no raiun)
(Pinyin: dān yǎn de léi yún)
외눈의 번개구름
(Romaja: oenun-ui beongaeguleum)
Cycloptic Thundercloud
Twin Kracko Dual Thunderheads 乱舞らんぶする双雲そううん
(Romaji: ranbusuru sōun)
乱舞双云 (Simplified)
亂舞雙雲 (Traditional)
(Pinyin: luàn wǔ shuāng yún)
폭주하는 쌍둥이 구름
(Romaja: pogjuhaneun ssangdung-i guleum)
Wildly Dancing Dual Clouds
(revenge battle in Sizzlai Moon)
Bringer of Flame 災来さいらいする業火ごうか
(Romaji: sairaisuru gōka)
灾厄再来的业火 (Simplified)
災厄再來的業火 (Traditional)
(Pinyin: zāi è zài lái de yè huǒ)
다가오는 엄화
(Romaja: dagaoneun eomhwa)
Japanese/Chinese: Disaster Bringer of Inferno/Hellfire Returns
Korean: Oncoming Inferno/Hellfire
Zan Partizanne
(revenge battle in The Divine Terminus)
Bringer of Shock 災来さいらいする雷牙らいが
(Romaji: sairaisuru raiga)
灾厄再来的雷牙 (Simplified)
災厄再來的雷牙 (Traditional)
(Pinyin: zāi è zài lái de léi yá)
다가오는 번개
(Romaja: dagaoneun beongae)
Japanese/Chinese: Disaster Bringer of Thunder Fang Returns
Korean: Oncoming Lightning
Hyness Officiant of Doom 魔神官ましんかん
(Romaji: mashinkan)
(Pinyin: mó shén guān)
파멸의 사제
(Romaja: pamyeol-ui saje)
Japanese/Chinese: Officiant of Demon
Korean: Priest of Doom
Galacta Knight Temporal Warrior ときめぐ戦士せんし
(Romaji: toki meguru senshi)
时空巡逻战士 (Simplified)
時空巡邏戰士 (Traditional)
(Pinyin: shí kōng xún luó zhàn shì)
시간의 전사
(Romaa: sigan-ui jeonsa)
Japanese: Time-Crossing Warrior
Chinese: Time-Space Patrol Warrior
Korean: Warrior of Time
Morpho Knight Reborn Butterfly 黄泉返よみがえ極蝶ごくちょう
(Romaji: yomigaeru gokuchō)
复活的极蝶 (Simplified)
復活的極蝶 (Traditional)
(Pinyin: fù huó de jí dié)
환생한 나비
(Romaja: hwansaenghan nabi)
Japanese/Chinese: Reborn Sukhavati Butterfly
Korean: Reincarnated Butterfly
Void Termina Destroyer of Worlds 破神はじん
(Romaji: hajin)
(Pinyin: pò shén)
파괴의 신
(Romaja: pagoeui sin)
God of Destruction
Void Soul Essence of Chaos 魂沌こんとん
(Romaji: konton)
(Pinyin: hún dùn)
혼돈의 영혼
(Romaja: hondon-ui yeonghon)
Japanese/Chinese: Soul Chaos
  • a pun on 混沌/渾沌 (chaos)

Korean: Soul of Chaos

Parallel Woods Otherworldly Arbor 異界いかい面樹めんじゅ
(Romaji: ikai no menju)
异界的人面树 (Simplified)
異界的人面樹 (Traditional)
(Pinyin: yì jiè de rén miàn shù)
이공간의 거목
(Romaja: igong-gan-ui geomog)
Japanese/Chinese: Otherworldly Human-Face Tree
  • Jinmenju (人面樹 human-face tree) is a strange tree in East Asian folklore.

Korean: Other-Space Giant Tree

Parallel Twin Kracko Unearthly Storm Front 異空いくう叢雲そううん
(Romaji: ikū no sōun)
이공간의 재앙 구름
(Romaja: igong-gan-ui jaeang guleum)
Japanese: Other-Sky Gathering Clouds
Korean: Other-Space Diastrous Clouds
Parallel Big Kracko Unearthly Thunderhead 異空いくう大乱雲だいらんうん
(Romaji: ikū no dainanun)
异空间的大乱云 (Simplified)
異空間的大亂雲 (Traditional)
(Pinyin: yì kōng jiān de dà luàn yún)
이공간의 공포 구름
(Romaja: igong-gan-ui gongpo guleum)
Japanese/Chinese: Other-Sky Great Wild Cloud
  • 大乱雲 is similar to 大乱闘スマッシュブラザーズ ("Great Fray Smash Bros."), the Japanese name of the Super Smash Bros. series.

