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Dangerous Dinner - Stage 3

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Dangerous Dinner - Stage 3
KRtDL Dangerous Dinner Stage 3.jpg
As Kirby nears his destination, the barriers between dimensions begin to wane.
Level Dangerous Dinner
Super Ability Ultra Sword
Energy Sphere(s) 5
Mid-Boss(es) All standard Mid-Bosses, two Sphere Doomers (red and purple)
Stage order
Dangerous Dinner - Stage 2 Stage 4 - Landia
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Dangerous Dinner - Stage 3 is the third stage of Dangerous Dinner in Kirby's Return to Dream Land, and the last standard stage in the game. There are five Energy Spheres in this stage.


The stage begins at the top of a cave, with a cannon aimed downward. It fires Kirby and his friends down to another cannon, which must fire carefully in order avoid getting its cargo crushed by moving walls. At the bottom, two Knuckle Joes stand guard on a platform hanging over a bizarre floating orb of fire. Below are a bunch of Halcandle Dees which guard the door to the next section.

The door leads to an exterior area. The background has become a nauseating blend of the fiery terrain seen thus far, and elements from another dimension. To the right, Kirby must dodge more fire orbs as they drift across the terrain. Bridges of breakable blocks span over bottomless pits, which the fire orbs will easily plow through. From there, Kirby will have to move past walls of breakable blocks, which the fire orbs also happily destroy. The last wall is broken through to reveal the door to the next section.

The door leads to another bridge area, this time with the orbs swaying back and forth. Kirby has to maneuver past them carefully and systematically to avoid colliding with them. Ahead, teetering pillars of boiling rock will fall over if Kirby gets too close, and more fire orbs wait even further in. Just beyond them lies the door to the next section.

In the next area, Kirby finds himself in a cave with a continuously scrolling floor. Interspersed in the floor are bottomless pits and inlets containing various enemies with Copy Abilities or food items. A chamber in this cave lies ahead where Dubior must be fought, as the floor continues to shift and provide different enemies and food. Defeating Dubior provides the Spark ability, but only if it doesn't fall into one of the pits. Further in, a ceiling inlet can be accessed to get some stars and a Maxim Tomato, but again, the pits must be minded here. To the right, the door to the next section can be found on a separate platform.

The door leads to an open area, with sparse platforms and many huge fire orbs. Many Parasol Waddle Dees are encountered here, as well as many other foes. Kirby will have to proceed to the right to move forward.

Up ahead is a vertical shaft with a Prism Shield waiting atop a ceiling barrier. Pressing a switch opens the barrier, and causes the floor to begin rising up. Kirby will need to make use of the Shield to block oncoming enemies from above.

The next area is another vertical shaft, this time with platforms leading up and fire orbs crossing horizontally. It's a brutal climb to the top with the Key, and one slip up can cause the Key to break, so Kirby must proceed with both speed and caution. If Kirby has the Spark ability from Dubior, it will help immensely here. After passing the fire orbs, Kirby must then contend with more Iron Barbar coming out of the ceilings and walls before finally making it to the top.

In the following area, Kirby has to make his way through an elaborate tunnel with lots and lots of Mid-Bosses in his way. Thankfully, Kirby gains access to the Ultra Sword here, and can use it against these fiends. After cleaning his way through these obstacles, Kirby can find a caldera at the top and cut it in half with his sword, revealing the rift.

Alternate Dimension stretch[edit]

In this rift, Kirby needs to progress past a great many obstacles while also avoiding the fire orbs from the main portion of the stage. Kirby will have to contend with practically everything he has faced in these realms up to this point before reaching the end, where he has to fight two Sphere Doomers at once. Once cleared, Kirby can return to the main path, and take a Warp Star waiting for him.

After flying through many alien areas in the sky, Kirby finds himself in a bowl where he can access the stage exit.

Secret Area[edit]

In the very last room, Kirby can access a hidden doorway in the sky above the stage exit. In the following room, Kirby can fall a great distance while collecting many goodies in lines. Another stage exit can be found at the bottom.

Energy Sphere Guide[edit]

  • In the third area, Kirby can find the sphere under a bridge, above which some burning orbs patrol. Kirby will need some kind of ability to bust the breakable blocks at the end of the bridge and get underneath.
  • In the wide open area where the fire spheres move, one of the larger ones conceals a round-trip door. Inside, Kirby will have to contend with a difficult Stomper Boot challenge to obtain this sphere.
  • At the top of the Prism Shield area, Kirby can obtain a Key from a Carry Dee up above. Kirby must then carry this key all the way through the next section and reach the top in order to unlock the gate holding this sphere.
  • The last two spheres can be obtained from the Sphere Doomers at the end of the rift.

Enemies, Mid-Bosses and Abilities[edit]

Regular Enemies Mid-Bosses

Abilities Super Ability


Video Walkthrough[edit]

100% walkthrough of Dangerous Dinner - Stage 3.