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Overload Ocean - Stage 6

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Overload Ocean - Stage 6
KPR Susie battle 1.png
Kirby avoiding one of Susie's attacks using her business suit.
Level Overload Ocean
Boss(es) Susie
Theme music

Clip of the music that plays in Overload Ocean - Stage 6.

Stage order
Overload Ocean - Stage 5 Overload Ocean - Stage 7 EX
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Overload Ocean - Stage 6 is the sixth stage of Overload Ocean. This stage is unlocked after clearing Stage 5 and collecting at least six Code Cubes in Overload Ocean. This stage serves as the boss stage for the level, and pits Kirby against Susie. After clearing this stage, Kirby can move on to Gigabyte Grounds.


The stage begins with Kirby underwater in the boatyard, and he will need to swim up to the surface where he will find Bandana Waddle Dee, who gifts him an Assist Star. From there, Kirby can proceed upward past a series of thin floors, one of which holds the Copy Essences for the Fighter, Poison, and Circus abilities. Just above is a 3D Warp Star that will take Kirby to the boss door, leading him into the boss area.

Main article: Susie

Kirby enters a peculiar interior space that appears to be underwater based on the scenery through the windows. Here, he meets up with a strange magenta-haired figure who introduces herself as Susie: executive assistant of the Haltmann Works Company. After briefly explaining her company's motives to her pink guest (who likely doesn't understand at all what she's saying), Susie declares that - since Kirby is interfering with their plans - he must be terminated, and battle begins when Susie dons her Business Suit and attacks.

The battle with Susie takes place in three distinct phases. The first is a basic fight in a flat arena, where Susie attacks by dashing toward Kirby while spinning her suit's arms, hopping about and slamming to the ground, and firing explosives from the drill-tip of her suit. Once she's down by about 1/3rd of her health, the second phase begins, as the arena is transformed into a loop with a big cup-shaped monolith in the middle, which Susie can hop onto to evade Kirby's attacks. From here, she can deploy autonomous drones from her suit that she moves in tandem with, though these drones can be destroyed with enough hits. In the third and final phase, Susie opens up holes in the central arena fixture that she can launch her suit through to create big shockwave attacks. Upon depleting Susie's health bar, her business suit explodes, forcing her to retreat with her personal helicopter device, allowing Kirby to claim victory.