Korean: Other-Space Horror Cloud

Parallel Meta Knight Otherworldly Frost Blade 異界いかい霜刃そうじん
(Romaji: ikai no soujin)
이공간의 예리한 칼날
(Romaja: igong-gan-ui yelihan kalnal)
Japanese: Otherworldly Sharp Blade
Korean: Other-Space Sharp Blade
  • In Chinese literature, 霜刃 (lit. "frost blade") refers to sharp blade.
Parallel Dedede Otherworldly Dark Liege 異界いかい暗君あんくん
(Romaji: ikai no ankun)
이공간의 혼군
(Romaja: igong-gan-ui hongun)
Japanese: Otherworldly Dark Liege
  • 暗君 has two meanings: dark ruler (lit.); foolish/incapable ruler.

Korean: Other-Space Liege

Corrupt Hyness Fell Officiant 堕神官だしんかん
(Romaji: Da shinkan)
타락한 사제
(Romaja: talaghan saje)
Japanese: Fell Officiant
Korean: Fallen Priest
  • The reading for 堕 used (だ) is also used in 堕落 (corruption).
The Three Mage-Sisters Repentant Retaliators 復仇ふっきゅうする懺党ざんとう
(Romaji: fukkūsuru zantō)
复仇的忏党 (Simplified)
復仇的懺黨 (Traditional)
(Pinyin: fù chóu de chán dǎng)
참회한 보복자
(Romaja: chamhoehan bobogja)
Japanese: Repentant Retaliators
  • 懺党ざんとう could be a pun on 残党ざんとう (the vanquished).

Korean: Pentient Avengers

Morpho Knight EX Dark-Winged Disaster 災来さいらいするくろ極蝶こくちょう
(Romaji: sairaisuru kurokikyokuchō)
다가오는 검은 나비
(Romaja: dagaoneun geom-eun nabi)
Japanese: Disaster Bringer Black Butterfly Returns
Korean: Oncoming Black Butterfly
Void Termina (battle in Soul Melter EX) The True Destroyer of Worlds しん破神はじん
(Romaji: shin hajin)
진정한 파괴의 신
(Romaja: jinjeonghan pagoeui sin)
True God of Destruction
Void Astral Birth 星誕せいたん
(Romaji: seitan)
별의 탄생
(Romaja: byeol-ui tansaeng)
Star Birth

Super Kirby Clash[edit]

The following table lists every unique enemy in Super Kirby Clash. Note that the number of encounters includes those where the enemy is partnered with others and also include battles with a powered-up version ("EX" and "Revenge") of the same enemy.

