Wagon Star

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Air Ride Machine InfoBox
The Wagon Star as it appears in Kirby Air Ride.
Flavor Text "Can't charge up but... it has good points."
Unlock for Air Ride Reach the finish line three times in a mode other than Free Run
Emphasis HP / Turn
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The Wagon Star is a rideable machine in Kirby Air Ride. It is a particularly unusual-looking star, and its most notable characteristic is the complete inability to boost.


This vehicle is particularly large, and by far the tallest vehicle in the game (excluding King Dedede). It's a pale-pink, cube-shaped machine, with an iron ladder fastened to the back, and two iron bars on top (in front, and behind the rider). In front, the "cube"s bottom half extrudes outward, further than its top half, appearing somewhat similarly to the shape of a bus, or van. Dangling from both the front, and rear, of the vehicle are two small, red tassels. The left and right sides of the vehicle are adorned in large print with the Chinese character, 颱 ("typhoon"). Below this symbol, on each side, are two, somewhat small, "wings". The two propulsion units on its backward side expel strange, square-shaped exhaust fumes, which expand and dissipate once spurted out.


The Wagon Star's most noticeable attribute is its lack of ability to boost, either on the ground, or while airborne. Attempting to charge while on the ground results in sudden braking, which can nonetheless make it easier to navigate sharp turns. In addition, it is considered a terrible glider, able to soar only further than the Formula Star, in that area. Despite these two major flaws, the vehicle has above-average turning and HP. It is also one of the many heavier vehicles in the game.

This machine also has another strange characteristic, perhaps due to its large, blocky size. While it is on the ground, and tilted backward (by holding down on the control stick), it will make contact with the ground. This enables it to hit boost panels and hit switches, among other things, which a normal star could only do by charging. While it drags across the ground like this, however, it decelerates slightly, as it would when charging.

How to Unlock

To unlock this machine for use in Air Ride, the player must reach the goal of any course with any vehicle thrice.

In City Trial, the Wagon Star can occasionally be found randomly throughout the city and be mounted like most other machines. It is always available in Free Run as well.

Instruction Booklet Description

"This machine cannot Boost, but it makes up for it with other strengthened attributes! It's a very easy machine to control."