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Official art of Susie from Kirby: Planet Robobot
First appearance Kirby: Planet Robobot
Latest appearance Kirby Star Allies
(Dream Friend)
Cameo appearances Kirby Battle Royale
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
Related character(s) Parallel Susie, Pres. Parallel Susie
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Susie (Secretary Susie in the Japanese version; full name Susanna Patrya Haltmann in the English version[1] and スザンナ ファミリア ハルトマン / Susanna Familiar Haltmann in the Japanese version) is a character first appearing in Kirby: Planet Robobot. She is executive assistant (presidential secretary in the Japanese version) of the Haltmann Works Company.

Physical Appearance

Susie 2.0

Susie is possessed of a vaguely human body shape, though like both Magolor and Taranza before her, she has disembodied hands and a large head. Her face consists only of two large completely cyan-colored eyes and blushed cheeks, with no nose or mouth to speak of. She also has long magenta hair, held on the left side by a gold clip. Her outfit seems to consist mostly of a v-neck suit with a collar that extends all the way up past her head, and also forming a hood, with a long grey skirt below, which rounds out to a vaguely boot-shaped piece on the bottom.

Despite her appearance on the box art, Susie cannot fly or hover. Instead, she relies on a helicopter unit, which she summons whenever she needs to get away.


Susie's profile in Japanese

This section is the translation of Susie's profile on the Japanese official website.

  • Job: Executive assistant / presidential secretary (Commander/stakeholder of the invasion project.)
  • Experience: Unknown (Got the current job through difficult trials; full of mystery.)
  • Hobbies: Karaoke, piano (Performs specifal recitals for the President.)
  • Favorite food: Ice cream (Was ordered to build an ice cream factory.)
  • Treasure: A golden hair clip with the letter H written (Always wears it at work, and every day...)

Kirby: Planet Robobot

Story Mode

Spoilers! Notice: Stop right there, stubby little pink thing!
Spoilers abound! If you do not wish to read them, skip ahead to the next heading or find a different article.

Susie is first encountered as a boss the Overload Ocean level. Kirby sees her for the first time in the boss chamber, where she introduces herself. Here, she explains that the Haltmann Works Company came to Pop Star specifically to exploit its natural resources. She declares that Kirby and his friends take their resources for granted, and this justifies her and her company in doing away with them. She then declares to Kirby that he must be destroyed, and hops into a mech suit to fight him.

Susie is seen again at the end of Gigabyte Grounds, singing praises to her boss, President Haltmann. She then brings in Mecha Knight, a subdued and mechanized Meta Knight to attack Kirby as the boss of that realm. She later releases another monstrosity to deal with Kirby at the end of Rhythm Route, a Dedede Clone.

Susie appears again at the end of Access Ark, in the Haltmann Works executive office, using an upgraded version of Mecha Knight to attack Kirby once again. When Kirby defeats him again, Susie is then dismissed by her boss, who takes over the situation from there. After he is defeated, however, Susie takes the opportunity to attempt to steal the Mother Computer, Star Dream from him. This fails, however, as Star Dream itself zaps her away, and then declares its intentions to erase history. Susie, begrudgingly, offers Kirby a suit of Robobot Armor and sends him after it.

When Star Dream is finally defeated, and Pop Star returned to normal, Susie, along with her mech suit, depart from Pop Star to an unknown fate.

Boss Battle

The following lists all of Susie's attacks in Kirby: Planet Robobot.

Susie uses 'Heavy Rotate Dance' in Phase 1 of the battle.
Attacks - Phase 1
Attack Description
Driver Slam Susie jumps high into the air, spins her mech's arms around, then comes crashing down, leaving stars on impact.
Spin Cycle Dash Susie charges up, then slides across the stage several times, her mech's arms spinning rapidly as she does so. She leaves behind two stars when this attack concludes.
  • Susie may also charge up, then performs a massive spin attack, uprooting several stars as the attack progresses.
Drillbit Susie jumps into the air, and fires several drill-shaped bolts from the bottom of her mech onto the arena, which explode shortly after landing. They can be inhaled before they explode.
Susie detaches her mech's drones to chase Kirby in Phase 2 of the battle.

Once Susie has lost roughly two fifths of her vitality, she summons a large conical platform to rise in the middle of the room, changing the arena into a looping circular one.

Attacks - Phase 2
Attack Description
Drillbit Susie's drones detach from her mech and home in on Kirby. These can be swallowed for the Spark ability (or Bomb ability if swallowed during explosion).
  • Dolly could be a reference to the same named clone sheep, the first mammal cloned from an adult somatic cell in real world.
Spin Cycle Dash Susie attaches to the side of the platform, and then performs a whirling spin dash several times, tracing a spiral down the platform, and leaving stars when the attack concludes on the ground.
Driver Slam Susie jumps high into the air, spins her mech's arms around, then comes crashing down, leaving stars on impact.
Driver Slam (with drones) Susie deploys two drones, then hops down to the ground level, while the drones do the same. Then all three entities hop around the stage in synchronicity.
Susie crashes through the platform in Phase 3 of the battle.

