Fecto Elfilis

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Fecto Elfilis
KatFL Fecto Elfilis Splash Screen.jpg
Title card for Fecto Elfilis from Kirby and the Forgotten Land
First game Kirby and the Forgotten Land (2022)
Relative(s) Elfilin
Fecto Forgo
Chaos Elfilis
Similar to Void Termina
Theme music

no music given

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The Elfilin we met was born from a small, compassionate soul that hid behind greater, invasive ambitions. Without a soul to temper its power, the creature's spatial-teleportation ability ran amok, opening mysterious vortices left and right. Now that they're whole again, they're already planning their next invasion.
— Figure description

Fecto Elfilis, titled Ultimate Life-Form, is a final boss in the Kirby series, appearing in Kirby and the Forgotten Land. While not much is known about Fecto Elfilis' background, it is known that they are the form that Fecto Forgo takes after they absorb Elfilin, the embodiment of their compassion. Without Elfilin, Fecto Elfilis reverts back into Fecto Forgo, but they have some time before they revert all the way, seeming to slowly melt back into their gelatinous form. This form is likely the form the original "ID-F86" specimen was in when they arrived in the New World. Even with their more compassionate side, Elfilis's main goal is invading other planets, according to their figure description.

Their name is a corruption of their specimen name "ID-F86", which matches with Elfilin's "ID-F87". "Fecto" may come from "perfect" and "infect" (being an invasive species) as well, and represents the "F" in "F86".

Boss Battle[edit]

The battle against Fecto Elfilis takes place at the helipad on top of the Lab Discovera research facility during sunset and is split into three phases. The last phase of the battle only takes place in Story Mode.

Phase 1[edit]

During the first phase, Fecto Elfilis attacks via land and air, often alternating attacks (attack names are conjectural unless otherwise stated).

Fecto Elfilis's Attacks - Phase 1  
Attack Description
Straight Blade Arrows Fecto Elfilis either flies to horizon or to the center of the battlefield and duplicates their spear seven times, and the phantom spears are launched towards Kirby one by one.
The phantom spears always appear above Fecto Elfilis.
Strike Pound Fecto Elfilis strikes the ground with their spear, causing a medium-sized shockwave around it.
Strike Dash Fecto Elfilis aims their spear straight, charges, and then dashes forward.
Sharp Spear Swing Fecto Elfilis rushes towards Kirby with their spear head facing downwards, causing a momentary alteration to the battlefield.
This attack occurs 2-3 times.
This move is always followed by "Strike Pound".
Spin Strike Fecto Elfilis spins around in a circle with their spear out, causing mini shockwaves to appear around them.
Front Strike Fecto Elfilis strikes their spear twice in front of them.
Fecto Elfilis can also use this attack while the phantom blades of "Straight Blade Arrows" are targeted at Kirby.
Rift Jab Fecto Elfilis opens a small star-shaped dimension rift on the ground and opens five larger rifts around the arena before they pierce their spear through, causing shockwaves to spread across the battlefield.
Phase 2 changes the pattern to lines of five rifts; first on one side of Kirby, then another on the opposite side.
Laser Beam Fecto Elfilis flies high up and charges their spear before unleashing a powerful beam that follows Kirby's movements.
If Kirby makes contact with the beam, he will be trapped and take massive damage.

Phase 2[edit]

After depleting around two-thirds of their health, Fecto Elfilis will start their second phase. Fecto Elfilis warps the sky into a dimension rift-like state and keeps a similar move set with new attacks added. Only "Laser Beam" from the first phase is not used in this phase.

Once Fecto Elfilis's health is completely depleted, Kirby must use Mouthful Mode to remove the dome containing Elfilin while Fecto Elfilis's spear tries to attack him, which leads to the start of Phase 3. If Kirby fails to remove the dome in time, he will be damaged and Fecto Elfilis will recover some health, resuming the battle normally. The same will happen if Kirby refuses to use Mouthful Mode completely, except he won't take any damage.

