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Sprite from Kirby & The Amazing Mirror
Debut game Kirby & The Amazing Mirror
Copy Ability Burning
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Batafire is a Mid-Boss that only appears in Kirby & The Amazing Mirror. Never once touching the ground unless defeated, Batafire flies around the battle stage and charges at Kirby in hopes to harm him. Afterwards, Batafire folds its wings in to charge then suddenly unfolds them and shoots about eight fireballs on both its sides to deal damage. Corresponding to it being made of fire, Batafire yields the Burning Copy Ability which is available via engulfment upon defeat.

Physical Appearance[edit]

Looking more like a blazing fireball, Batafire has a bat-like head with small black eyes and an open mouth with a red tongue. The tips of its ears are red and the body is a conflagration of red, orange, yellow and white fire with large wings to support its flight while in mid-air.


  • In the Zelda series, there is a monster similar to Batafire known as Fire Keese.