Glitches in Kirby Star Allies

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These are the glitches/exploits which are possible to perform in Kirby Star Allies. Keep in mind that updates to the game may end up patching one or more of these glitches in the future. Please read the Glitch Disclaimer Notes before attempting any of the glitches listed on this page.

Glitches in the current version (4.0.0)[edit]

ESP Vanish and Reappear warp[edit]

Using Vanish and Reappear may enable ESP Kirby or NESP the helper to skip some Room Guarder rooms (normally, all the common enemies in a Room Guarder room must be defeated to proceed). This is useful for NESP to save time in Guest Star ???? Star Allies Go!.

Some other characters can also skip Room Guarder rooms with different methods.

Guest Star Planet Caverna endless loop[edit]

In Guest Star ???? Star Allies Go!, if the player enters the secret route in Planet Caverna, upon finishing the five mid-boss battles and entering the central door, they will be promptly sent back to the start of Planet Caverna instead of heading to Planet Frostak as intended. This can be exploited to gain lots of Picture Pieces in rapid succession before moving on by heading through the normal route in Planet Caverna. Any Power-Up Hearts collected will also be collectable again, allowing an early max-out for Speed and Health stats.

Parasol hitstun[edit]

When Parasol Kirby or Parasol Waddle Dee the helper is drifting in the air, the player can press ↓ on the Left Stick while tapping ↑ on the Control Pad in a quick rhythm to rapidly shift between Parasol Drift and Parasol Dive, as if the user is drilling down while slowly falling. This will constantly refresh the attack hitbox of the Parasol to deal massive continuous damage while notably stunning any bosses. However, this hitbox is very small and the user must get very close to an enemy in midair to attack in this way. This glitch makes Parasol one of the fastest abilities to beat the The Ultimate Choice in this game.

This may not be a glitch, but an exploitable trick which first appeared in Kirby: Triple Deluxe (the exploit does not work as well in Kirby: Planet Robobot). The execution in Star Allies is different from its original appearance in Triple Deluxe.

Glitches in previous versions[edit]

These glitches have been fixed in newer versions.

Guest Star Kirby[edit]

The high score screen for Kirby in 'Guest Star ???? Star Allies Go!'.
Main article: Guest Star ???? Star Allies Go!

In Version 2.0.0 of the game and earlier, it is actually possible to play Guest Star ???? Star Allies Go! as Kirby. If while in handheld mode, the player taps a specific area on the screen in the main menu between 'New Game' and 'Best Time', they will be taken to a scoreboard for 'Guest Star Kirby' and asked if they want to start. Doing so begins a run of this mode as Kirby. There are a few elements to this that would suggest this is a glitch rather than an easter egg. These are as follows:

  • Kirby's pause description text, regardless of what ability he is using, reads as (未せってい) in all languages, which can be translated as 'Not set'.
  • Kirby does not vocalize as he normally does when activating Friend Platforms or using the Dream Rod.
  • Reset Platforms do not take away Kirby's ability, and Kirby does not lose his ability when calling upon a Friend from it.
  • Kirby cannot interact directly with Copy Essences or discarded ability hats by touching them. He can still use them by tossing Friend Hearts at them or Inhaling the latter.
  • Tutorial signs do not display any characters, nor do they get marked when the shown action is performed.
  • Kirby's 1-Up portrait changes depending on which ability he is using, along with the title displayed in the pause menu. (e.g. 'Guest Star Sleep')
  • The title that shows in the credits will display the name of the Friend who corresponds to Kirby's currently-equipped ability. Despite this, any scores will still be saved to Kirby's score table.
    • If Kirby has no ability which corresponds to an ally, the title will default to one of his allies, or to a completely different ally if he has none.

As of Version 3.0.0 onwards, the main menu's design has been changed to accommodate for the addition of multiple save files at once. As the Continue button is now permanent, this glitch no longer works.

Boss health bar glitch[edit]

In Version 2.0.0 of the game and earlier, if the boss' first phase is defeated before the health bar even loads, the bar won't appear in the second phase. This doesn't affect the boss battle gameplay, however.

Dark Calibur glitch[edit]

In Version 3.0.0, if Dark Meta Knight the Dream Friend uses the Dark Calibur attack on specific bosses and the final slash hits them right before they shift the phase, the final slash hitbox will stay doing damage to bosses after the phase shift for unknown reasons. This effect will end when Dark Meta Knight hovers.[1]