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Lab Discovera

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Lab Discovera
KatFL Lab Discovera opening shot.png
Screenshot from the opening of Lab Discovera.
Level No. 7
No. of Waddle Dees No
Stages No
Boss(es) Leongar, Fecto Forgo, Fecto Elfilis
Theme music

Music for the first section of Lab Discovera.

Level order
Redgar Forbidden Lands
In the Presence of the King
Isolated Isles: Forgo Dreams
Forgo Plains
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Kirby... I'm scared... But we can't stop now. We have to keep going!
— Elfilin, in reference to Lab Discovera

Lab Discovera is the final level of the main story mode of Kirby and the Forgotten Land, accessible after completing the stage In the Presence of the King in Redgar Forbidden Lands. This level consists of only one stage, which features a short opening sequence followed by three successive boss battles: Leongar, then Fecto Forgo, then Fecto Elfilis. Defeating all of these bosses then leads into the epilogue and the credits. Lab Discovera is perched atop a volcano, and is where the specimen "ID-F86" was being kept, as well as where it set the events of the story in motion by dominating the mind of Leongar.


Lab Discovera is accessible after completing In the Presence of the King. Entering it from this stage is necessary in order to see the full version of the opening sequence, as accessing it from the World Map afterwards causes Kirby to start in the corridor just before encountering Leongar.

The Dream Discoveries Tour[edit]

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The level begins as Kirby and the three Waddle Dees he rescued from the previous stage ride up an elevator with a broken window. As they ride, an automated voice recording plays which explains the purpose of the lab and some of the backstory behind the specimen "ID-F86" which was being kept there. Near the top of the lift, Kirby sees lots of captured Waddle Dees being forced to run on hamster wheels to power the facility (that being the reason they were kidnapped in the first place). Once Kirby reaches the top, he can head down a long corridor, pick up a Maxim Tomato, and choose between Copy Essences for Tornado, Hammer, or Drill on the left, and Cutter, Fire, or Ranger on the right. From there, he enters the main containment room, where he sees the larval form of Fecto Forgo in its eternal capsule. In front of this creature sits the king of the Beast Pack: Leongar, who explains to Kirby their purpose for being here and capturing Elfilin. When Kirby sees Elfilin in a separate tube, he cheerily acknowledges him and then prepares for battle. Leongar sends in several Beast Pack members at Kirby to start the fight. Kirby can dispatch them all, walk up to Leongar, or he can ignore them and attack Leongar directly. Either way, Leongar will get up from his seat and throw off his cloak to begin the battle.


Main article: Leongar

The battle with Leongar takes place in two phases. For the first, Leongar uses his claws, fists, and a charging attack to try and hit Kirby. His upward claw strike creates a fire effect, and his fist slam attack creates a shockwave. When Leongar is down to half health, he seems to become possessed by something and throws out three more unnatural attacks: a series of energy slash waves, an unnerving chomping attack, and breathing a big laser from his mouth.

When Leongar is defeated, he is thrown through the window into Fecto Forgo's chamber and Kirby is able to free Elfilin. After their dance, however, Leongar reawakens, now speaking in a choppy robotic manner, in a voice that is clearly not his own. It is shortly revealed that this is Fecto Forgo speaking directly, and they break out of their tube and subsume Leongar's body. At that moment, more members of the Beast Pack appear to try and stop Kirby, but they are soon dragged in by Fecto Forgo's tentacles and subsumed into a horrifying amalgam which Kirby and Elfilin attempt to flee from.

Fecto Forgo[edit]

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The boss battle against Fecto Forgo is a running fight, as Kirby needs to keep ahead to avoid making contact with the creature's blob-like form. At regular intervals, the creature lunges at Kirby and tries to bite him using Leongar's head. They may also throw pieces of themselves at Kirby as projectiles. Along the way, a number of ability-providing enemies appear which Kirby can use to gain an ability or as ammunition.

