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Wire (ravel ability)

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KEEY Ravel Wire artwork.png
Artwork of the Wire ravel ability from Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn.
Debut Game Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn
Obtained from Various points in stages.
amiibo: Meta Knight
Power(s) Gain a sword to slice up enemies.
Comparable to Sword, Spark-Cutter, Fire-Cutter
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This article is about the Ravel Ability. For the puzzle mechanic, see Wire (object).
Swing your sword and cut through anything! Turn the tables in a big way with a flurry of slashes.
— Pause flavor text

Wire is one of the six Ravel Abilities present in Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn. When obtained, it gives Kirby a wire hat and sword which allows him to slice and dice his opponents. His facial expression also changes, and he always has a frown on this face.

Wire is one of the few ravel abilities that replaces Kirby's standard Yarn Whip, which means that the sword swipes are also capable of pulling away obstacles concealed by tags and destroying yarn blocks. The Wire sword gives Kirby a three-swipe sword combo when standing on the ground, and can also be used in a spinning motion when in the air or underwater. It cannot be used to directly harm Bosses however, only effective if it hits their weak points.

In addition, a different version of this hat can be obtained by scanning the Meta Knight amiibo into the game. Kirby gains the Meta Knight Hat, which resembles his mask, but is worn on top of Kirby's head. The difference is only aesthetic, however.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ハリガネ
  • Katakana spelling of 針金はりがね
European French Fildefer Wire
Korean 철사