Helper to Hero

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Helper to Hero
Helper to Hero KSSU title screen.png
Title screen for Helper to Hero.
Type(s) Boss Endurance
Levels 13
Players 1-2
Appears in Kirby Super Star Ultra
Comparable to The Arena
The Ultimate Choice
Guest Star ???? Star Allies Go!
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Quote1.png Kirby's not the only hero! Helpers can be heroes, too! We'll prove it in an all-star battle! Quote2.png
— Menu caption from Kirby Super Star Ultra

Helper to Hero is one of the Sub-Games that exclusively appears in Kirby Super Star Ultra. It is unlocked by winning at least 13 battles in The Arena.


In this game, the player does not control Kirby, but may instead choose from one of his numerous helpers or play as a Sword Knight. These differently colored helpers take on the bosses, much like The Arena, the final boss being Wham Bam Jewel. Unlike the Arena, however, the bosses in Helper to Hero are fought in a set order. Another difference is that the player's character is only provided with three Maxim Tomatoes and three tomatoes. There is also a mode in Helper to Hero in which a CPU-controlled version of the same helper aids the player's character. If Helper to Hero is completed by all of the helpers, a secret movie is unlocked; however, it only needs to be finished with one helper in order to achieve 100% completion on a save file.

Helper Selection[edit]

The Selection screen, showing every Helper available.

The player can choose between the following Helpers to play as. Each is based off a different Copy Ability, though some are differentiated further:

Each Helper has a different color scheme to the standard enemies they are based off. Each one also has separate records.

Helpers have more health in Helper to Hero than other modes. A tomato restores 12 HP. The first time 2P is defeated, they are revived with half HP in the rest area; from the second time onward, they are revived with quarter HP (rounded down to zero decimal places).

Helper HP in Kirby Super Star Ultra
(Reference: Kirby=76, Meta Knight=50)
Rank Helper Helper to Hero Others
1 90 72
2 82 64
3 80 62
4 76 58
5 72 54
6 65 47

Boss Order[edit]

Several bosses are the alternative color variants from Milky Way Wishes (noted as alt.) whose health is multiplied by 1.15. Each boss' icon on the touch screen features a different helper.

Helper to Hero - boss HP
Order Boss 1-Player 2-Player Helper in icon
1 Whispy Woods 190 247 Parasol Waddle Dee
(Mid-Bosses 1)
Chef Kawasaki 100 100 Burning Leo
Bonkers 160 160
Bugzzy 160 160
3 Kracko (alt.) 195 253 Capsule J2
4 King Dedede 220 286 Bonkers
5 Dyna Blade 230 299 Birdon
6 Fatty Whale (alt.) 264 343 Wheelie
7 Chameleo Arm (alt.) 241 313 Tac
(Mid-Bosses 2)
Poppy Bros. Sr. 80 80 Waddle Doo
Mr. Frosty 110 110
Iron Mam 140 140
Jukid 130 130
9 Twin Woods (alt.) 147 each 191 each Sir Kibble
10 Heavy Lobster (alt.) 316 410 Gim
Computer Virus (alt.)
Magician 92 119 Simirror
Evil Knight 207 269
Great Dragon 287 373
12 Meta Knight 270 351 Blade Knight
13 Wham Bam Rock (alt.) 258 335 Knuckle Joe
Wham Bam Jewel 337 438


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ヘルパーマスターへの道
Herupā Masutā he no Michi
The Way to Become a Helper Master
French L'Heure de Gloire Hour of Glory
German Helfer als Helden Helper to Hero
Italian Da Aiutante a Eroe Helper to Hero
Spanish De Ayudante a Héroe Helper to Hero

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