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KSSU Galbel Sprite.png
In-game sprite of Galbel from Kirby Super Star Ultra.
First game Kirby Super Star Ultra
Copy Ability None
Similar entities Grizzo
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Galbel[Japanese title] is an enemy that debuted in Kirby Super Star Ultra, in the Revenge of the King game. It is a more powerful version of Grizzo that shares the bear's basic physique and size, but resembles a tiger with pale yellow fur and brown stripes. As such, it has all the same behaviors and physical properties of a Grizzo save for higher health. Galbel provides no Copy Ability if swallowed.

Galbel appears in the Purple Plants and Illusion Islands stages. It also appears in the intro cutscene for Crash Clouds, despite not appearing in the stage proper.


  • Despite not appearing in any other Kirby games besides Kirby Super Star Ultra, Galbel would cameo in a Kirby JP Twitter commemorative illustration in 2019 to celebrate Cat Day (image in gallery below).


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ガルベル[1]
Partial anagram of「ベンガル」(Bengaru, Bengal tiger); may also involve「ガルル」(garuru, onomatopoeia for snarling)


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