Fecto Elfilis's Attacks - Phase 2  
Attack Description
Meteor Shower Fecto Elfilis opens a huge star-shaped dimensional rift in the sky, and five meteors fall towards the ground, which Kirby has to dodge.
A large meteor might end the attack; if Kirby makes contact with this particular meteor, he will be pushed back and receive significant damage.
Cocoon Healing Fecto Elfilis guards and makes copies of themselves, adding a secondary blue health bar. In order to deplete the blue health bar, Kirby must attack the real version to deplete the blue health before the blue laser ring closes in on them.
Any blue health remaining at the end of this move will be added to Fecto Elfilis's normal health bar.
The real Fecto Elfilis has a shadow underneath them shortly after they duplicate.

Phase 3[edit]

In this last phase, Fecto Elfilis, now without Elfilin and degenerating, attempts to take Kirby and Elfilin down with them by opening a giant dimensional rift and setting the New World on a collision course with Kirby's home planet, Popstar. As the two planets draw closer, objects around Lab Discovera begin to disintegrate, due to the effects of the Roche limit.

Conveniently, a big-rig truck crashes next to the duo, and Kirby uses Mouthful Mode to obtain the sole appearance of Big-Rig Mouth. The section mainly consists of Kirby dashing towards Fecto Elfilis while dodging enemies and crashing pieces of Popstar, being careful not to fall off the edges of buildings and roads.

In the middle of this phase, Kirby gets too close for comfort, so Fecto Elfilis opens two more star-shaped dimensional rifts and summons two meteors to launch towards Kirby. The B button must be mashed quickly in order to dodge the first meteor, and then Kirby has to jump towards Fecto Elfilis using the A Button, who then unleashes another meteor to repeat the B Button mashing. Elfilin will then provide support for Kirby, and both the Left Stick and the B button will have to be mashed in order to finally destroy this last meteor. In a last-ditch effort, Fecto Elfilis attempts to block the duo with a forcefield, but is overpowered and destroyed when Kirby rams into them.

After Fecto Elfilis's assumed defeat, Kirby and Elfilin end up back on Planet Popstar. The chaotic rift connected to the New World is too strong to stop on its own, so Elfilin uses all his strength to terminate the rift, creating a stable portal between Popstar and the new world.


  • It is unknown how Fecto Elfilis knew that Planet Popstar is Kirby's home, assuming that the planet wasn't specifically targeted at the beginning of the game.
  • The name of Fecto Elfilis's boss theme, "Two Planets Approach the Roche Limit," references how they attempt to crash the New World into Popstar upon being defeated. The Roche limit describes how, when a satellite planet gets too near to its host planet, the satellite is disintegrated as its center of gravity is overpowered by the tidal forces of the host.
  • Fecto Elfilis's specimen ID might be an easter egg referring to HAL Laboratory. "86" can be read as はる (haru) using goroawase, sounding like HAL.
  • If Fecto Elfilis hits the small area with the communications dishes on the far edge of the battlefield with one of their spear attacks, it will crumble. This does not affect the fight in any way.


Video gallery[edit]

Video playthrough of Kirby battling Fecto Elfilis in the Colosseum.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 完全体かんぜんたい フェクト・エフィリス
Kenzentai Fekuto Efirisu
Perfect Form, Fecto Efillis
Traditional Chinese 完全體 菲克特·艾菲里斯
Wánquántǐ Fēikètè Àifēilǐsī
Perfect Form, Fect Efillis
Simplified Chinese 完全体 菲克特·艾菲里斯
Wánquántǐ Fēikètè Àifēilǐsī
Dutch Ultieme levensform, Ultimo Elfilis Ultimate lifeform, Ultimo Elfilis
Ultimo is derived from "ultiem", meaning "ultimate"
French Forme de vie ultime, Ultimo Elfilis Ultimate lifeform, Ultimo Elfilis
German Ultimative Lebensform, Ultimo Elfilis Ultimate Lifeform, Ultimo Elfilis
Italian Forma di vita definitiva, Fecto Elfilis Definitive life form, Fecto Elfilis
Korean 완전체 펙트 에피리스
Wanjeonche Pekteu Epiriseu
Perfect Form, Fect Efillis
Spanish Ente definitivo, Fecto Elfilis Definitive entity, Fecto Elfilis