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Rhythm Route - Stage 6

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Rhythm Route - Stage 6
KPR Dedede Clone Intro.png
Susie shows Kirby the initial form of Dedede Clone, contained within a glass receptacle.
Level Rhythm Route
Boss(es) Dedede Clone, Dedede Clones & D3
Theme music

Clip of the music that plays in Rhythm Route - Stage 6.

Stage order
Rhythm Route - Stage 5 Rhythm Route - Stage 7 EX
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Rhythm Route - Stage 6 is the sixth stage of Rhythm Route. This stage is unlocked after clearing Stage 5 and collecting at least seven Code Cubes in Rhythm Route. This stage serves as the boss stage for the level, and pits Kirby against Dedede Clone and then Dedede Clones & D3. After clearing this stage, Kirby can move on to Access Ark.


The stage begins out in the city at night, where a number of cannons can be used to move between different rooftops to get an Assist Star from Bandana Waddle Dee and Copy Essences containing the Bomb, Mirror, and Leaf abilities. One particular set of cannons shoot Kirby to the boss door, contained inside a tall tower.

Once inside, Kirby runs into Susie once again, who emerges from a hatch in the floor, singing another line from The Noble Haltmann, putting on quite a show in the process. From there, she addresses Kirby again, showing surprise that he was able to defeat Mecha Knight, and wondering if the company's Mother Computer is not as perfect as she initially believed. Regardless, she shows Kirby a small purple blob within a glass tube that she explains was the result of "nanogenetic" engineering and will put a stop to Kirby's interference. She breaks the tube open and the blob morphs into a monochromatic clone of King Dedede, who Susie then orders to destroy Kirby as she makes her escape.

Dedede Clone[edit]

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The fight with Dedede Clone initially plays out in much the same way as a regular battle with King Dedede would, as Dedede Clone has all of the same standard moves as the King he is based on, including his Super Dedede Jump, Head Slide, Inhale, and hammer attacks. However, things start to shake up once Dedede Clone loses sufficient health, as he is knocked down and collapses into a puddle, then re-emerges as three smaller Dedede Clones, who then proceed to attack in tandem. Kirby will need to beat each of these clones back, making them smaller and smaller with each substantial hit until, after their health bar is depleted, they are about the size of Kirby. Despite this, the battle is not over yet, as the elevator arena they were fighting on reaches the top of the tower, and a new weapon appears which the now-tiny Dedede Clones hop onto.

Dedede Clones & D3[edit]

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Using the D3 vehicle, the Dedede Clones attack Kirby by pivoting it around a track along the platform, frequently carrying the cannon outside of Kirby's attack range. D3 has a number of weapons on board which it can utilize, including an energy machine gun, flamethrowers, a bomb launcher, and a giant laser cannon. Kirby will have to battle Dedede Clones & D3 in two distinct phases before the weapon is destroyed, finally defeating the Dedede Clones along with it.