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Boss InfoBox
screenshot from Kirby: Triple Deluxe
Debut Game Kirby: Triple Deluxe
Last Game Kirby: Triple Deluxe
Weakness(es) Energy Blasts
Paint Globs
False Paintings
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Paintra is a boss from Kirby: Triple Deluxe. It resembles a witch, but is in fact a living painting, brought to life by the magic power of Taranza. It bears a colorful outfit, complete with two paintbrushes for feet, and attacks by spreading paint, firing energy blasts, and painting pictures that come to life to attack its enemies, much like Ado/Adeleine from previous games would. Paintra is the boss of Triple Deluxe's second Level, Lollipop Land, and it is also battled in The Arena and in Stage 4 of Royal Road.


The following lists all of Paintra's attacks in Story Mode and The Arena in Kirby: Triple Deluxe. Attacks in italics are used in the second phase of the fight only.

Paintra paints the screen in two different swaths, obscuring the player's view of the action.
Paintra in the process of painting the cannon balls that will drop on Kirby. The one on the left is the fake one.
Attacks - Normal
Attack Description
Energy Blast
Paintra fires three or more orbs of energy in a set path that can be inhaled and spat back at the boss. Paintra will do this move twice in succession in the second phase, usually after a Screen Paint.
Screen Paint
Paintra flies into the foreground, painting the screen in various patterns, often making it more difficult for the player to see what is happening on the screen. This technique breaks the fourth wall. More patterns are available in the second phase.
Brush Swipe
Paintra approaches Kirby and swipes twice with its paintbrush feet in large arcs, producing stars on the second swipe. It will then re-position and attempt this move again.
Paint Splatter
Paintra flies into the background, and starts spinning rapidly, releasing many globs of paint that can be inhaled and spat back at an appropriate time. It then finishes by splatting paint on the screen.
Paint Barrage
Paintra spins in place and fires rapid bursts of paint toward the ground, making stars erupt from the impact spot. It then re-positions and fires again.
Back Dive
Paintra flies into the background and attempts to ram Kirby in a dive. This creates stars where it touches the stage.
Painting Assault
Paintra summons a number of blank canvases, then paints various objects on them, which then pop off the canvas and deal various effects. One of the paintings is a fake and will not do anything, and in fact can often be inhaled and spat back at Paintra. The following are objects that Paintra can paint:
  • Iron Cannon Balls (3) - The real ones fall down and can squish Kirby, but leave small stars on impact.
  • Spiked Metal Drill Rods (3) - The real ones extend outward from the canvas and leave stars on impact. The fake one can't be inhaled, since it's in the background.
  • Landia (4) - The real ones breathe fire, and will attempt to aim toward Kirby. The fake one can't be inhaled, since it's in the background.
  • Paintra Clones (3) - After painting them, Paintra shuffles itself with them. The three paintings can be inhaled and spat at the real Paintra, but Kirby must be quick about it, else Paintra will hex them and make them explode.
  • Cannons (4) - The real ones fire three successive shots toward the stage at varying angles. The fake one can't be inhaled, since it's in the background.
Canvas Attack
Paintra summons a giant canvas sheet to cover the background and flies behind it. Paintra will then attempt to ram Kirby through the canvas a number of times, once or more.

Paintra DX

Paintra DX.
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Upon defeat, Paintra is sucked back into the painting it came from, then the painting shatters with it inside.


  • One of the objects that Paintra paints is Landia, a prominent boss from Kirby's Return to Dream Land. Additionally, Paintra DX paints Landia EX.
  • There is a possibility that Paintra might be Drawcia's sister due to them both having paint-based moves, Paintra's description stating that she and her sister were separated at birth, and them both having a similar appearance.