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Locandra Dimension - Trickery Stage

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Locandra Dimension - Trickery Stage
KRtDLD Locandra Dimension Trickery Stage select screenshot.png
Locandra Dimension - Trickery Stage in the main hub.
Area Locandra Dimension
Stage type Ordeal Door
How to Unlock Complete 4-3 and have at least six levels in Trickery
First clear bonus 400 points
Mid-Boss(es) No
Theme music

Music used in this stage.

Stage order
Locandra Dimension - 4-3 Locandra Dimension - 4-4
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Locandra Dimension - Trickery Stage (simply called Trickery in-game) is an Ordeal Door stage of Locandra Dimension in Magolor Epilogue: The Interdimensional Traveler. It becomes available after completing Locandra Dimension - 4-3 and requires at least six levels in Trickery to enter.

Stage overview[edit]

This stage is fairly brief, though a bit involved. In it, Magolor has to fly through a large open area with spikes all across the floor, and solve a number of puzzles that make use of all his different skills. Once this is done, he can take a cannon at the right end of the room to fire through and hit all the Key Dees he dropped by solving the puzzles. With this done, Magolor can net up to a very hearty 1600 Magic Points, with an additional 400 points for a first-time clear.

Enemies and Mid-Bosses[edit]

Regular Enemies Mid-Bosses



Video walkthrough[edit]

Walkthrough of Locandra Dimension - Trickery Stage.