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Wild World - Stage 1

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Wild World - Stage 1
KTD Wild World Stage 1 select.png
Stage 1 on the Wild World level hub
Level Wild World
Hypernova Section? No
Sun Stones 3
Keychains 4
Rare Keychain Gold Waddle Dee
Mid-Bosses Hornhead
Theme music

Clip of the music that primarily plays in Wild World - Stage 1.

Stage order
Old Odyssey - Stage 7 EX Wild World - Stage 2
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Wild World - Stage 1 is the first stage in Wild World. There are three Sun Stones and 4 keychains in this stage. The rare keychain is one depicting Gold Waddle Dee.


The stage begins in a tunnel in the jungle. This tunnel leads into an open area where Kirby must contend with Hornhead.

In the next area, Kirby has to squeak his way past pillars with small crevices in them. A number of spinning spiked poles must also be avoided.

From here, another tunnel can be traversed, partially obscured by objects in the foreground.

The last area is a huge spiked pillar. At the top is the stage exit.

Sun Stone & Rare Keychain Guide[edit]

  • Sun Stone 1 - In the grass around the Hornhead fight, there is a Key and a locked door. Using this door will take Kirby to a side chamber, then another side door will lead to a room where a couple tilt weights can be used to obtain this stone.
  • Sun Stone 2 - In the pillar area, Key Dee can be found with a Key. If Kirby approaches, he will hide behind a pole and cannot be hit there. If Kirby hits him from afar, or quickly enough, he can get the key. From there, a door further ahead and be unlocked. Through the door can be found this stone.
  • Sun Stone 3 - While ascending the final pillar, this stone can be found near the center of the area.
  • Rare Keychain - In the second tunnel area, this keychain can be found by searching the area above the Pacflower in the ceiling.

Enemies, Mid-Bosses and Abilities[edit]

Regular Enemies Mid-Boss

Abilities Special

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