Morpho Knight Sword

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Morpho Knight Sword
KatFL Morpho Knight Sword Render.png
Screenshot with removed background of Morpho Knight Sword Kirby from Kirby and the Forgotten Land.
Based on Sword
Blueprint location Forgo Land
Cost KatFL Star Coin icon.png×1500 and KatFL Rare Stone icon.png×5
Starting Power-up Cost KatFL Star Coin icon.png×2500 and KatFL Rare Stone icon.png×5
No. Power-ups 1
Power(s) Wield a sword that can shoot out crescent beams, as well as drain the health of enemies
Starting Power 5 bars
Rapid-Fire 5 bars
Similar to Gigant Sword, Meta Knight Sword
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Before the final battle, a fluttering fiend arrives to cast its judgment. This dangerous weapon grants that form to any who wield it. For Kirby, handling this power is...a breeze.
— Figure description from Kirby and the Forgotten Land

Morpho Knight Sword is an Evolved Copy Ability based on Sword that appears in Kirby and the Forgotten Land. Kirby wields a reddish sword akin to Morpho Knight which has the capability to fire crescent beams like Meta Knight Sword and temporarily grow in size substantially like Gigant Sword. Kirby's dodge is upgraded as well to where Kirby will vanish completely for the entirety of the dodge's duration. Certain attacks allow Kirby to recover a bit of health when he hits an enemy, which is represented by a glowing orb being released and flying into him. He can use the "Sukhavati Scale Wave" attack by guarding in the air and then attacking, which creates a protective wave around him, as well as the "Sukhavati Underworld Beast" attack by guarding and then attacking on the ground.


All attack names are conjectural.

Morpho Knight Sword moveset 
Move Button execution Description
Slash B Kirby slashes in front of him. This attack will send a beam when Kirby is at full health.
Multislash B + B after Slash Kirby slashes with the sword two more times. The final slash is a stronger one with larger range. Each slash sends a beam at full health. If the final hit is executed, Kirby will be healed depending on how many of the hits of the combo connected.
Sword Spin B in midair Kirby spins in a circle with the sword. This will send a beam at full health.
Spin Slash Hold B a short time and release Kirby spins around with the sword. Kirby can move slowly while charging. During (Super) Spin Slash, Kirby can move much faster than the standard variant of Sword. If the final hit connects with an enemy, Kirby will be healed depending on how many of the hits of the combo connected.
Super Spin Slash Hold B a longer time and release Kirby spins around with the sword for longer. Kirby can jump during this attack, similar to the Twister Slash in previous titles. If the final hit connects with an enemy, Kirby will be healed depending on how many of the hits of the combo connected.
Giga Sword Strike Hold B an even longer time and release Kirby's sword grows to a very large size, deals major damage, and summons fire tornadoes as additional attacks. For a period after this, sword-based attacks in this ability's moveset will be replaced by those with properties of the Gigant Sword ability.
Sword Slide Slide (Guard + A) Kirby slides forwards with his sword outstretched.
Upward Slash A during Sword Slide or Teleport Kirby rises into the air while slashing.
Sword Dive B during Upward Slash Kirby dives downward with the sword, creating a small shockwave upon landing. If the final hit connects with an enemy, Kirby will be healed depending on how many of the hits of the combo connected.
Teleport Replaces dodging Kirby will teleport in the direction the Left Stick is tilted. It covers a larger distance than the standard dodge move, and Kirby will produce a small shockwave when he reappears. Kirby's direction can be influenced while moving by tilting the Left Stick.
Counter Slash B after dodging an attack Kirby does the finishing slash of Multislash instantly.
Sukhavati Underworld Beast Hold B and release while guarding Kirby summons two spirits resembling Fecto Forgo, similar to one attack that Morpho Knight uses. They will orbit Kirby until they find a nearby enemy, which they will then begin to chase down. They deal damage to anything they come into contact with.
Sukhavati Scale Wave Hold B and release while guarding in midair Kirby summons two shockwave spheres at his position, similar to the 'Sukhavati Scale Wave' attack that Morpho Knight uses. While charging, Kirby will stop falling, but if the charge is held he will begin to descend.

Unlike the other evolutions of the Sword ability, all attacks of Morpho Knight Sword are elementally fire attacks (except the Scale Wave), and thus will light lanterns and fuses and melt ice. In addition, Giga Sword Strike (Lv2 charge only) and Sword Dive (Gigant mode only) can pound stakes and nails (whereas Gigant Sword's version can't), and the tornadoes it summons can solve wind-related puzzles. These properties make Morpho Knight Sword similar to Master from Kirby and the Amazing Mirror.


  • This is not the first time weapons based on Morpho Knight have appeared. Previously in Super Kirby Clash, the inventory sold at Magolor's Shoppe includes the "Morpho Doomblade" and "Morpho Doomhelm" for the Sword Hero role. However, this gear (like others in the Kirby Clash series) only boosts Kirby's stats and doesn't have any additional moves.
  • Morpho Knight Sword's Japanese name (バルフレイソード "Morpho Sword", or literally "Valfrey Sword") does not include the word "Knight". Among the Evolved Copy Abilities, Dragon Fire has the longest Japanese name at 10 characters (ドラゴニックファイア). It's possible that バルフレイソード is used due to a limit of 10 characters, as バルフレイナイトソード ("Morpho Knight Sword", or literally "Valfrey Knight Sword") would be 11 characters.
  • For some reason, Morpho Knight Sword's guard has the same sound effect as Gigant Sword's shield.
  • The Japanese Figure description includes a unique line to describe Kirby: わるゆめさえ たべてしまう ほどのカービィ ("For Kirby, who is even able to eat up bad dreams..."). This could be a reference to lyrics from the Japanese opening themes for Kirby: Right Back at Ya!:
わるゆめなんかべてしまいましょう (Let's eat up those nasty bad dreams)
— "Kirby ★ March"
わるゆめでも べちゃえば平気へいき! (Even if bad dreams come, it's no problem if you eat them up!)
— "Kirby!"


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese バルフレイソード
Barufurei Sōdo
Valfrey Sword
From "Valfrey Knight", which is Morpho Knight's Japanese name.
Traditional Chinese 冥蝶騎士利劍
Míngdié Qíshì Lìjiàn
Underworld Butterfly Knight Sword
Simplified Chinese 冥蝶骑士利剑
Míngdié Qíshì Lìjiàn
French Epée Morpho Knight Morpho Knight Sword
German Morpho-Knight-Schwert Morpho-Knight-Sword
Korean 몰포 스워드
Molpo Seuwodeu
Morpho Sword
Spanish Espada Morpho Knight Morpho Knight Sword