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Boss InfoBox
Sprite from Kirby and the Amazing Mirror
Debut Game Kirby & the Amazing Mirror
Last Game Kirby & the Amazing Mirror
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Gobbler is a boss in Kirby & the Amazing Mirror, where it guards the Mirror Shard of Olive Ocean. It fights an underwater battle against Kirby and attacks by firing mini sharks at him. The room is mostly made up of water, with platforms above it. He only goes out of water to attack Kirbys on the platform. Since this is a mostly underwater battle, Kirby must use his water spit technique or a select few abilities, such as Sword or Hammer to defeat it.

Its appearance is of a blue shark head with a red and white lifebelt attached to it. There appears to be a star-shaped pattern with a lighter shade of blue on the tip of its snout. Its teeth are big in relation to its size, hence the name. What would be its tail is instead a propeller which keeps it afloat underwater.