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KPR COGS battle 1.png
Intact C.O.G.S. in Kirby: Planet Robobot
First game Kirby: Planet Robobot (2016)
Weakness(es) Robobot Armor Jet Mode
Similar to Kabula
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A geared-up base made of gigantic cogs defends this route. Batteries turn along with the gear movement to aim at targets. Unless this base is destroyed, there is no way forward.
— Vs. C.O.G.S. Special Page (American English)
A geared-up base made of gigantic cogs defending this route. It uses its huge gears to turn the turrets and aim at targets. Unless this base is destroyed, there is no way forward.
— vs C.O.G.S. Special Page (British English)

C.O.G.S. is a boss that first appeared in Kirby: Planet Robobot. It appears in Stage 2 of Resolution Road and Stage 4 of Gigabyte Grounds and is fought exclusively with the Robobot Armor's Jet Mode.

The English name, in addition to being an accurate descriptor for the boss, may also be a pun on the financial accounting acronym, standing for "Cost Of Goods Sold". This would be in keeping with it being built by the Haltmann Works Company.

True to its name, C.O.G.S. is little more than a series of cogs and gears on the side of a wall. Attached to these cogs are a series of turrets that will attempt to fire missiles, plasma shots and laser blasts at Kirby. To defeat C.O.G.S., Kirby must simply fire at the individual gears until they are destroyed, rendering C.O.G.S. inoperable piece-by-piece.

Game appearances[edit]

Kirby: Planet Robobot[edit]

C.O.G.S. with some of its gear cannons destroyed.

C.O.G.S. first appears at the end of Stage 2 of Resolution Road, as the last obstacle that Kirby must overcome using the Jet Mode. Fighting and defeating it is simply a matter of destroying every gear cannon on the boss with sustained fire. Firing at cannons that are already destroyed will not damage the boss further. Once only one cannon remains, it will proceed to rapid-fire shots from top-to-bottom and bottom-to-top repeatedly until it is destroyed.

There is another variety of C.O.G.S., which appears in Stage 4 of Gigabyte Grounds. Once destroyed, it sheds its outer casing and becomes Core Kabula, which Kirby must fight again to defeat.

C.O.G.S. is encountered again in The Arena and The True Arena, with the former using the Resolution Road battle and the latter using the Gigabyte Grounds battle.


The following table details information regarding separate amounts of HP that each gear on C.O.G.S. has, noted from top to bottom. It should be noted that the actual damage dealt to C.O.G.S. is equivalent to the Base Power of the attack used by Jet Mode (see its moveset page for more information).

The health of each gear usually follows a pattern, with the center gear cannon having the most health, while the outer cannons have significantly less health, followed by the second and fourth gears. All of the gears share the same health bar.

For information about Core Kabula's health, see her respective section in the Kabula page.

C.O.G.S.' health  
Stage Health
(from top to bottom)
Resolution Road - Stage 2
  • 525
  • 510
  • 825
  • 510
  • 525

Total HP: 2,895

Gigabyte Grounds - Stage 4
  • 341
  • 331
  • 536
  • 331
  • 341

Total HP: 1,880

The Arena
  • 393
  • 382
  • 618
  • 382
  • 393

Total HP: 2,168

The True Arena
  • 255
  • 248
  • 402
  • 248
  • 255

Total HP: 1,408


The following is a complete list of the attack patterns of C.O.G.S. in Kirby: Planet Robobot. Note that in the table, "main cannons" refers to the trio of cannons comprising the topmost, middle, and bottom-most cannons which fire blue plasma shots, and "secondary cannons" refers to the two intermediate cannons that shoot Shotzo bullets. Also note that attack names are from the Japanese strategy guide where applicable:

