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Power Combo

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A Power Combo[1] is a type of Special Ability present in Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards. Exclusively in that game, Kirby can combine two regular Copy Abilities (including two of the same ability) to create a Power Combo, with each different combination resulting in a unique result.

Obtaining Power Combos[edit]

Kirby creating a Combo Star.

Power Combos can be obtained in the following ways:

  • Inhaling two ability-wielding enemies at the same time, and swallowing them.
  • Inhaling an ability-wielding enemy, and spitting it out at another ability-wielding enemy. This will create an Ability Star of the applicable Power Combo (specifically called a "Combo Star"[2]), which Kirby can inhale and swallow to obtain the Power Combo.
    • Alternatively, Kirby can instead hold up the enemy and throw it instead of spitting it out to create the Combo Star.
  • When already in possession of a regular copy ability, discarding and lifting up that ability's Ability Star, and throwing it at an ability-wielding enemy. This will also create a Combo Star, which Kirby and inhale and swallow to obtain its Power Combo.

The only Power Combo that cannot be obtained in those ways is the game's Last Battle Ability, Ribbon's Crystal. Instead, the ability is automatically obtained by Kirby once the battle with in Dark Star begins.

Power Combos[edit]

Since copy abilities can be combined with themselves, but always result in the same power regardless of order, there are 28 (7+6+5+4+3+2+1) standard Power Combos. Adding Ribbon's Crystal, this makes for a total of 29.

Name Appearance Icon Function
Burn-Burn K64 A DoubleBurn.png K64 PC DoubleBurn.png Transforms Kirby into a large fireball and lets him fly over a long distance.
Burn-Stone K64 A BurnStone.png K64 PC BurnStone.png Lets Kirby shoot burning rocks at enemies like a volcano. The direction can be altered with the Directional Pad.
Burn-Ice K64 A BurnIce.png K64 PC BurnIce.png Changes Kirby into a burning ice cube that instantly melts.
Burn-Needle K64 A BurnNeedle.png K64 PC BurnNeedle.png Transforms Kirby into a bow that shoots flaming arrows at enemies. The angle can be altered by holding down the B Button.
Burn-Bomb K64 A BurnBomb.png K64 PC BurnBomb.png Lets Kirby summon three fireworks explosions that defeat enemies and have a great range.
Burn-Spark K64 A BurnSpark.png K64 PC BurnSpark.png Kirby rubs his head with a tinder sheet and lights it on fire, running about and damaging any enemies he makes contact with.
Burn-Cutter K64 BurnCutter.png K64 PC BurnCutter.png Gives Kirby a flaming sword to wield against enemies. The sword can be swung, held over the head, and thrown at enemies.
Stone-Stone K64 A DoubleStone.png K64 PC DoubleStone.png Transforms Kirby into a giant version of himself, made of rocks. Can pass most enemies unharmed.
Stone-Ice K64 A StoneIce.png K64 PC StoneIce.png Transforms Kirby into a curling stone that slides through enemies.
Stone-Needle K64 A StoneNeedle.png K64 PC StoneNeedle.png Gives Kirby a giant drill that can be used against enemies. The drill head can also be launched forward.
Stone-Bomb K64 A StoneBomb.png K64 PC StoneBomb.png Lets Kirby use dynamite that defeats all enemies on screen. When the dynamite explodes, Kirby needs to protect himself or he gets hurt as well.
Stone-Spark K64 A StoneSpark.png K64 PC StoneSpark.png Lets Kirby summon a giant rock which he controls with a leash of electricity. The rock soars through the air and bounces off of walls and floors.
Stone-Cutter K64 A StoneCutter.png K64 PC StoneCutter.png Transforms Kirby into stone figurines of his friends from Kirby's Dream Land 3. The various animals possess different abilities.
Ice-Ice K64 A DoubleIce.png K64 PC DoubleIce.png Transforms Kirby into a rolling snowball that grows in size and runs over any enemy on its way. The direction cannot be changed.
Ice-Needle K64 A IceNeedle.png K64 PC IceNeedle.png Lets Kirby hide inside a giant snowflake made of ice. Possesses great range, but is slow and makes Kirby unable to move.
Ice-Bomb K64 A IceBomb.png K64 PC IceBomb.png Transforms Kirby into a walking snowman. The snowman eventually explodes, taking out enemies nearby.
Ice-Spark K64 A IceSpark.png K64 PC IceSpark.png Changes Kirby into a refrigerator that generates healing food. The thrown food can also damage enemies.
Ice-Cutter K64 A IceCutter.png K64 PC IceCutter.png Gives Kirby a pair of skates and lets him ice-skate through stages. He can also twist jump when the A Button is pressed.
Needle-Needle K64 A DoubleNeedle.png K64 PC DoubleNeedle.png Gives Kirby the ability to use various pointy objects against enemies.
Needle-Bomb K64 A NeedleBomb.png K64 PC NeedleBomb.png Transforms Kirby into a Gordo that can float through the air. After a short time the Gordo will explode and launch its spikes across the screen.
Needle-Spark K64 A NeedleSpark.png K64 PC NeedleSpark.png Lets Kirby change into a lightning conductor and summon a bolt that fries enemies.
Needle-Cutter K64 A NeedleCutter.png K64 PC NeedleCutter.png Transforms Kirby into a giant bear trap with two big spiky arms. The arms snap together once the B Button is released.
Bomb-Bomb K64 A DoubleBomb.png K64 PC DoubleBomb.png Changes Kirby into a rocket launcher that shoots three missiles. The missiles home in on enemies.
Bomb-Spark K64 A BombSpark.png K64 PC BombSpark.png Lets Kirby transform into a light bulb. The bulb can attack enemies, as well as lighten up dark rooms.
Bomb-Cutter K64 A BombCutter.png K64 PC BombCutter.png Gives Kirby an arsenal of shuriken that can be thrown at enemies. The projectiles explode when they make contact with something.
Spark-Spark K64 A DoubleSpark.png K64 PC DoubleSpark.png Lets Kirby generate a giant electrical force field around himself that calls lightning down upon enemies. The force field shrinks if Kirby moves around while using it.
Spark-Cutter K64 A SparkCutter.png K64 PC SparkCutter.png Gives Kirby a double-bladed lightsaber which he can wield against enemies. Crouching will discard the lightsaber.
Cutter-Cutter K64 A DoubleCutter.png K64 PC DoubleCutter.png Gives Kirby a greater boomerang to throw at his enemies. Only one boomerang can be thrown at a time.
Ribbon's Crystal K64 A WingCrystal.png K64 PC WingCrystal.png An ability that is usable only during the final battle against . It lets Kirby and Ribbon fly around while shooting crystal projectiles at the enemy.



Official Kirby Portal video showcasing Power Combos

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese コピー能力のうりょくミックス
Kopī nōryoku mikkusu
Copy Ability Mix


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