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Access Ark (ship)

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Access Ark (ship)
KPR Opening Cutscene Access Ark.png
The Access Ark as seen during a cutscene.
Game(s) Kirby: Planet Robobot
Inhabitant(s) President Haltmann, Susie, Mecha Knight+, Clanky Woods, Security Force, Invader Armor, Gigavolt II, Haltworker, Star Dream
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This article is about the ship itself, and should not be confused with the level, Access Ark.

The Access Ark is a planet-sized ship that appears in Kirby: Planet Robobot. It serves as the headquarters of the Haltmann Works Company.


The Access Ark resembles a gigantic, metallic ball with circuit-like patterns that occasionally glow green. It is also engraved with several depictions of the insignia of the Haltmann Works Company - a stylized letter H. A giant iris door with the Haltmann Works insignia on it and with rainbow-colored lights on its interior is located at the bottom, which serves as the entrance for the Access Ark, and is also used to blast a powerful laser beam that can cripple various structures. The Access Ark also has five giant metallic legs tipped with luminous, semi-iridescent cyan drills, which are used to settle its grip on planets like Planet Popstar. As Kirby makes progress, the legs of the ship will lose their light and begin sparking on the world map.

In the boss fight against Star Dream (Soul OS), the mother computer is revealed to be able to attach itself to the top of the Access Ark in Phase 2. Interestingly, when the front covering of the planet-sized ship falls off, it reveals a cat-like face that greatly resembles the Galactic Nova, with its Story Mode appearance being colored white with pink, yellow, green, and blue polygons around the rim. In the fight against Star Dream Soul OS, it is much closer to Nova's original appearance, with red and gold triangles surrounding the face.

In Kirby: Planet Robobot[edit]

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In Kirby: Planet Robobot, the Access Ark is the ship used by the Haltmann Works Company to mechanize Planet Popstar. In the intro cutscene, it settles its giant drill legs into the planet's surface to stabilize its landing, then blasts Castle Dedede and the Halberd with a powerful laser beam, and finally uses the Haltmann Works Company's machinery to mechanize the planet.

Throughout Kirby's journey, he destroys each leg of the Access Ark as he defeats each boss spanning across the different levels. Eventually, he infiltrates the Access Ark with the Warp Star and confronts the company's president inside his own head office.

During the fight with Star Dream, the computer attaches itself to the Access Ark after the first phase of the fight, adding more mass to itself and allowing it to attack the Halberd with more sophisticated attacks. After the Halberd destroys the Access Ark's front covering, a cat-like face resembling that of Galactic Nova is revealed on the mothership, and the Halberd must use its Planet Buster attacks, then eventually drill through its final defenses with Kirby and his Robobot Armor's giant drill to take down Star Dream and the Access Ark for good.

Notable locations[edit]

Stage areas[edit]

Main article: Access Ark
A section from the hallway area, in Stage 1, featuring a portrait of the President.

As Kirby progresses up the Access Ark, he traverses through three unique areas: an intricate-looking hallway with the likenesses of President Haltmann within its paintings and statues, a pristine-colored laboratory setting, and what looks like a dark-looking virtual cyberspace. Many of these areas are usually guarded by a Security Force (with the exception of Stage 3), a Mid-Boss resembling Metal General.

Haltworkers and Labotorys are often seen working around different parts of the Access Ark.

Executive Office[edit]

The Access Ark’s executive office.

Kirby finally confronts the company's president in his own executive office. It is surrounded with a giant, transparent window overlooking the atmosphere of Planet Popstar, and is also adorned with a red, patterned floor, a yellow-colored desk, and model depictions of different planets. The Executive Office is where the Mother Computer, Star Dream, is kept.

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In the boss fight against President Haltmann, the entire office is transformed into an arena composed mainly of dark-colored cubes that resemble Code Cubes, alongside golden ones. The shape of this battlefield can be altered with the help of the president's golden mech: the Executive Suit.


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