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KatFL Fleurina screenshot.png
Screenshot of Fleurina from Kirby and the Forgotten Land.
Debut game Kirby and the Forgotten Land (2022)
Copy Ability Tornado
Theme music

Main theme used when battling Fleurina in Kirby and the Forgotten Land.

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Fleurina always puts on an elegant show when she attacks. Don't get too caught up in her performance, or you'll get caught up in her tornado to match! She's very dedicated to her dance career and thinks of every battle as a new lesson. (They keep her on her toes.)
— Figure description

Fleurina is an anthropomorphic swan ballerina who makes her debut as a Mid-Boss in Kirby and the Forgotten Land, and is the only Mid-Boss in the game that is not based on a pre-existing Mid-Boss from the Kirby series. She attacks by twirling herself along with gale force and throwing out tornado projectiles. Fittingly, she gives the Tornado Copy Ability when defeated and is also the first Mid-Boss in the series to do so. The Fleur Tornado ability is based on Fleurina.

Her name is likely derived from "flurry" and "ballerina". The word "fleur" is also French for "flower", referring to the flower-like feathers on her head.


Fleurina appears in the following stages:

In addition, Fleurina also appears as a mid-boss in the following Treasure Road areas:


Fleurina has a few different moves as follows (attack names are conjectural). Attacks in italics are only used in Phase 2.

Fleurina's attacks in Kirby and the Forgotten Land  
Attack Description Variants
Tornado Attack
Fleurina spins into a tornado and flies across the arena several times, leaving behind some Drop Stars shortly before finishing. Her harder variation produces a second copy that spins around independently of the real one. Sometimes, Fleurina might fly high above Kirby while spinning. She then tries to land on him, causing a shockwave to slowly expand before dissipating. The slam leaves Drop Stars on impact. This variant is never used when fought in Forgo Dreams.
Tornado Skip
Fleurina throws out some tornado projectiles that spin toward Kirby. They leave Drop Stars behind when they hit the edge of the arena. When fought normally, she throws three sets of one tornado each. When fought in Forgo Dreams, she throws two sets of two tornadoes each and then concludes with one set of three tornadoes.
Continuous Jump
Fleurina spins around quickly and produces homing tornadoes every time she leaps into the air. This attack is only used by the harder variant. Sometimes, she may jump and slam on the ground while spinning multiple times in a row, with each ground slam after the first producing shockwaves. Initially, she jumps three times in a row, but can also do so five times in a row in phase 2.
Suction Tornado
Fleurina positions in the center of the arena and spins into a big tornado, drawing Kirby in with its gale. If Kirby gets caught by the attack, he will be tossed high into the air and take heavy damage. After this attack concludes, Fleurina gives a graceful bow. Fleurina always uses this move first when entering the second phase. When fighting Twin Fleurina, both twins will use the move at once, regardless of the second twin's phase.
Her harder version in Forgo Dreams also produces four smaller tornadoes that spin around her and move forward and back.

Across all battles, Fleurina enters Phase 2 when her HP is below 55%. She takes 0.2× damage when roaring at the start of the battle and at the start of phase 2.

Fleurina's HP Values[1]
Stage Regular ver. Tougher ver.
Scale the Cement Summit 450 No
The Battle of Blizzard Bridge 600 No
The Wastes Where Life Began 600 No
Whirl 'Em Away! Storm Tornado Trial 450 No
Forgo Horns No 500
Forgo Wasteland No 800
Forgo Zone No 800
Slash! Morpho Knight Sword Trial No 800
Colosseum 270 480
Reference: A Star Bullet does 80 damage.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese スワロリーナ
Swalorina; portmanteau of スワン (swan) and バレリーナ (ballerina).
Traditional Chinese 天鵝羅利那
Swan Rorina (Transliteration of ロリーナ)
Simplified Chinese 天鹅罗利那
Dutch Fleurina -
French Plumerine Portmanteau of plume (feather) and ballerine (ballerina)
German Federina Feder (feather) + Ballerina
Italian Cignerina Portmanteau of cigno (swan) and ballerina
Korean 스완리나
Swanrina; portmanteau of 스완 (swan) and 발레리나 (ballerina).
Spanish Cisnerina Pormanteau of cisne (swan) and bailarina (ballerina)