Miracle Fruit

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Kirby encounters a Miracle Fruit in Fine Fields.

A Miracle Fruit is an object that debuted in Kirby: Triple Deluxe. It grants the Hypernova ability when touched.

The plant that bears the Miracle Fruit is first seen as a small vine stemming from the ground - part of the Dreamstalk. Upon being approached by Kirby, it rapidly grows, then bears the fruit. The fruit itself is a pulsating crimson spherical berry with an exterior gold and blue swirl and a visible glowing aura.

Miracle Fruits also play key roles in two boss fights in Triple Deluxe. Firstly, as Kirby is fighting Queen Sectonia, he is captured and presumably finished when Taranza and King Dedede come to the rescue and toss Kirby a fruit. Secondly, in The True Arena, the final boss is Soul of Sectonia, who, after being obliterated by Kirby's final attack at the end of Story Mode, had managed to survive and power up by eating several fruits in one last attempt to bring Kirby down.


  • According to an official Miiverse post, the Miracle Fruit was originally conceived of as "Hypernova Candy", but this was changed to tie it into the Dreamstalk instead.[1]