Enemies in Super Kirby Clash  
Enemy Image # of encounters Description Notes
Blocky SKC Blocky.jpg 6 A squared-off rock monster who attacks by rolling, using body slams, and otherwise trying to crush Team Kirby using its girth.
Bonkers SKC Bonkers.jpg 3 A mallet-wielding simian warrior who can perform flying hammer spins and toss Coconuts.
Colossal Driblee SKC Colossal Driblee.jpg 2 A massive Driblee who can spit globs of water and ride a big surf wave.
Colossal Hot Head SKC Colossal Hot Head.jpg 4 A massive Hot Head who can spew huge cones of flame and shoot fireballs.
Colossal Kabu SKC Colossal Kabu.jpg 6 A massive Kabu who spins around to attack and can phase in-and-out of sight to reappear elsewhere.
Colossal Spear Waddle Dee SKC Colossal Spear Waddle Dee.jpg 7 A huge Waddle Dee who carries a big spear. It can attack by leaping and thrusting or tossing its spear. Replaces Colossal Waddle Dee from Team Kirby Clash Deluxe.
Electric Dragon SKC Electric Dragon.jpg 5 A yellow variant of Ice Dragon who attacks using electricity.
Flame Galboros SKC Flame Galboros.jpg 5 A big red limbless dragon which can breathe flames and spew magma. It can also charge with a burning tackle and make big leaps.
Frost Kibble Blade SKC Frost Kibble Blade.jpg 5 An icy variant on Kibble Blade who creates lingering ice spikes wherever its blades strike the ground.
Gigant Edge SKC Gigant Edge.jpg 3 A big soldier in green armor who wields a sword and shield. Gigant Edge uses varying sword swipes, can leap, and can create shockwaves at higher levels.
Greater Doomer SKC Greater Doomer.jpg 7 An otherworldly purple specter with bird-like features. It attacks by charging, shooting purple orbs, and using a burning tackle.
Hornhead SKC Hornhead screenshot.jpg 7 A giant rhinoceros beetle-like foe who attacks by charging and using its horn. It can fly, grab a Kirby to toss him, and shoot projectiles from its horn at higher levels.
Ice Dragon SKC Ice Dragon.jpg 5 A deceptively-cuddly blue dragon who can breathe a cone of frost and cause icebergs to rain from the sky. It can flutter in the air using its tail.
Ignite Edge SKC Ignite Edge.jpg 5 A fiery version of Gigant Edge who can cause burning conflagrations with his sword strikes.
Kibble Blade SKC Kibble Blade.jpg 3 A large gleaming suit of silver armor which attacks by throwing giant boomerangs and charging.
King D-Mind SKC King D-Mind.jpg 3 Referred to as the "King of Darkness", this powerful foe is a combined form of Dark Mind and King Dedede from another dimension. He attacks using a mechanical hammer (and later a big poleaxe), body slams, and leaps. He is also capable of creating energy waves and opening his belly to shoot nasty projectiles, fly around with a massive biting jaw, and shoot a huge laser. Also includes King D-Mind's Revenge.
King D-Mind is fought only at the Decisive Battlefield.
King Doo SKC King Doo.jpg 3 A large variant of Waddle Doo who can fire varying types of big Beam attacks.
Kracko SKC Kracko.jpg 3 A big spiky cycloptic cloud monster which can attack using swoops, beams, and lightning.
Landia SKC Landia.jpg 4 A massive four-headed flying dragon referred to as the "Guardian Angel". He can charge, conjure wind, breathe fire, conduct electricity, and split into four smaller dragons. Also includes Landia EX.
Landia is fought only at the Empyrean, while Landia EX is fought only at the Decisive Battlefield.
Miasmoros SKC Miasmoros.jpg 5 A toxic sludge creature who belches poison and leaves toxic trails in its wake. It is capable of charging and leaping as well.
Mr. Frosty SKC Mr Frosty screenshot.jpg 4 An overalls-wearing walrus man who can breathe frost, throw ice cubes, and gobble up a Kirby. He is also capable of deft acrobatics.
Mr. Floaty SKC Mr Floaty screenshot.jpg 3 A summer variant of Mr. Frosty who attacks using water.
Parallel Landia SKC Parallel Landia.jpg 1 A stronger black variant of Landia who hails from another dimension.
Parallel Nightmare SKC Parallel Nightmare.jpg 6 A mischievous robed wizard made of darkness. He attacks by swooping, firing starry projectiles, and conjuring vortexes. Also includes Parallel Nightmare's Revenge. Parallel Nightmare is also seen (but not fought) in the Story Quest "Tougher: King D-Mind".
Parallel Susie SKC Parallel Susie.jpg 2 A petite secretary from another dimension who pilots a giant robotic suit. She attacks using various explosive projectiles, can perform spinning dashes and jumps, and launches her suit to create big shockwaves. Parallel Susie is fought only at the Decisive Battlefield.
Pres. Parallel Susie SKC Pres Parallel Susie screenshot.jpg 2 A Susie from a yet different parallel dimension who is a more powerful version of Parallel Susie. Pres. is short for "President".
Pyribbit SKC Pyribbit.jpg 4 A giant king toad who can swim in lava. He attacks by breathing fire, spewing magma and rock, leaping about frantically, and calling lava waves. He may also try to eat a Kirby using his tongue. Also includes Pyribbit EX. This enemy is only fought in the Volcano.
Spark Bonkers SKC Spark Bonkers.jpg 5 An electric-blue variant of Bonkers who can create lingering electric discharges whenever he strikes with his hammer.
Taranza SKC Taranza.jpg 3 A caped hovering spider man referred to as the "puppeteer mage". He can teleport, conjure energy orbs, throw crystals, and catch Kirbys in a net. Taranza is fought only in the Empyrean.
Telepathos SKC Telepathos.jpg 4 A hovering psychic enigma who attacks using psionic blasts and by dive-bombing Team Kirby.
Venom Kracko SKC Venom Kracko.jpg 4 A noxious variant of Kracko who can leave putrid clouds of gas behind when he swoops around.
Whispy Woods SKC Whispy Woods.jpg 3 A big tree enemy who attacks by throwing apples, Gordos, and Caterpillars at Team Kirby. Later on, he can also leap about, and potentially crush Kirbys under his roots. Appears only in the Ruins.
Aeon Hero SKC Aeon Hero.jpg 4 An ancient angelic swordsman who is also known as Galacta Knight. He has three different forms, and attacks using his lance and various powerful magical moves, many of which are capable of ripping open the fabric of space. Also includes Aeon Hero (Light) and Aeon Hero (Dark). This is the final boss of the game. Aeon Hero is fought only at the Dreamscape.

