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Star Dream
Star Dream.jpg
Star Dream, just before the fight begins.
First game Kirby: Planet Robobot
Weakness(es) Robobot Halberd Mode
Relative(s) Star Dream Soul OS
Similar to Galactic Nova

Void Termina
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Star Dream (sometimes called the Mother Computer) is a Boss fought in Kirby: Planet Robobot, appearing as the boss of Mind in the Program, and serving as the final boss of the main Story Mode. It is a sentient computer built by a long-lost civilization, and re-purposed by the Haltmann Works Company to fuel its operations.

Role in Kirby: Planet Robobot

Story Mode

While mentioned a few times throughout the story, Star Dream is not properly introduced until President Haltmann shows it to Kirby at the end of Access Ark. It is said to be the source of the company's power, and was responsible for all of the mechanizing technology they had been using, including changing Meta Knight into Mecha Knight. Indeed, Haltmann uses the computer to build himself a mech to battle Kirby with.

After Haltmann is defeated, he attempts to use Star Dream again to exact revenge, and is in the process of activating it with a controller helmet, but his executive assistant, Susie, steals it off his head. As controlling the computer requires direct brain access, this causes Haltmann to black out, as Susie proclaims that she was waiting for an opportunity to steal Star Dream for herself. However, when Susie dons the helmet, the computer activates on its own, and zaps Susie away as well. The computer, using Haltmann's body to communicate, declares that all organic life is flawed, and that it would erase history in order to usher in a new age of 'infinite prosperity'. It then rises out of the Access Ark and into space, away from anyone who could interfere.

With Susie's begrudging help, and Meta Knight's Halberd, Kirby pursues Star Dream into space, where he fights the computer in the grand finale. Upon defeat, Star Dream, and everything it created, vaporizes, leaving Pop Star in peace once again.

The following lists all of Star Dream's attacks in Kirby: Planet Robobot. Each phase is represented with a separate bar of health. Attack names are taken from Japanese guidebookes.

Phase 1

Star Dream throws a massive number of lasers in Phase 1 of the fight.
Attacks - Phase 1
Attack Description
Megabit Shot Star Dream conjures lasers from black holes to fire upon the Halberd. This is done in several patterns.
Gigabyte Rocket Star Dream fires two large missiles that home in on the Halberd. They can be shot down.
Terabyte Heart Star Dream fires heart-shaped projectiles at the Halberd. These explode in large bursts if not shot down first.
Output Star Dream summons Invader Armors to go after the Halberd. These can be shot down.
Thermal Module Star Dream wreathes itself in flame, then performs a rolling dive toward the Halberd, taking up a large portion of the screen.
Heartful Shell Star Dream conjures a heart-shaped force field to defend itself. Pieces of it can be fired at to break the shield.
Grand Code Cube Star Dream conjures giant Code Cubes that attempt to ram the Halberd.
Star Dreamer Star Dream fires a massive laser from its core, which it sweeps across the arena.
Asteroid Star Dream conjures a huge field of asteroids which fly toward the Halberd. They can be shot down.

Phase 2

Once Phase 1 concludes, Star Dream returns to Pop Star and abducts the entire central dome of the mothership, adding to its mass and returning to the fight.

Attacks - Phase 2
Attack Description
Megabyte Shot Star Dream conjures beam rings from black holes to fire upon the Halberd. This is done in several patterns.
Output Star Dream summons Gigavolts to go after the Halberd. These can be shot down.
Thermal Module Star Dream wreathes itself in flame, then performs a rolling dive toward the Halberd, taking up a large portion of the screen.
Ground Shield When a piece of the mothership's shell breaks off, the debris can crash into the Halberd.
Haltmann Works Company Star Dream forms a shield in front of itself, which spits out a large letter-shaped field that approaches the Halberd.
Petabyte Rocket Star Dream fires several large missiles that home in on the Halberd. They can be shot down.
Binary Tree Star Dream conjures a series of lasers that split off from each-other, covering a good portion of the screen, then bursting at the ends.
Works Arcs Star Dream forms four legs, and then swipes with them.

Phase 3

Once Phase 2 concludes, the remaining front covering of the dome falls off to reveal a face on the dome, looking much like the one on Galactic Nova. The fight resumes, with new and bizarre attacks.

