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Scissor-Lift Mouth

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Scissor-Lift Mouth
KatFL Scissor-Lift Mouth screenshot.png
Screenshot of Scissor-Lift Mouth Kirby from Kirby and the Forgotten Land.
First stage it appears in Concrete Isles
Obtained from A scissor lift in a stage
Power(s) Take the form of a scissor lift and reach high places or hit high-up switches
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Kirby gained the mysterious Mouthful Mode ability after he flew through that vortex... Now he can stuff an entire scissor lift into his mouth! Raise and lower yourself to reach items and dodge enemy attacks. You can also spit the lift out while extended to reach the top of tall platforms!
— Figure description from Kirby and the Forgotten Land

Scissor-Lift Mouth is a Mouthful Mode that involves Kirby wrapping himself around a scissor lift in order to take control of it, allowing him to move along a set path and extend himself upward a good distance in order to grab items, defeat enemies, and reach high places. While using Scissor-Lift Mouth, Kirby can only move to the left or right. Kirby can also change his height, extending or retracting as needed to reach items, hit switches, or avoid obstacles. When extending upward, the action can hit and defeat enemies above Kirby. Kirby can also spit the scissor lift out while it is extended to pop up on top of it and use it as a high platform.


  • A (or B) - Change Height


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese さぎょうしゃほおばり
Sagyōsha Hōbari
Workplace Vehicle Mouthful
Traditional Chinese 作業車塞滿嘴
Zuòyèchē Sāimǎnzuǐ
Operating Vehicle Stuffed Mouth
Simplified Chinese 作业车塞满嘴
Zuòyèchē Sāimǎnzuǐ
Dutch Mondvol-hoogwerker Mouthful platform
French Élévateur transmorphé Transmorphed scissor-lift
German Hebebühnen-Stopfer Lifting platform-Stuffer
Korean 작업차 머금기
Jageopcha Meogeumgi
Work Lift Mouthful
Spanish Elevador transmórfico Transmorphic scissor-lift