Kirby Fighters 2[edit]

There are a total of four distinct bosses in Kirby Fighters 2's Story Mode: The Destined Rivals (five if Waning Masked Dedede & Waxing Masked Meta Knight are counted as a distinct boss), and they are re-fought multiple times with each subsequent fight being tougher and featuring new enemy moves. The bosses are as follows:

Bosses in Story Mode: The Destined Rivals  
Boss(es) Times fought Notes
4 They are the first boss of Story Mode (fought as the final boss of Chapter 1), and are fought a few times in subsequent chapters. They share some of Whispy Woods' attacks from Kirby Star Allies, and are able to move around independently from each other.
4 Consists of Gigant Edge and Ignite Edge, who fight together on The Empyrean. Their moves are retained from Super Kirby Clash.
3 In the second Story Mode battle, Shadow Kirby uses a Copy Ability that corresponds to the selected buddy, and both the first and third battle has him mimicking the same selected ability as the player. His battle music changes on Very Hard of Single-Handed Mode and both battles in the Final Chapter of Story Mode: The Destined Rivals.
3 (technically 4) This dual boss battle features King Dedede & Meta Knight, using combinations of their attacks to try and defeat Kirby and his buddy. They are fought as the final bosses of Chapter 2 (who are actually disguised Waddle Dees) and subsequent chapters.
1 In their eagerness to finally defeat Kirby and his buddy, King Dedede & Meta Knight don the Mask of Dark Bonds to become a more powerful duo and finally overwhelm their rivals. This boss fight can be considered the true final boss of the game, if not counted as a second phase of the final fight.


Kirby's Dream Land 2[edit]

  • 3DS Virtual Console manual bio (shared with mid-bosses): "Minibosses appear midway through certain stages. Main bosses appear in the last stage of each island. When a miniboss or boss appears, its life meter is displayed in place of your score. To defeat a boss, reduce its life meter to zero."


  • Kracko and Whispy Woods are tied as the most frequently appearing bosses in the series, with both having made numerous appearances as Bosses proper, or simply as cameos.
  • In Kirby Super Star and its remake, Kirby Super Star Ultra, if two players are in play before the boss health bar appears, the boss will have their health increased by 30%. This can be prevented by summoning the Helper after the boss health bar appears.
  • Kirby Star Allies contains more bosses than any other main series Kirby game, at 26.
  • A Miiverse post regarding Kirby: Triple Deluxe revealed that bosses fought repeatedly gradually lose their maximum health and become slower and weaker. As such, each time Kirby fails to defeat the boss and tries again, the boss becomes slightly easier. This is meant to give relief to players struggling with the fights.[1] This mechanic has been present in later Kirby games including Kirby Fighters Deluxe, Kirby: Planet Robobot, Kirby Star Allies and Kirby Fighters 2.
  • From Kirby's Return to Dream Land onward, main series bosses (and mid-bosses) have a variable defense multipler. The defense of bosses usually increases in the following scenarios:
    • At the beginning of the battle when their health bar is filling up.
    • When their phase is shifting.
    • When they are performing certain attacks.
    • When there is more than one player in the battle (in Kirby's Return to Dream Land and Kirby Star Allies) the players receive a decreased attack multiplier rather than bosses having an increased health or defense multiplier).