When Fecto Forgo is defeated, they stop and recoil for a moment. Kirby and Elfilin briefly let their guard down, thinking they've won, but Fecto Forgo retaliates by quickly throwing out their tentacles again. Kirby avoids being captured, but Elfilin is caught and subsumed into the creature, which then forms a large sphere and flies away before Kirby can do anything. He chases after the sphere through a hole in the ceiling and climbs up a catwalk which contains one more Maxim Tomato and Copy Essences for every ability except for Crash and Sleep. At the top, Kirby sees the sphere metamorphosing into the Ultimate Life-Form: Fecto Elfilis.

Fecto Elfilis[edit]

Main article: Fecto Elfilis

The main battle with Fecto Elfilis consists of two phases. In the first, Kirby has to dodge the creature's magical attacks and spear strikes, only getting a chance to retaliate when Fecto Elfilis is not flying around in the background. When the second phase begins, Fecto Elfilis intensifies their assault by opening a giant rift in space-time to throw giant meteors at Kirby. They also may try a splitting and healing technique, which Kirby has a chance to interrupt. When Fecto Elfilis' health is nearly depleted, they collapse to the ground and Kirby gets a chance to free Elfilin by using Dome Mouth. If successful, Elfilin will be re-separated, leaving Fecto Elfilis in an unstable state.

Final Phase[edit]

See also: Big-Rig Mouth

Before Fecto Elfilis loses their form, they try in desperation to get revenge on Kirby by opening a rift in space-time and pulling Kirby's homeworld Popstar into a collision course with the new world. To stop them, Kirby and Elfilin make use of a Big-Rig truck that falls into place at just the right moment. Kirby wraps himself around the truck and then speeds toward Fecto Elfilis, racing along the ruins of buildings that fall into place. At the last juncture, Elfilin uses his energy to power up Kirby so that he can fly towards Fecto Elfilis and charge into them, destroying their physical form after an intense energetic push.

In the ending cutscene, Kirby, Bandana Waddle Dee, and Elfilin wind up back on Popstar, but the rift between the worlds has still not been closed. Elfilin uses the last of his power to close the rift, seemingly sacrificing himself to do so. Kirby is left on Popstar, peace having been restored, but is sad to have lost his new friend. However, another rift appears behind him, and Kirby is relieved to see Elfilin coming through it, safe and sound. From here, the credits play, and the game is complete.


Regular Enemies Bosses


Video walkthrough[edit]

Full walkthrough of Lab Discovera.


  • The name of Lab Discovera refers to the Japanese, Chinese and Korean names of Kirby and the Forgotten Land, 星のカービィ ディスカバリー (Kirby of the Stars: Discovery).
  • The beeping sounds that play before the elevator begins to rise are actually Morse code. When decoded, the code spells "EFILLIN", Elfilin's Japanese, Chinese and Korean name.[1]
  • On the gate broken by Fecto Forgo in the "ID-F86" cutscene, the new world letters read "BIOLOGICAL HAZARD".
  • In the building before the Fecto Elfilis battle, the wind whistles part of "Two Planets Approach the Roche Limit", Fecto Elfilis' boss fight theme.
    • Likewise, in Lab Discovera's section of the World Map, the wind whistles the starting notes of "Hunted by the Beast", Fecto Forgo's boss fight theme.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ラボ・ディスカバール
rabo disukabāru
Lab Discovel
Corruption of Lab Discover
Traditional Chinese 實驗室·摸索發覺
Shíyànshì Mōsuǒfājué
Lab Discovera
  • Although the literal translation of 摸索發覺 / 摸索发觉 is "Feel Around and Realize", the Lab's name in Chinese consists of near synonyms and identically formed words of the game title: 摸索 and 发觉 with 探索 and 发现, respectively.
Simplified Chinese 实验室·摸索发觉
Shíyànshì Mōsuǒfājué
Dutch Lab D'Ontdekker Lab D'Discoverer
French Labo Découvria Lab Discovera
"Découvria" is a corruption of "découverte", "discovery", much like the other names.
German Labor Discovera Lab Discovera
Italian Osservatorio di scoperta Observatory of discovery
Korean 랩 디스커벌
Laep Diseukeobeol
Lab Discovel
Spanish Discovera Observatio Observatory Discovera
"Observatory" in Spanish is "Observatorio", and "Observatio" in turn is the Latin equivalent of "Observation."