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Poseiblu Dimension

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Poseiblu Dimension
KRtDLD Poseiblu Dimension area screenshot.png
Magolor standing in a portion of the area hub for Poseiblu Dimension.
Area 3
Mid-Boss(es) Water Galboros
Boss(es) Hydriath
Area order
Pyred Dimension Locandra Dimension
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Poseiblu Dimension is the third of the five areas in Magolor Epilogue: The Interdimensional Traveler. It occupies the lower-left area of the main hub, and its stages feature lots of tight spaces and pockets inside walls, which can be more effectively tackled using Magolor's new Dimensional Vanish and Deadly Needles skills. There are a total of five regular stages and three bonus stages. The boss of this area is Hydriath. Defeating him grants Magolor another Fruit Fragment, unlocking his Black Hole, and thus the way to Locandra Dimension.


The regular stages of Poseiblu Dimension are as follows:

Stages in Poseiblu Dimension  
Stage Unlock Req. Bosses/Mid-Bosses Notes
Complete 2-BOSS. No
Complete 3-1. Water Galboros
Complete 3-2. No
Complete 3-3. No
Complete 3-4. Hydriath Completing this stage unlocks Black Hole.

Bonus stages[edit]

The bonus stages of Poseiblu Dimension are as follows:

Bonus stages in Poseiblu Dimension  
Stage Unlock Req.
Complete 3-1 and have at least three points in Deadly Needles.
Complete 3-2 and have at least two points in Magic Barrier.
Complete 3-3 and have at least two points in Dimensional Vanish.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 異空いくうのポセインブール
ikū no poseinbūru
Poseinbul Dimension
Traditional Chinese 異空間的波賽藍海
Yìkōngjiān de Bōsài Lánhǎi
Another Dimension's Posei Blue Sea
Simplified Chinese 异空间的波赛蓝海
Yìkōngjiān de Bōsài Lánhǎi
Dutch Poseiblaudimensie Poseiblu dimension
French Marée azurée Azure tide
German Fluxazur-Dimension Fluxazure-Dimension
Italian Dimensione Universazzurra Universazure Dimension
Korean 이공의 포세인불
i-gong-ui poseinbul
Poseinbul Dimension
Portuguese Universo Aquazul Aquablue Universe
Spanish Universo Asureidón Azureidon Universe
It is likely -eidón is derived from the Greek deity Poseidon.