Star Dream attempts to do Kirby's thing in Phase 3 of the fight.
Attacks - Phase 3
Attack Description
Install Hole Star Dream inhales, sucking the Halberd in. If caught, the Halberd takes massive damage.
Dead End Code Star Dream conjures a shield, which releases fields shaped like numbers. Each one is harder to dodge than the last.
Memories Star Dream disappears, and a giant implement appears which fires projectiles and can be shot down. These items appear in the following oder:
  • Countdown to 5: weathercock
  • Countdown to 4: compasses
  • Countdown to 3: pocket watch
  • Countdown to 2: light blub
  • Countdown to 1: telescope
Fatal Error If the Dead End Code countdown gets to GO!, a system error occurs, which is extremely difficult to dodge and will almost certainly defeat the Halberd.

Phase 4

Once Phase 3 concludes, Star Dream falls for a moment, but then shoots a surprise laser to cripple the Halberd. Meta Knight releases Kirby from its face, to engage Star Dream one last time with the Robobot Armor by itself.

Kirby drills to victory in Phase 4 of the fight.

All that needs to be done during this phase is for the player to continue rotating the Circle Pad as quickly as they can. This will allow Kirby to drill through all the shields, then unscrew Star Dream from its base.

On defeat, Star Dream explodes, fragmenting into countless pieces, which then all vaporize, along with everything else that was built by Haltmann Works. Pop Star is saved, and the game is complete.

In The Arena, Phase 4 is not fought, and defeating Phase 3 completes the boss rush.

Meta Knightmare Returns

In Meta Knightmare Returns the extra game, Star Dream appears during the fight with President Haltmann 2.0. After the president is defeated, the computer addresses Meta Knight directly, proclaiming him to be the new admin. It then proceeds to set up a challenge for its new admin, having him fight three distinct bosses in succession. The first two are clones of familiar bosses created by the computer, Dark Matter Clone and Sectonia Clone.

After these two are destroyed, Star Dream then proceeds to summon one last for for Meta Knight. Through a cosmic rift, Galacta Knight is brought in. Immediately after being summoned, he slashes Star Dream, presumably destroying it, and engages Meta Knight with new and improved powers. After defeat, Galacta Knight is re-sealed in his crystal prison, and sent back from whence he came, completing this game mode.

The True Arena

Main article: Star Dream Soul OS

In The True Arena of Planet Robobot, a what-if scenario, Kirby fights the same 2.0 bosses Meta Knight has faced. Galacta Knight slashes Star Dream again like in Meta Knightmare Returns. After Galacta Knight is defeated by Kirby, however, there is still one boss left, displayed as ???? in the rest area.

When Kirby enters the door to the final battle, it is revealed as no other than Star Dream. It still has Galacta Knight's slash mark on it, but now has a dark red palette. It is titled Star Dream Soul OS, serving as the Soul Boss of this game.


  • Star Dream appears to be a relative of Galactic Nova from Kirby Super Star, as its final form resembles it greatly.
  • So far, Star Dream in its full form is the largest boss in Kirby series history.
  • Star Dream's main shaft sports a pattern that resembles a heart on the front, and many of its attacks are also heart-shaped. However, these hearts also appear to be broken, which may serve as a subtle warning to anyone who might try to use it.
  • According to the "Planet Robobot Ask-A-Thon", Star Dream gradually steals the memories of its users, which it had done repeatedly to President Haltmann prior to the events of the game. Star Dream apparently does this because it had been left in an incomplete state when Haltmann Works Co. found it.
  • Many of the names given to Star Dream's attacks are based on computer terms.
  • Star Dream's "Nova" form (both's faces resemble a cat's) begins the battle with a meow cry, which was actually recorded from Shinya Kumazaki's pet cat called Tom. Unfortunately, Tom passed away in June 2017.[1]
  • The weathercock released in Phase 3 makes real chicken cackles, which was recorded from Hirokazu Ando's pet chicken.
  • Star Dream somewhat resembles the HAL 9000, a fictional sentient computer from 2001: a Space Odyssey, and after whom HAL Laboratory is named.
  • The 2 CDs of Kirby: Planet Robobot Original Soundtrack are both fully printed with Star Dream.


Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 星の夢
Hoshi no Yume
Star Dream
French Idole des étoiles Idol of the stars
German Sternentraum Star Dream
Italian Sogno Stellare Star Dream
Korean 별의 꿈
Star Dream
Spanish Sueño Estelar Star Dream