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Magolor (second form)

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KRtDLD Magolor second form screenshot.png
Screenshot of Magolor's second form from Kirby's Return to Dream Land Deluxe.
First game Kirby's Return to Dream Land (2011)
Latest game Kirby's Return to Dream Land Deluxe (2023)
Relative(s) Magolor
Traitor Magolor
Magolor Soul
Theme music

30-second clip of Magolor's second phase theme from Kirby's Return to Dream Land

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This article is about the form Magolor takes in the second phase of his boss fight in Kirby's Return to Dream Land. For Magolor in a general context, see Magolor. For the EX version of this boss, see Magolor Soul.
Magolor is revealed as a manipulative mage who tricked Kirby and friends into fixing his ship, then stole Halcandra's legendary treasure, the Master Crown! It's up to Kirby to save the universe!
— VS Magolor Special Page from Kirby's Return to Dream Land Deluxe

After Magolor is struck down with the Ultra Sword, the Master Crown takes control of him and transforms him into a ghostly form. His outfit has almost completely changed, with his scarf, his cape (which became torn and ghostly in his previous form), and his robe having all disappeared. Due to this, it is revealed he has a white mouth that, as the battle progresses, eventually turns out to contain a red eyeball inside, reminiscent of Zero and . In addition, his ears are larger and now point downwards from the sides of his body. His hands, which gained fingers in his previous form, now have black fingertips.

The Master Crown's grip on Magolor also becomes much more evident, as its talon-like claws extend their grasp on him, with four claws gripping the bottom of his body and a large one spiraling down each ear. The claws at the top of the crown now join in at one joint instead of just attaching to the crown in separate areas. The crown itself also has four upside-down drop-shaped spikes coming up from the top of it, and has additionally sprouted large blue appendages. The red and blue ghostly body of Magolor's previous form attach to these appendages and become wings.

He is faced separately from his first form in The Arena. In the Extra Mode and The True Arena, he is replaced with Magolor Soul, who is a more powerful version of Magolor with new attacks. After Magolor is defeated in Story Mode, he collapses, revealing Magolor's original form with the Master Crown on his head, which shatters into pieces before Magolor vanishes. However, in The Arena, Magolor simply collapses into nothing upon his defeat.


Magolor deceived Kirby and stole Halcandra's legendary treasure, the Master Crown! It's up to Kirby to save the universe.
— VS Magolor Special Page from Kirby's Return to Dream Land

The following lists all of Magolor's attacks in Kirby's Return to Dream Land. Attacks in italics are used in the second phase.

Although not officially considered an attack, if Kirby still held on to the Ultra Sword Super Ability from the last fight, Magolor begins by sending a shock wave that immediately removes the ability and destroys it. The shockwave deals no damage but does deal knockback and can cause other player Kirbys to lose their ability.

Attack Description
Calling Shot
Magolor conjures, then juggles three, four or five random enemies, some with Copy Abilities, before tossing them at lethal velocity at Kirby. This is always the first attack used, and the first thrown enemy always carries the ability Kirby ditched for the Super Abilities in the prior battle (or a hammer if he had Hammer, and otherwise a Halcandle Dee if he didn't have an ability).
Deadly Needles Warp
Magolor conjures rifts at various positions, which shoot out spikes.
Magic Spheres
Magolor conjures and tosses orbs of black energy from varying positions. These can be deflected or inhaled.
Warp Hole Attack
Magolor travels into a rift, then exits one on the stage in an attempt to ram Kirby, then going into another rift to do it again.
Magolor Cannon
Magolor fires a giant laser beam that covers the entire stage, creating stars where it hits.
Another Dimension
Magolor jumps into the background and draws a stencil, the solid parts of which transpose onto the stage as a wall of pain.
Ultra Sword
Magolor takes out two black swords and swings them one at a time in a manner similar to Kirby's Ultra Sword. They leave stars where they hit.
Flare Beam
Magolor charges up, and then flies around the stage in an orb of dark energy surrounded by orbiting Magic Spheres, similar to Kirby's Flare Beam.
Monster Flame
Magolor conjures two dark fire dragons, which he directs horizontally across the stage, leaving stars in their wake. Magolor's position in the background indicates where the dragons will roughly fly across each time.
Magolor Cannon Warp
Magolor fires a laser beam into a rift, which then systematically fires across the stage, leaving stars on its last strike.
Black Hole
Magolor opens an unguardable black hole in an attempt to suck Kirby or his friends in, all the while causing the entire background to swirl around it in the original Wii version. If Kirby is caught, he will take massive unavoidable damage.
Attack names are taken from Japanese strategy guides, unless otherwise stated

During phase 1 of the battle, Magolor attacks in a fixed order on loop as follows:

  1. Calling Shot
  2. Deadly Needles Warp
  3. Magic Spheres
  4. Warp Hole Attack
  5. Magolor Cannon
  6. Calling Shot
  7. Another Dimension
  8. Magic Spheres
  9. Deadly Needles Warp

During phase 2 of the battle, Magolor attacks in a fixed order on loop as follows:

  1. Ultra Sword
  2. Magic Spheres
  3. Flare Beam or Monster Flame
  4. Calling Shot
  5. Another Dimension
  6. Magic Spheres
  7. Magolor Cannon Warp
  8. Monster Flame or Flare Beam
  9. Magic Spheres
  10. Calling Shot
  11. Black Hole

Other appearances[edit]

In Kirby Star Allies, the Celebration Picture "FIGHT FOR THE CROWN!" has artwork of Magolor's second form. Another celebration picture, "The Shape of a Heart", also has artwork of Magolor's second form.



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Video Walkthroughs[edit]

No damage fight against Magolor's second form in Kirby's Return to Dream Land's Main Mode (some damage was taken before the fight began).

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See Magolor.