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Onion Ocean - Stage 4

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Onion Ocean - Stage 4
KRtDL Onion Ocean Stage 4 screenshot.png
Kirby minds the spiked fossil hazards.
Level Onion Ocean
Energy Sphere(s) 5
Stage order
Onion Ocean - Stage 3 Onion Ocean - Stage 5
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Onion Ocean - Stage 4 is the fourth stage of Onion Ocean in Kirby's Return to Dream Land. There are five Energy Spheres in this stage.


The stage begins outside a very deep pool with enemies stuck behind Bomb Blocks. At the bottom, a Switch can be pressed to reveal the entrance to an old underwater ruin.

This area has Kirby swimming through a series of halls with spiky bars rotating in the middle of them. At the bottom, Kirby will need to bust through another bomb block barrier to get to the next door.

From there, Kirby will need to swim up and down many watery passages, opening up the walls by pressing switches. There are a couple of dry rooms which can be accessed to get food and some abilities.

The following tunnels have Kirby being chased by huge spiky ammonite shells. Kirby will need to keep apace ahead to avoid getting hit.

From there, after passing down through some Star Block decks, Kirby is met with a Balloon Bomb challenge. Some goodies can be obtained if he carries two bombs securely to the bottom of each area and detonates them on the barricades.

The last area has Kirby swimming past lots of Barbar who are intent on eating him up. Some of them are quite large and can come in unexpected. The stage exit can be found past their greedy maws.

Energy Sphere Guide[edit]

  • This sphere can be found in the second area, in a small air pocket off the main path. A round-trip door leads to a small room where Kirby will need to procure a Key from a ceiling cache, then use it to unlock a gate holding the sphere.
  • In the third area, a side-chamber can be found with two different entrances, leading to two separate chambers. In the left one is an Invincible Candy and in the right one is the sphere guarded by many Barracu. The door to the right chamber is slightly concealed.
  • In the area with the huge ammonite shells, Kirby will need to find a nook while being chased by the second one and get in to let the shell glide past. Doing this will allow Kirby to follow up from behind as the shell breaks through some metal blocks concealing this sphere at the end of the tunnel.
  • To obtain this sphere, Kirby must successfully carry the second Balloon Bomb to the barricade and blow it up.
  • In the last area, Kirby will need to obtain the Spear ability from a Pierce in a ceiling chamber, then swim to the top of the room with many Barbar in it to pierce the ceiling cache and get this sphere.

Enemies, Mid-Bosses and Abilities[edit]

Regular Enemies Mid-Boss

  • None.

Abilities Super Ability

  • None.


Video Walkthrough[edit]

100% walkthrough of Onion Ocean - Stage 4.