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Heroes in Another Dimension - Dimension I

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Dimension I
KSA Heroes Dimension I 2.jpg
Kirby performing a Friend Throw puzzle in Dimension I.
Level Heroes in Another Dimension
Friend Action(s) Friend Bridge
Boss(es) Parallel Woods
Mid-Boss(es) Chef Kawasaki
Theme music

Clip of the music that plays in Dimension I

Stage order
Ability Planet Dimension II
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Dimension I is the first of four primary stages in Heroes in Another Dimension. It is the only one available to access at the start, and unlocks Dimensions II, III, and IV upon completion. As with the others, there are 30 Friend Hearts to collect in this dimension. The boss of this dimension is Parallel Woods.


The dimension takes place in seven primary rooms, not counting the boss and boss prep chambers. The Hero Doors grant the following Copy Abilities/Dream Friends in the following order:

In the boss prep room, the following Copy Essences can be found:

There are a total of three Dream Rods that can be found in this dimension, with two being in the Fire room and one in the boss prep room.

Friend Heart Guide[edit]

The following are in order of appearance:

Starting Room[edit]

  • The first heart is out in the open, and must be obtained in order to progress.

Fighter Room[edit]

  • Kirby will need to use Friend Throw to bust a metal block and hit a switch, thus revealing this heart beneath.
  • Another switch lies beyond a metal block, this time guarded by a crushing hazard. Kirby will need to time his throw.
  • This heart is located behind a metal block, which can be broken if Kirby uses Friend Throw from a moving platform.

Bandana Waddle Dee Room[edit]

  • This heart can be found under an oddly-shaped moving platform which can crush at the entrance point.
  • Past a bouncing Waddle Dee Ball, this heart can be found inside a box.
  • A Fuse Cannon lies on the path. To light it, a Sizzle Spear is needed. It leads to a room where a Waddle Dee Ball needs to be guided in a switch puzzle. Solving the puzzle yields three hearts.
  • Just after the cannon, a switch can be found inside a wall in the formation ahead, which can be hit to reveal two hearts.

King Dedede Room[edit]

  • Using the Zap Hammer, King Dedede has to run against a sparking Wire to collect this heart before it drops into a bottomless pit.
  • Another spark needs to be ran against to save two hearts. Using a Head Slide might make this easier.
  • The last spark run requires Dedede to hit three Stakes in quick succession to save the three hearts from falling.

Meta Knight Room 1[edit]

  • Meta Knight comes across a sinking tower which he must traverse. The first heart is inside the winding path and is easy to get.
  • Near the end of the first tower, this heart is being guarded by a Sizzle Guard in a looping side-hall.
  • In the second sinking tower, two hearts can be found in a chamber containing barrels which can only be accessed from the tower's exit point.
  • In the third sinking tower, four hearts are being guarded in separate locations by Sizzle Guards, the last of which is off the main path.

Meta Knight Room 2[edit]

  • During the enemy ambush, a Key Dee appears with a Key, which will need to be obtained before it is destroyed in a spike pit. After the fight with Chef Kawasaki, this key can be used to unlock a Gate blocking off a heart.
  • A heart can be found above the room with the Hero Door in it.

Fire Room[edit]

  • Kirby and co. will need to form a Friend Bridge and get the Key Dee to the other side to unlock the door. A Waddle Dee blocks this, so it will need to be gotten rid of using the spike trap. Once successful, this heart can be obtained in a room accessible by cannon.
  • A second Friend Bridge puzzle needs to be solved, this one involving many intruding Waddle Dees. Once solved, two hearts can be obtained; one in front of the cannon, and the other in the room it leads to.

Enemies & Mid-Bosses[edit]

Regular Enemies Mid-Bosses


Video walkthrough[edit]

100% walkthrough of Dimension I.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ディメンションI
Dimenshon I
Dimension I
Traditional Chinese 空間I
kōng jiān I
Dimension I
Simplified Chinese 空间I
kōng jiān I
Dutch Dimensie I Dimension I
European French Dimension I -
German Dimension I -
Spanish Dimensión I Dimension I