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Make Friend

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Artwork of Kirby holding a Friend Heart to perform Make Friend

Make Friend is an ability that Kirby and his friends possess in Kirby Star Allies. It allows them to toss Friend Hearts at enemies on the field to make them into allies.


The power of Friend Hearts comes from the scattered pieces of "four spears of the heart" after Hyness failed in the ritual as seen in the opening movie of Kirby Star Allies Story Mode.[1]

This ability only works on certain enemies which provide Copy Abilities, and Kirby can only have up to three Friends at a time. If a fourth is claimed, the game will prompt the player to replace one of Kirby's existing friends with the new recruit. If tossed at Bomber, Don Puffle, Noddy and Walky, they are instead turned into the hat of their respective Copy Ability - Crash, Festival, Sleep and Mike, respectively.

To pull out a heart, the player must press the X button. From there, any enemy that can be charmed will have a small heart icon over their head when Kirby draws near. From there, to charm the enemy, Kirby must toss the heart at the enemy and hit them with it. When quickly pulling out and tossing a heart, it will automatically be arced toward a friend-able enemy's position if thrown near one. Kirby can also cause a friend to appear if he hits a Copy Essence or Ability Star with a heart, in latter case having element of said Ability Star if it had one applied to their weapon.

When an ally tosses a Friend Heart, that ally will transform into whichever enemy the heart was thrown at, instead of recruiting it as a new ally.

Some Bosses and Mid-Bosses are also recruitable as friends. However, before they can be recruited, they must be defeated in battle. Once they are downed, a heart can be tossed at them. Story Mode bosses like Whispy Woods (only at Fruity Forest), King Dedede, and Meta Knight can be befriended by throwing hearts at them quickly after defeated. Tossing hearts at the latter two adds them to Kirby's team as Dream Friends. While the others are optional, Pon & Con must be befriended to continue forward after their Story Mode boss fight.

When allies are turned into enemies by specific attacks from Morpho Knight and Void Termina's Final Core / Void Soul, Friend Hearts can undo that effect. In addition, though throwing a friend heart to most bosses does nothing during battle, throwing it at Void Termina's Final Core / Void Soul / Void damages them slightly.


Like in Kirby Super Star and its remake, Kirby can unfriend his allies when he has no Copy Ability. To do so, the player should press the - button or press and hold the Y button. Kirby can also unfriend his allies regardless of if he has a Copy Ability if he presses the L, R or ZR button, and the Y button at the same time.

Alternatively, Kirby can also inhale and swallow a Friend to obtain their Copy Ability, but this has no effect on Dream Friends.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese フレンズハート
furenzu hāto
Friends Heart