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Donut Dome

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Donut Dome
KSA Donut Dome entry.jpg
Donut Dome on the world map.
Level World of Peace - Dream Land
Big Switch? Yes (Dream Palace)
Friend Action(s) No
Theme music

Clip of the music that plays in Donut Dome

Stage order
Green Gardens Honey Hill
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Donut Dome is the second stage of World of Peace - Dream Land in Kirby Star Allies. In this stage, the enemies Driblee, Don Puffle, and Guard are first seen, and Kirby can make use of some Friend Abilities like Curling. There is a Big Switch in this stage which unlocks the Dream Palace. Completing this stage unlocks Honey Hill.


The stage takes place largely in a cave. In the first area, Kirby will encounter Driblee, and the game will prompt the player to try and make friends with it. From there, Kirby can make his way deeper into the tunnels, and use Switches to cause the floors to slide forward, clearing a path.

The next area is a long tunnel with fiery obstacles, easily cleared using Driblee or Chilly's powers.

From there, Rocky can be found, whose power will be useful in the area up ahead. A round-trip door can be found here to access a short puzzle.

In the next tunnel, a number of Stakes can be seen in the walls. These can only be hit using some variant of Curling.

From there, Kirby can find a chamber filled with enemies with a strange creature in the middle. This creature provides the Festival ability when swallowed, and can be used to clear the remaining enemies off the screen. Down the ladder, a Big Switch can be found which unlocks the Dream Palace. After that, a path opens up which leads out of the cave.

In the final area, Kirby can reach the outside air and deal with a Poppy Bros. Jr. who guards the stage exit.

Rare Picture Piece Guide[edit]

Kirby clears the path to the Picture Piece by Curling.

This picture piece is blocked off by a section of floor, which can be removed by hitting a Stake in the wall which is guarded by shield enemies and fiery logs. To hit this post, either Splash Curling or Ice Curling is necessary.

Big Switch Guide[edit]

Kirby finds the Big Switch (not that he could have missed it).

This switch can be found just after the Don Puffle, and is on the main path. Pushing it is necessary to move forward.

Enemies, Bosses, and Abilities[edit]

Regular Enemies Bosses & Mid-Bosses

  • None.

Abilities Friend Actions

  • None.


Side areas[edit]

Video walkthrough[edit]

100% walkthrough of Donut Dome.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ドーナツドーム
Dōnatsu Dōmu
Donuts Dome
Chinese 甜圈
Tiántiánquān Tǔxuè
Donut Cave
Dutch Koekjeskoepel Cookie Dome
European French Coupole chocolat Chocolate dome
German Knusperkuppel Crispy Dome
Korean 도넛 돔
Doneot Dom
Donut Dome
European Spanish Cúpula Chocolate Chocolate Dome