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The Wastes Where Life Began

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The Wastes Where Life Began
KatFL The Wastes Where Life Began select screenshot.png
The Wastes Where Life Began in the Originull Wasteland hub.
Level Originull Wasteland
No. of Waddle Dees 9
Mouthful Mode(s) Ring Mouth
Mid-Boss(es) Fleurina
Blueprint Crystal Needle
Theme music

Main theme for the stage.

Stage order
An Unexpected Beast King Searching the Oasis
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The Wastes Where Life Began is the first stage of Originull Wasteland in Kirby and the Forgotten Land. In this stage, Kirby explores the dried-up wastes where once there was a seaside and thriving shipping district. He makes use of both Ranger and Ring Mouth to deal with the enemies ahead, while avoiding falling metal pillars.

There are four Capsules from Vol. 1 and two from Vol. 2 to collect in this stage, and five missions to complete. There are a total of nine Waddle Dees to rescue here, when including the mission objectives. The blueprint for Crystal Needle can be found in this stage.

Stage overview[edit]

Kirby heading for the Warp Star after completing the myriad tasks in the first area.

This stage is divided into two main areas, with one hidden side area accessible from the second main area.

The first area is a rather expansive one, placing Kirby in a wide open space where he needs to root around to collect star pieces in order to rescue the trapped Waddle Dee. In this area, which was evidently once a coral reef and shipyard, Kirby can make use of the Ranger ability to shoot down distant targets, and make use of Ring Mouth to uncover things from sand piles. Along the way, Kirby will climb onto a moored ship and do battle with Fleurina. The blueprint for Crystal Needle can then be recovered by heading to the ship's bow. The way forward can be found by means of a Warp Star at the end of the main path.

In the second area, Kirby needs to walk along a series of narrow paths spanning an abyss below, while avoiding lots of falling pillars in the way. While moving forward, he can find another hoop to use for Ring Mouth, which may come in handy for uncovering hidden things. After one more set of falling pillars past a bridge guarded by Pactos, Kirby can reach the gold cage at the foot of an abandoned hotel.

Differences between difficulties[edit]

There do not appear to be any differences in the number of enemies between Spring-Breeze Mode and Wild Mode in this stage.


Kirby making short work of Fleurina using Ring Mouth.

The Wastes Where Life Began has five missions to complete, as follows:

  • "Clear the stage" - Kirby must complete the stage.
  • "Save the hidden Waddle Dees" - Kirby must find and rescue the three hidden Waddle Dees in silver cages. Their locations are as follows:
    • Waddle Dee 1: This Waddle Dee is located behind a gate in the first area that can be unlocked by collecting all five star pieces. The star pieces are in the following places:
      • Inside a treasure chest guarded by a Sssnacker on the main path.
      • Obtained from solving a switch puzzle over some toxic goop on the right side of the area.
      • Inside a treasure chest on the main path that is partially buried by sand. Ring Mouth or Tornado is needed to access it.
      • Obtained from solving a windmill switch puzzle over toxic goop on the left side of the area.
      • Obtained after defeating Fleurina on the rusty ship to the back and right of the area.
    • Waddle Dee 2: This Waddle Dee is hidden under a cracked floor on the main path in the second area. To get him out of there, Kirby needs to obtain Ring Mouth and then use it to blow out the support for a pillar so it will fall and break the floor open.
    • Waddle Dee 3: This Waddle Dee is hidden in a side area accessible from the second main area. To get in, Kirby needs to use Ring Mouth to cause a pillar to fall onto a fragile floor shortly after the second Waddle Dee's location. Once inside the room, Kirby needs to complete an obstacle course involving falling pillars in order to save this Waddle Dee.
  • "Shoot 3 flying targets" - Kirby must find and shoot all three Target Switches using Ranger or one of its variants. They can all be found in the first area, and are located in the following spots:
    • Target 1: Can be found near the middle of the area, above the path with the Pactos on it.
    • Target 2: Can be found off to the right, just before the area with the platforms spinning in the toxic goop.
    • Target 3: Can be found to the left, between the area with the Windmill Switches and the falling pillars (it is located behind one of the pillars).
  • "Defeat the lost Squishy" - Kirby must locate and defeat the lone Squishy in the first area of the stage. It can be found along the left edge of the area, just before the area with the Windmill Switches.
  • "Defeat Fleurina using Ring Mouth" - Kirby must defeat Fleurina by bringing and using Ring Mouth. This can be done with a bit of platforming to the right of the ladder that is normally used to get up there.

Enemies and Abilities[edit]

Regular Enemies Bosses & Mid-Bosses

Abilities Mouthful Mode(s)


The secret room in The Wastes Where Life Began, hidden behind the stage's golden cage.
  • There is a secret room in this stage. To find it, Kirby must walk through a hole in the fence behind the golden cage at the end of the stage. Then, after walking inside the nearby hotel, Kirby can activate a switch that will drop five green star pieces onto a conveyor belt, some hidden inside crates. A few Noddies and Sir Kibbles will also drop onto the conveyor belt. If Kirby collects all five star pieces, a gate will lift up, allowing Kirby to pocket a few piles of Star Coins, some food, and a Capsule.


Video walkthrough[edit]

100% walkthrough of The Wastes Where Life Began.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese いのちはじまる大荒野だいこうや
Inochi Hajimaru Daikōya
The Great Wilderness Where Life Began
Chinese 生命起源大荒野
Shēngmìng Qǐyuán Dàhuāngyě
The Great Wilderness of Life's Origin
Dutch De woestenij van het eerste leven The wasteland of the first life
French Berceau désertique de la vie Arid cradle of life
German Die wüste Wiege des Lebens The desolate Cradle of Life
Italian Il deserto all'origine della vita The desert at the origin of life
Korean 생명이 싹트는 대황야
Saengmyeongi Ssakteuneun Daehwangya
The Great Wilderness Where Life Sprouted
Spanish Erial de la Cuna de la Vida Cradle of Life Wasteland