C.O.G.S.' attacks  
Attack Description Variants Notes
Light Bullet
The main cannons shoot three plasma shots, repositioning before each shot. The side cannons swivel in mirror fashion to each-other, while the center cannon moves more independently. The cannons fire in alternating bursts, with the center cannon making a shot shortly before or after the side cannons.
  • Variation 1: C.O.G.S. shoots the central cannon first, followed by the side cannons. The central cannon starts by firing straight ahead, then shoots downward on its second firing, then straight ahead again for the third. The side cannons angle inward slightly for the first shots, angle inward more sharply for the second, then return to the previous angle to fire the third shots.
  • Variation 2: C.O.G.S. shoots the side cannons first, followed by the central cannon. The side cannons follow the same pattern as in the first attack, while the central cannon starts angled downward, then straight ahead, then angled upward.
These cannons make no effort to home in on Kirby's position, and always fire in the same set patterns. Additionally, the third volley may be partially interrupted by the initiation of another attack.
Weak Bullet
The secondary cannons shoot three Shotzo bullets, repositioning before each shot. Both cannons fire simultaneously, and mirror each-others' movements. For each attack, the cannons fire straight ahead for the first shot, swivel slightly inward for the second, and swivel even further inward for the third. These cannons make no effort to home in on Kirby's position, and always fire in the same set patterns. Additionally, unlike with the main cannons, the bullets from these secondary cannons can be destroyed by firing at them.
The main cannons fire continuous blue lasers for a short period, activating from center first, top second and bottom last. While this attack is underway, the secondary cannons do not fire.
Reflection Laser
The two outermost cannons fire continuous pink lasers for a short period. While this attack is underway, the secondary cannons aim toward the beams fired by the main ones, and shortly after fire their own lasers, which reflect off the main laser fire and angle inward.
  • Variation 1: The secondary cannons aim inward to fire their pulses.
  • Variation 2: The secondary cannons aim outward to fire their pulses.
C.O.G.S. shifts its secondary cannons to the front before initiating this attack. Secondary laser fire will not be deflected if the main cannon in question is not firing.
The attack will end early if certain cannons are destroyed.
The middle main cannon charges for a few seconds before firing a single giant fireball straight forward and creating a large flame cyclone which rotates up and down with the cannon. After a while the cyclone disappears and the cannon fires three more fireballs, one giant and two small. All other cannons do not fire. C.O.G.S. may aim at Kirby before firing the last fireballs.
Movable Laser
C.O.G.S. shoots lasers straight forward from the side cannons first, and then the cannons swivel towards the center, dragging the lasers with them. Afterward, the central cannon fires its laser straight forward. While this attack is underway, the secondary cannons do not fire. This attack is never used during the battles in Resolution Road and The Arena.
Desperate rapid-fire volley[conjectural title] If only one cannon is left intact, that cannon will start to shoot rapidly in a spread that travels up and down, the angle of which depends on which cannon is the last one. This pattern continues until C.O.G.S. is defeated. If the last cannon is one of the main ones, its firing rate will be slightly faster than if it's one of the secondary ones.
Attack order[edit]

When fought in Resolution Road and The Arena, C.O.G.S. attacks in a fixed order on loop as follows until one cannon remains:

  1. Light Bullet, Variation 1 & Weak Bullet
  2. Laser
  3. Light Bullet, Variation 2 & Weak Bullet
  4. Reflection Laser, Variation 1 + Variation 2 + Variation 1
  5. Light Bullet, Variation 2 & Weak Bullet
  6. Flamethrower

When fought in Gigabyte Grounds and The True Arena, C.O.G.S. starts with these attacks:

  • Movable Laser
  • Light Bullet, Variation 1 & Weak Bullet

It then attacks in a fixed order on loop as follows until one cannon remains:

  1. Reflection Laser, Variation 2 + Variation 1
  2. Light Bullet, Variation 2 & Weak Bullet
  3. Laser
  4. Light Bullet, Variation 2 & Weak Bullet
  5. Flamethrower
  6. Light Bullet, Variation 2 & Weak Bullet
  7. Movable Laser
  8. Light Bullet, Variation 2 & Weak Bullet


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ンギュア基地きち
Ngyua Kichi
N'gyuar Base
「ンギュア」("N'gyuar") seems to be a corruption of 「ギヤ」 (the English word "gear").
French Bases engrenages Gear bases
German N-Goor-Basis Based on the Japanese name.
Italian IngraBase Combination of the words "ingranaggio" (gear) and "base"
Korean 아륜 기지
Aryun Giji
Wheel Base
Spanish Base MK MK Base