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KatFL Clawroline artwork.png
Artwork of Clawroline from Kirby and the Forgotten Land
First appearance Kirby and the Forgotten Land (2022)
Latest appearance Kirby's Return to Dream Land Deluxe (2023, reference)
Other appearance(s) Kirby's Dream Buffet (reference)
Related Phantom Clawroline
Similar Leongar
Voice actor(s) Sora-kun (Shinya Kumazaki's pet cat)
Theme music

Music for the battle with Clawroline in Kirby and the Forgotten Land

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Clawroline tried to cut your adventure short at the Wondaria circus. She normally acts as a point of contact for the Beast Pack's boss, but she couldn't resist the chance to track Kirby down herself. Her grace and speed are quite impressive, so the rest of the pack think of her as an idol. She has lots of fans!
— Figure description from Kirby and the Forgotten Land

Clawroline, titled Lethal Leopard and known as Carol in short, is a character in the Kirby series, appearing in Kirby and the Forgotten Land as a member of the Beast Pack's council. She is an agile anthropomorphic leopard entity with extended eyelashes and eyeshadow, along with nail polished claws, which are able to be greatly extended. She is famed by many, and according to the "Leon & Carol" figure description, she can only speak through meows. She is firstly fought as a boss, but once the main game is completed, she becomes an ally to Kirby and his friends.

According to Shinya Kumazaki, her name in both Japanese and English is a mix of "cat", "claw", "line" (representing the limberness of her body lines),[1] and the name "Caroline", hence her nickname being "Carol". It could also be a pun including the word "feline".

Game appearances[edit]

Kirby and the Forgotten Land[edit]

Bomb Kirby and Bandana Waddle Dee mid-battle with Clawroline

In Kirby and the Forgotten Land, Clawroline is fought in the last stage of Wondaria Remains as its boss, at first under the cover of a cloak. She is later fought again in the Gathering of the Beast Council stage of Redgar Forbidden Lands, and is also battled in the Meta Knight Cup and The Ultimate Cup in the Colosseum. After Elfilin uses the rest of his power to stop Popstar from crashing into the new world at the end of the game's main story, Clawroline saves him off-camera, and shows up in Waddle Dee Town. Here, she notices that all of the Beast Pack except for Leongar had been accounted for after things had returned to peace, and requests Kirby's assistance. Speaking to her at first will lead Kirby to a small rift that sucks him and Elfilin up into the game's Extra ModeIsolated Isles: Forgo Dreams, where Clawroline is replaced by a stronger doppelgänger known as Phantom Clawroline in the Forgo Park stage.

According to several figure descriptions, Clawroline was referred to by Carol and was closely partnered with Leongar — also referred to differently as Leon — before the Beast Pack was formed, as the two were the renowned leaders over the animal kingdom. Leon came across a long forgotten specimen known as "ID-F86" one day and set his sights on the power offered by it. This resulted in the forming of the Beast Pack, and caused Leon to grow distant as he began speaking in a new language that Carol was unable to understand. She shifted her identity per what was preferred in the pack, becoming Clawroline instead, and joined in the scheme to stick by Leon, in the hopes that he would eventually change back to normal.

Completing the Extra Mode by defeating Forgo Leon and Morpho Knight in the end will roll a cutscene where Clawroline and the rest of the Beast Pack return several wayward soul pieces to Leon, returning him back to his old self and allowing Clawroline to reunite with him.


Clawroline has 1,000 HP in Danger under the Big Top, 600 HP in Gathering of the Beast Council, and 700 HP at the Colosseum. In Wondaria Remains and the colosseum, she enters the second phase once her HP is less than 40% and takes 0.8× damage during the entire second phase. She also takes 0.2× damage when roaring at the start of the battle and before she roars at the start of phase 2.[2]

The following table lists all of Clawroline's attacks (attack names are from the Kirby and the Forgotten Land Perfect Support Guide).

Clawroline's attacks in Kirby and the Forgotten Land  
Attack Description Variants
1-2 Claw
Clawroline takes out her claws and slashes twice in front of her, leaving a Dropped Star with each slash.
Finish Claw
After "1-2 Claw," Clawroline may follow up with a third swipe with both claws, leaving three Dropped Stars.
Assault Cat
Clawroline takes out her claws, gets into position, and dashes at high speed towards Kirby, leaving a Dropped Star wherever she created an afterimage of herself.
Clawroline leaps toward Kirby, sometimes with a flip attack, and then falls straight downward with her claws out, creating a shockwave on landing and producing several Dropped Stars.
Second phase only  
Thrill Edge
Clawroline jumps to one of the metal structures surrounding the arena before taking out seven knives and throwing them at Kirby in rapid succession, leaving a Dropped Star on impact. She may repeat this move once, twice, or three more times before following up with a "Surprise Event."
Inhaling one of her knives will give Kirby the Sword ability.
Clawroline always begins with the second phase with this attack at least once.
Surprise Event
Clawroline jumps to one of the metal structures surrounding the arena before taking out her claws and diving towards Kirby's current location, leaving six Dropped Stars in a hexagonal pattern on impact with the ground.
Spotlight Showtime
Clawroline gets on all fours and vanishes in a puff of smoke. After a drum roll and swiveling lights hint to where she might appear, she reappears and uses a Finish Claw on Kirby, leaving three Dropped Stars.

Other appearances[edit]


  • It is implied that the language Leongar learned that could not be understood by Clawroline was English (or whatever language the game is set to). However, Elfilin communicates with her using this language and is understood without any issues. The most likely possibility is that Elfilin speaks another language that is translated for the player's benefit. Alternatively, it could be that Clawroline instead understands him thanks to his physical expressions.
  • Clawroline's voice is sampled from a male pet cat currently owned by Shinya Kumazaki, who is called Sora-kun.[1]


Video gallery[edit]

Video playthrough of Kirby battling Clawroline in the Colosseum.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 女爪豹めそうひょう キャロライン
Mesōhyō Kyarorain
Clawed Leopardess, Caroline
The title is a pun on 女豹めひょう (mehyō, leopardess) and 女爪めそう (mesō, women's nails).
Chinese 女爪豹 卡洛凌
Nǚzhuǎbào Kǎluòlíng
Clawed Leopardess, Caroline
From 卡洛琳 (Kǎluòlín, Caroline) and 凌 (líng, to climb high and also to bully)
Dutch Linke luipaard, Klauwdia Dangerous leopard, Clawdia
Klauw (Claw) + Klaudia (girl's name)
French Panthère furieuse, Mistigrif
Furious leopardess, Mitsigrif
Griffe (claw) + Mitsi (girl's name); pun on Mistigri (informal word for a cat)
German Listige Leopardin, Tatzandra Cunning Leopardess, Tatzandra
Tatze (paw) + Sandra (girl's name)
Italian Leopardessa feroce, Grinfiolina
Ferocious leopardess, Grinfiolina
Korean 강철 손톱 캐롤라인
Gangcheol Sontop Kaelollain
Steely Nails, Caroline
Brazilian Portuguese Simonça Derived from "Onça" (Jaguar) and the name Simone
Spanish Leoparda letal, Zarparina Lethal leopardess, Zarparina
Zarpa (paw) + Carolina (girl's name)