When Susie's vitality is nearly depleted, she causes the central platform to open up, revealing a large red cavity in the middle. From here, she attempts to strike at Kirby through this hole.

Attacks - Phase 3
Attack Description
Tower Strike Susie sends her mech flying through the hole in the central platform, crashing into the other side, and leaving stars on impact. This also causes damaging shockwaves to appear and spread out on both sides of her. This move is occasionally powered up further by the platform itself.
Drillbit Susie fires several drones in pairs through the central platform to strike at Kirby. They leave stars and brief conflagration on the ground where they strike.

Once Susie is defeated, her mech explodes, leaving her unarmed. She gets up calmly, brushes dust off herself, scoffs, and summons a small helicopter device to carry her away, laughing as she disappears. This leaves Kirby to do his dance, and proceed to the next level.

Kirby Star Allies

Susie's Dream Friend trailer

Susie makes her playable debut as a Dream Friend in version 4.0.0 of Kirby Star Allies. Her move-set is divided between two primary forms. The first has her on-foot, where she can fire at foes using her H.W.C. blaster or charge at them with rushdown attacks similar to those of the Jet ability. To fly long distances, she pulls out her personal Transporter, which can damage foes with its rotor blades. Her second form has her jump into her Business Suit, which functions very similarly to the Robobot Armor, having only one mid-air jump and being capable of clearing away heavier obstacles such as chains, Posts and metal blocks.

Susie is capable of receiving a Power Effect such as 'Bluster', 'Splash' or 'Zap', adding to her arsenal and creating several distinct attacks which resemble the Robobot Armor modes.


The following table lists all of Susie's moves in Kirby Star Allies:

Susie's Dream Friend Moveset in Kirby Star Allies  
Skill Button Execution Skill Button Execution
H.W.C. Blaster
A in midair
Dash + press and hold B
One-Handed Shot
B while performing Transporter
Transporter Burst
Charge briefly, then release B
Business Suit Up
↓ + B
Super Transporter Burst
Charge longer, then release B
Jump / Double Jump
Business Suit Up, then A
Ultra Transporter Burst
Charge even longer, then release B
Spin Cycle
Business Suit Up, then B
Terra Burst
Run into a wall while performing Ultra Transporter Burst
Spin Cycle Dash
left or right while in Spin Cycle
Aero Cracker
B during Ultra Transporter Burst
Business Suit Up, then ↑ + B
Diving Heart
Charge a long time next to an enemy, then ↑ or forward + B
Driver Slam
Business Suit Up, then ↓ + B in midair
Charge Stock
A, L, or R after charging for a long time
Business Suit Stow
Business Suit Up, then press and hold Y, L, or R
Transporter Jump
Charge Stock, then A in midair


Susie also has some cameo appearances in this title:

  • Vividria the mid-boss and the Artist ability have a rare chance to create a statue of Susie the "Goddess" from the Sculpture attack.
  • One of the Stone ability transformations in the base game has the golden statue of Susie and Ribbon, both girls originally with pink hair.
  • Another statue of Susie with a stand microphone has been added to the Stone transformations in Version 4.0.0.

Cameo Appearances


Play Nintendo

Susie’s going to show you who’s boss!
The Executive Assistant for the Haltmann Works Company has to juggle a lot of responsibilities. Susie’s in charge of scheduling meetings, screening calls, and of course, leading the plan to completely mechanize Planet Popstar.



  • Susie is voiced by Makiko Ohmoto, the same actress who voices Kirby in every game he's been voiced in.
  • It is heavily implied that Susie used to be President Haltmann's daughter, before an incident with the Mother Computer changed her. She no longer recognizes Haltmann as family.
    • In the Japanese version, however, Susie does remember Haltmann; but due to the president's repeated use of Star Dream, his memories of her had all-but vanished.
  • Since the release of Planet Robobot, Susie has often been used as a sort of presenter character like Channel PPP Crew when HAL Laboratory makes statements regarding the Kirby series on social media. This is most evident on Kirby's official Twitter. Later, her Twitter presenter role has been passed to the Three Mages from Kirby Star Allies.

Names in other languages


Language Name Meaning
Japanese 秘書スージー
Hisho Sūjī
Secretary Susie
Traditional Chinese 秘書蘇姿
mì shū sū zī
Secretary Susie
Simplified Chinese 秘书苏姿
mì shū sū zī
Dutch Susie -
French Susie -
German Susi Similar to English name
Italian Susie -
Korean 비서 수지
Biseo Suji
Secretary Susie
Spanish Susi Similar to English name

Business Suit

Language Name Meaning
Japanese リレインバー
(Name origin unknown)
Traditional Chinese 力鍊霸
lì liàn bà
lit. "Power-Tempered-Reign"
  • Transription of the Japanese name.
Simplified Chinese 力炼霸
lì liàn bà
Dutch Susiebot -
French Assistanbot -
German Mega-Mech -
Italian Susiebot -
Korean 리레인바


Transription of the Japanese name
Spanish Susibot -


  1. "As a child, Sue was involved in an accident during a Mother Computer experiment and went missing. Why has she joined the company after all this time? Her full name is Susanna Patrya Haltmann." -Pause Screen Description for Susie 2.0