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Copy Ability InfoBox
Cook Allies.png
Artwork from Kirby Star Allies
Debut Game Kirby Super Star
Last Game Kirby Star Allies
Other Game(s) Kirby & The Amazing Mirror
Kirby Super Star Ultra
Type(s) Single use
Obtained from Chef Kawasaki, Cookin, Prank's frying pan projectile
Power(s) Turns all on-screen enemies into food; launches a huge stream of hot soup when charged.
Helper Chef Kawasaki
(Star Allies only)
Comparable to Crash, Mike, Paint, Magic
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Cook (misnamed Chef in the Kirby: Triple Deluxe keychain) is an ability gained by absorbing two enemies at once or by swallowing Chef Kawasaki or Cookin. It allows Kirby to put all enemies and stars on screen into a pot and produce food.[1]

Game Apperances

Kirby Super Star (Ultra) and Kirby & The Amazing Mirror

Artwork of Cook Kirby from Kirby Super Star Ultra.

Kirby's physical appearance in Kirby Super Star Ultra changes only with the addition of a chef's hat. When activating the ability an animated scene begins with Kirby donning a chef hat and conjuring a large gold colored pot. The pot pulls all on screen enemies and stars in then Kirby seasons and stirs the now burning pot. Kirby will raise his arms indicating completion and as many snacks as things in the pot will burst out.

The Cook Copy Ability is one of the few powers that has a limited use[2] and affects all enemies on screen. After using the cook ability once, Kirby returns to his regular state. Kirby cannot produce a helper using this Copy Ability.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Cook is Kirby's Final Smash in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, where nearby enemies get sucked up into a pot and are cooked. After he is done, the enemies sucked in and some health restoring food are released.

Kirby's Final Smash is replaced by Ultra Sword in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/3DS, however.

Kirby Star Allies

In Kirby Star Allies, Cook ability returns in Kirby main-series.

Cook is still a single use ability for Kirby, but now Kirby can charge his cook attack into a powerful soup attack called 'Souper Supper'. Kirby hums to himself while cooking with this ability. He hums one of two different short tunes based on his charge level.

Cook's Moveset in Kirby: Star Allies
Skill Button Execution Description
Cook Pot
Kirby summons his cook pot to suck every common enemy, projectile, and defeated body of the Mid-Boss on the screen into it.
Kirby is invincible during the whole cooking process.
When the cooking is finished, everything sucked into his pot will pop out as food instead, and Kirby's Cook ability disappears.
If there is nothing to suck into the pot, Kirby won't use up his Cook ability.
Souper Supper
Hold B
In addition to sucking everything he can into his pot and cooking them into food, Kirby will launch a huge stream of hot soup from his pot, which deals massive damage.
Same with 'Cook Pot', Kirby's Cook ability disappears when the cooking is finished.

Chef Kawasaki also returns as a Mid-Boss and a Friend Helper in Star Alllies. He can now use the Cook ability an unlimited number of times as a Friend (but with a cooldown timer), and also has the ability to toss dishes at opponents as a quick attack.

Both Kawasaki and Cook Kirby can also use the new Friend Ability Cook Potluck to launch friends out of the pot.

Character's Food from the Cook Pot in Kirby Star Allies

In Kirby Star Allies, when enemies and even Kirby & Friends are put into the Cook Pot of Cook Kirby/Chef Kawasaki, each character will pop out with their exclusive food.

Unrecruitable Enemies
Enemy Food Note  
Waddle Dee Cherries
Wonkey Bananas Wonkey is yellow-colored in default.
Bronto Burt Turkey Bronto Burt is a flying enemy.
Grizzo Omurice (Omelet with rice) Grizzo's yellow color and red pattern resemble omurice with ketchup.
Cappy Pudding
Two Face Cherries
Glunk Sushi Glunk is an aquatic enemy.
Blipper Sushi Blipper is an aquatic enemy.
Mamanti Sushi Mamanti is an aquatic enemy.
Coner Sushi Coner is an aquatic enemy.
Squishy Takoyaki Takoyaki is a ball-shaped Japanese snack typically filled with octopus.
Kabu Bread loaf
Dekabu Strawberry shortcake
Scarfy Orange Scarfy is orange-colored in default.
Mr. Frosty Popsicle
Bomber Hot dog
Noddy Milk in a baby bottle
Bouncy Ice cream Bouncy is shaped like an ice cream cone.
Nruff Turkey
Propeller Melon Propeller is green-colored in the official artwork from Kirby's Dream Land 2.
Walky Pudding
Gabon Milk in a baby bottle
Chip Bananas Chip is yellow-colored in default.
Anger Masker Carrot
Floaty the Cellcore Pudding
Blizzard Guard Popsicle
Sizzle Guard Hot dog
Jambeliever Macaron Jambeliever looks like a macaron in their outfit.
Kirby, Dream Friends, and Recruitable Enemies/Friends
Character Food Note  
Kirby Melon (no ability);
Food of the respective ability Friend
Melon is one of Kirby's favorite food in Kirby: Right Back at Ya!.
King Dedede Turkey King Dedede is a penguin-like creature.
Meta Knight Coffee
Bandana Waddle Dee Strawberry shortcake
Rick Carrot Carrot is common food for pet hamsters.
Kine Sushi Kine is a fish.
Coo Turkey During the cutscenes in the title and main menu of Star Allies, sometimes Chef Kawasaki may look at Coo/Birdon and chase the bird friends, implying Kawasaki wants to cook them.
Gooey Ice cream
Marx Bread loaf Marx's shoes resemble bread.
Poppy Bros. Jr Milk in a baby bottle
Broom Hatter Corn
Waddle Doo Fried eggs Fried eggs resemble eyes.
Parasol Waddle Dee Watermelon slice
Sir Kibble Bananas Sir Kibble is yellow-colored in default.
Blade Knight Green pepper Blade Knight is green-colored in default.
Rocky Pumpkin
Chilly Popsicle
Bonkers Bananas Bananas are Bonkers' favorite food.
Bugzzy Watermelon slice
Burning Leo Hot dog
Chef Kawasaki Omurice (Omelet with rice)
Knuckle Joe Hamburger
Birdon Turkey During the cutscenes in the title and main menu of Star Allies, sometimes Chef Kawasaki may look at Coo/Birdon and chase the bird friends, implying Kawasaki wants to cook them.
Bio Spark Sushi Bio Spark is a ninja.
Gim Donut The donut resembles a yo-yo somehow.
Como Fried eggs Fried eggs resemble eyes.
Plugg Sundae
Wester Hamburger
Beetley Watermelon slice
NESP Coffee
Driblee Milk in a carton
Vividria Sundae
Jammerjab Hot dog

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese コック
Spanish Cocinero Cook
French Cuisine Cuisine
Dutch Kok Cook
German Chefkoch Cook
Italian Cuoco Cook
Russian Повар
Chinese 料理
liào lǐ


  1. "Cook your enemies into a nutritious and delicious snack." —Kirby & The Amazing Mirror (In-game description)
  2. "This trick only works once before it goes away." —Kirby & The Amazing Mirror (In-game description)