Sizzlai Moon

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Sizzlai Moon
KSA Sizzlai Moon entry.jpg
Sizzlai Moon on the world map.
Level Far-Flung Starlight Heroes
Big Switch? No
Friend Action(s) No
Boss(es) Flamberge
Theme music

"Star Lavadom"

Clip of the music that plays in normal areas of Sizzlai Moon

Stage order
Star Lavadom Jambandra Base
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Sizzlai Moon is a moon which orbits Star Lavadom and shares its host star's climate. This moon serves as the twelfth stage of Far-Flung Starlight Heroes in Kirby Star Allies. As a stage, it is relatively short, but ends in a rematch with Flamberge. Completing this stage is necessary to unlock Jambandra Base.


The stage begins on a slope, which can continually be peeled away using switches to clear the path forward. At the top, Kirby can gain some friends before moving forward.

From there, Kirby duels Flamberge once again. Defeating her clears this stage.

Rare Picture Piece Guide[edit]

Kirby reaches the now uncovered picture piece after meteors had cleared the way.

One of the slopes when peeled away reveals a barrel which conceals a round-trip door. Inside, Kirby will need to carry a Key through a meteor shower to unlock a cache containing this piece.

Enemies, Bosses, and Abilities[edit]

Regular Enemies Bosses & Mid-Bosses

Abilities Friend Actions

  • None.


  • The optional side area containing the rare picture piece in this stage is notorious in that CPU allies have trouble surviving, as they tend to run straight into the lava to the right in order to avoid the falling meteors.


Side areas[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
German Mond Brutzo Moon Sizzlo