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Gotcha Machine Alley

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Gotcha Machine Alley
KatFL Gotcha Machine Alley screenshot.png
Gotcha Machine Alley with all four machines, as it appears in Waddle Dee Town.
Game(s) Kirby and the Forgotten Land
Inhabitant(s) Trader Waddle Dee
Theme Music

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Should we visit the Gotcha Machine alley? We might "gotch" the last ones we need!
— Elfilin in reference to Gotcha Machine Alley, from Kirby and the Forgotten Land

Gotcha Machine Alley is a location in Waddle Dee Town where Kirby can use one of four Gotcha Machines to purchase figures for his collection. This alley is initially empty, but machines representing each volume of figures are added one by one as the game progresses. After clearing the Ultimate Cup Z in the Colosseum, Trader Waddle Dee also shows up here to trade figures for Rare Stones.


The following are details on each individual machine in Gotcha Machine Alley:

Gotcha Machines  
Machine Unlock criteria Cost to use
KatFL Gotcha Machine Vol 1 screenshot.png
Vol. 1
Complete Natural Plains. Star Coin×10
KatFL Gotcha Machine Vol 2 screenshot.png
Vol. 2
Complete Wondaria Remains. Star Coin×20
KatFL Gotcha Machine Vol 3 screenshot.png
Vol. 3
Complete Originull Wasteland. Star Coin×50
KatFL Gotcha Machine Vol 4 screenshot.png
Vol. 4
Complete Lab Discovera. Star Coin×100


  • Once Kirby has obtained one of each figure from a given volume, a prompt will appear if Kirby tries to use that volume's machine again notifying the player that all of the figures from that machine have been collected, but will still allow a purchase to be made. This prompt will only appear once per use of the machine.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ガチャルポン
Pun on ガチャポン (Gachapon).
Dutch Verrassingsautomatensteeg Surprise machine alley
French Allée des distributeurs de surprises Alley of Surprise Vending Machines
German Überraschungsautomatengasse Surprise vending machine alley
Korean 뽑기 기계
ppobgi gigye
Random-draw Machine